United Arab Emirates, 6th Oct 2023 – Plastic surgery has always aimed for perfection, and now, Nazmi Baycin Plastic Surgery is breaking new ground with a revolutionary scarless breast augmentation technique. Unlike traditional methods, the armpit incision technique leaves no visible scars on the breast, offering patients a natural-looking result with minimal downtime.

Perfecting the Art of Breast Augmentation

Perfection in plastic surgery is defined by natural-looking results and the absence of any visible signs of surgery. Scarring on the breast has long been a concern for individuals seeking breast augmentation. Nazmi Baycin Plastic Surgery addresses this concern with the armpit incision technique, ensuring a flawless outcome without leaving a trace.

Innovative Incision Techniques

Traditionally, breast augmentation surgery involves three main incision techniques, each leaving a noticeable scar:

Periareolar incision: Leaves a scar on the lower border of the areola.

Submammary fold incision: Leaves a scar on the lower fold of the breast.

Axillary (armpit) incision: This breakthrough technique leaves no scar on the breast, as the inconspicuous scar is located in the armpit.

The armpit incision technique demands a high level of expertise, limiting the number of surgeons proficient in its execution. Despite its advantages, it remains lesser-known among the public.

Advantages of Scarless Breast Augmentation

This innovative technique offers numerous advantages over traditional methods:

Natural Result: Leaves no visible scar on the breast, providing the most natural-looking outcome.

Shortest Incision: With an incision length of 2.5-3 cm, it is the shortest incision possible.

Quick Recovery: Smaller incision leads to less blood loss, quicker recovery, and reduced post-surgery pain.

Low Complication Risks: The least risky technique with lower complication rates.

Preservation of Sensation: The surgical plan avoids the nerves supplying nipple sensation, minimizing the risk of sensation changes.

Lower Infection Risk: Statistical data supports a significantly lower infection risk compared to other methods.

Breastfeeding Compatibility: Mammary glands and ducts remain intact, allowing for normal breastfeeding.

Safety and Patient Satisfaction

According to literature references , the armpit incision method is not only safer in terms of lower complication rates but also boasts the highest patient satisfaction.

Dr. Nazmi Baycin’s Extensive Experience

With 16 years of experience and 950 patients treated using the armpit incision technique, Dr. Nazmi Baycin shares his series report:

One patient experienced implant rupture due to a traffic accident, successfully replaced.

Capsular contracture in thirteen patients addressed through an intensive massaging program.

Subtle asymmetries in forty-three patients were within tolerance limits, not requiring correction.

Forty patients with existing breast asymmetry had it addressed by using different-sized implants.

No complications of infection or bleeding reported.

Best Candidates for Scarless Breast Augmentation

The armpit incision method is ideal for women who:

Have not undergone previous breast surgery

Have underdeveloped small breasts without drooping

Patients requiring breast lifting due to droopy breasts are not eligible for this method.

For Information visit https://www.nazmibaycin.com/is-breast-augmentation-possible-without-scarring-on-the-breast.html

About Dr. Nazmi Baycin:

Dr. Nazmi Baycin is a renowned plastic surgeon based in Dubai, specializing in a wide array of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. With a commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction, Dr. Baycin combines technical expertise with a personalized approach, ensuring transformative results for every individual.

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