United States, 24th Nov 2023, King NewsWireYou know KPMG, but you may not know KPMG is a private and family business.

The firm’s investment philosophy: “No matter what stage of development you are in – whether you are looking to reach new heights, embrace new technologies, plan to exit, or pass your wealth and family business to the next generation.”

Conor Moore

Partner, KPMG Private and Family Business Services Americas Leader

Global Co-Head of Emerging Giants Network, KPMG Private and Family Business

KPMG US Partner

recently. According to KPMG’s financial department, KPMG’s  Conor Moore, global co-head of emerging giant networks, privately injected US$3 billion into the DeFuny liquidity system supported by CRYPTO FUNDS MANAGEMENT LLC. The influx of such non-traditional market investors has further increased the market’s abundant liquidity, catalyzed the company’s transformation and innovation in the cryptocurrency market, accelerated its transformation in a way that is consistent with the new normal, and increased DeFuny’s market share. rate, market sentiment is becoming more and more optimistic.

In the context of sufficient market capital, the participation of non-traditional risk players in the cryptocurrency market, and the active crypto market, DeFuny will usher in a stronger performance and can continue to attract a large number of investors to participate in liquidity provision, $DFN token It will also become a popular investment area.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to develop, liquidity providers will pay more attention to market growth and the field of decentralized trading. The cryptocurrency market will flourish even more.

We have already predicted that DeFuny will have a strong start in the first half of 2024 and occupy a larger share of the encryption market.


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