Dongguan, China, 27th Nov 2023, King NewsWireHinen Group, a global leader in consumer electronics and new energy products, proudly announces the launch of Hinen New Energy, a dynamic extension of its esteemed subsidiary CE-LINK. This strategic expansion positions Hinen Group as a pioneer in driving innovation within the industry.

 Global Recognition through CE-LINK 

Renowned for its dual business units – consumer electronics and new energy products, Hinen Group has gained international acclaim through CE-LINK. Operating across five global production bases and with distribution hubs in Vietnam and China, CE-LINK specializes in manufacturing lithium iron phosphate battery cells, portable batteries, hybrid inverters, and home Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

 Showcasing Leading-edge Product Series 

 Pro Series: Elevating Residential Energy Solutions 

Pro 5c – 5kW AC Coupled All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System 

   –  Highlights: Supports the transformation of existing PV energy storage systems, compatible with third-party photovoltaic inverters. 

Pro 15 – 15KW Single-phase All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System 

   –  Highlights: Four MPPT inputs supporting over 200% input, 230V/63A off-grid output power up to 15KW. 

Pro 20t – 20 KW Three-phase All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System 

   –  Highlights: Four MPPT inputs supporting over 200% input, ultra-wide battery voltage range (150~800V) enabling 20KW charging and discharging. 

 Max Series: Unprecedented Energy Performance 

Max 6i – 6000w Hybrid Inverter 

   –  Highlights: IP65 rating, integrated die-casting, ensuring robust performance. 

Max 5b – 5kW Residential Energy Storage System 

   –  Highlights: Remote upgrade capability, automatic restart in low voltage scenarios. 

Max 12it – 12kW Three-phase Hybrid Inverter 

   –  Highlights: IP65 rating, integrated die-casting, offering advanced performance. 

Max 8b – 7.7kWh High Voltage Battery Module 

   –  Highlights: Lithium iron phosphate battery, up to 90% usable energy, boasting 6000 cycles life. 

 Base Series: Empowering Off-grid Living 

Base 6i – 6kW Off-grid Inverter 

   –  Highlights: Off-grid seamless switch, single-phase / unbalanced 3-phase support. 

Base 5b – 5kWh Low-voltage Battery System 

   –  Highlights: Flexible capacity options (5kWh to 100kWh), remote firmware upgrade capability. 



 Mini Series: Compact Solutions for Every Need 

Mini 3p – 3kW Portable Solar Generator 

   –  Highlights: Compact design, ideal for outdoor activities, providing on-the-go power. 

Mini 2s – 2kWh Compact Home Battery System 

   –  Highlights: Space-saving, efficient energy storage for small-scale residential use. 

Hinen emerges as the top choice in the dynamic energy landscape for several compelling reasons. Boasting an internationally acclaimed R&D team, Hinen ensures its oproducts feature cutting-edge technology, setting new industry standards. Owning a complete production chain, Hinen guarantees not only superior quality but also the quantity needed to meet diverse energy demands seamlessly. Supported by a team of professional solar energy consultants, Hinen delivers efficient and sustainable services to cater to the unique needs of its clientele. 

With products strategically stocked in overseas warehouses, Hinen ensures reliable and timely deliveries, solidifying its reputation as a customer-centric and innovative leader in energy solutions.




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