SINGAPORE – SeaPRwire (, a leading press release distribution service provider, announces today that it has added AI-powered writing functions to its press release distribution packages to help clients maximize earned media potential.

The new AI writing tool allows clients to generate initial drafts of their press releases in seconds, saving time and effort. With just a few clicks, users can produce high-quality content tailored to their desired messaging and audience.

“We are thrilled to provide our clients with this cutting-edge capability as part of our premium PR distribution services,” said Yaqin Tan, Chief Operating Officer of SeaPRwire. “Our mission is to make press release creation and distribution as simple and impactful as possible. By integrating AI writing into our workflow, we empower our users to create compelling, strategic content with ease.”

The AI assistant can generate draft press releases based on client-provided background information, key messages, quotes, and other inputs. Users can then easily review and refine the computer-generated text to finalize a press release ready for distribution.

According to Tan, the AI tool allows users to:

  1. Produce initial drafts in seconds, saving hours of work
  2. Ensure press releases follow best practices for structure, style and optimization
  3. Easily customize content for specific audiences and media targets 
  4. Free up time to focus on messaging strategy and campaign execution

“At SeaPRwire, we are committed to continuous innovation to help our clients maximize the return on their earned media investments,” Tan said. “This new AI capability augments our distribution strength to further boost the power of press releases.”

The AI writing functions are now available as part of SeaPRwire’s PR distribution packages for both Asian and global clients. For more information, visit

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