United States, 20th Oct 2023, King NewsWire Neuly.com, a leading psychedelics industry platform, today announced the public relaunch of its platform to accelerate research and development in the psychedelics space. While Neuly has been a leading resource in the industry for data since 2020, this newest release puts a stronger emphasis on education and care.

“Neuly is the first psychedelics platform of its kind,” said Logan Lenz, CEO of Neuly. “We remain committed to providing industry stakeholders with the tools they need to accelerate their specific segment of this growing industry.”

Neuly’s latest release also includes an updated structure of the platform based around three major tenets of the psychedelics industry. These tenets include:

  • Neuly Research: Explore the people, companies, and all the active clinical trials fueling the momentum that’s building in the industry.
  • Neuly Care: Find and book experiences using the platform’s wellness directory.
  • Neuly Education: Browse through over 400 courses to find and enroll in the educational path that’s best for you.

To heighten the user experience of the platform, Neuly also unveiled Neuly Concierge, which assists those looking for resources or solutions using a hands-on consultative approach. With this release, visitors on the site can request more information on courses, treatments, or research. The Concierge service serves as a catch-all beyond the services and tools offered within the platform:

  • Custom Reports: Submit a request for Neuly researchers to put together a formal analysis and report.
  • Enterprise Dashboards: Customize datasets and share them across your organization’s account.
  • Search: Search Neuly’s robust database of psychedelics data.
  • API: Integrate with the platform to leverage Neuly’s data to build upon your own project.

Neuly’s platform is already being used by a number of leading psychedelics researchers, practitioners, and educational institutions. Neuly’s index includes more than 3,000 practitioners, over 100 course providers, and hundreds of thousands of data points.

“Neuly has grown a lot over the years,” said Lenz. “The fact that we have reached over 9,000 registered users is a testament to the promise of this growing industry and the many opportunities that our platform offers to members of the community.”

As for Neuly’s parent entity, Nucleus Holding, Inc, the company continues to innovate during this uncertain time in the market.

“We continue to believe that psychedelics have the potential to revolutionize the way we treat a variety of mental health conditions,” said Lenz. “We are committed to supporting the industry with many more technologies, tools, and brands for as long as it takes to realize its full potential.”

About Neuly

Neuly is a leading psychedelics data platform that provides researchers and drug developers with access to a comprehensive dataset of psychedelics research. Neuly’s platform includes a variety of features to help researchers and drug developers save time and improve the efficiency of their work. For more information visit www.neuly.com.

About Nucleus

Nucleus is a venture studio for psychedelics. The mission of Nucleus is to connect people with the psychedelics industry. The brand accomplishes that through its many brands and assets built to propel psychedelic-assisted therapy to the forefront. For more information, visit www.withnucleus.com.

Media Contact

Organization: Neuly, LLC

Contact Person: Logan Lenz

Website: https://withnucleus.com

Email: press@withnucleus.com

Country: United States

Release Id: 2010237241

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