France, 8th Oct 2023, King NewsWire Friday Sept 8th- In the wake of a devastating earthquake that struck the picturesque D’aghbar community village in Morocco, residents and supporters worldwide are coming together to launch a GoFundMe campaign aimed at rebuilding the heart of this resilient village.

Nestled among the Atlas Mountains, D’aghbar has always been a symbol of unity and cultural richness. Unfortunately, this close-knit community was recently shaken to its core when a powerful 7.0 Richter scale earthquake struck, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Homes crumbled, vital infrastructure was damaged, and countless dreams were shattered.

In response to this tragedy, local leaders and residents of D’aghbar have launched a GoFundMe campaign with the aim of raising funds to rebuild their beloved village. The campaign, aptly titled “Rebuilding Hope: D’aghbar Community Village Earthquake Relief,” seeks to restore not only the physical structures but also the spirit of hope and resilience that has defined D’aghbar for generations.

Campaign Spokesperson fadila Dahim speaking about the initiative, said, “D’aghbar is more than just a village; it’s a symbol of resilience and the rich cultural tapestry of Morocco. We are determined to rebuild not only the physical structures but also the dreams and hopes of our people.

The GoFundMe campaign is live and can be accessed here:

Supporters are encouraged to share this campaign across their networks to maximize its impact.

Campaign organizer fadila Dahim emphasized, “It is difficult to do things alone, but with a team donating every small or big amount, we can meet the goal. Together, we can rebuild D’aghbar and ensure that this beautiful village continues to thrive.

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