Bundi, Rajasthan, India–(Vehement Media. – March 17, 2022) – Flaunt Weekly, a satirical fashion and lifestyle digital magazine, has been launched in India and New York in March 2022. The magazine is aimed at providing high-quality elite content on lifestyle, entertainment hotels, and travel features to independent, ambitious, and educated young readers.

                        Flaunt Weekly

The scope of Flaunt weekly is beyond fashion and lifestyle.

It also covers interviews with a few of the most inspirational and successful personalities from a wide range of domains who have been able to create a great impact and have created an aura that can not be ignored. It also includes a few of the very attractive photoshoots of top models. It also covers drink-and-dine reviews of upscale venues.

According to the Flaunt Weekly sources, “The magazine targets educated urban readers between the age of 20-40 who look for never-read-before kind of content. They are aware and eager to learn about new aspects and avenues. These are the readers who do not like to compromise on the quality of content and believe in being ahead in uniqueness.”

From the Editor’s desk

Vish Kumar VK, the Co-Founder and Editor, writes in his first editor’s letter, “The March 2022 edition of Flaunt Weekly ushers a new age a new chapter” citing that the magazine will start a new era a new distinctive category among fashion and lifestyle readers.

Meanwhile, Himanshu Mahawar, Founder of Flaunt Weekly, adds, “The magazine has been created using high-quality images and colors, fonts, and cover lines to attract immediate viewer attention. The cover page has also been created to grab instant focus from online surfers. The Magazine have closely observed the deteriorating quality and subsequent depleted demand of printed publications over a span, and have judiciously pushed the content that is the demand of modern online readers who hardly scan these printed publications anymore.”

Utilizing the digital advancement and online traffic

The magazine also channelizes the power of social media to its benefit. Its social media handles on apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter provide updated and latest glimpses related to the magazine. The magazine uses the consolidation of imagination, content, and technology to bring to the readers the distinctive experience. “We are bringing a magazine which was the demand of the contemporary reader, who wants best from the life, is close to technology and has resources and requisite time and seeks unmatched quality,” sums up Vish Kumar VK.

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Website: flauntweekly.com
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Himanshu Mahawar
Address: Nainwa Road Bundi, Rajasthan India.

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