United States, 18th Oct 2023, King NewsWireThe Fair Launch of BAMS went live on October 17th, and the team behind BAMS has since announced that within a short span of time, it is now trending at the number 2 position on Pinksale.

The BAMS team thanked the crypto community for all the support, saying, “Your overwhelming support has propelled us to new heights in the crypto world.” Earlier, the BAMS team also announced that the presale has taken off incredibly well, and they hit their soft cap in record time.

BAMS provides elite gamified airdrops with superior UI/UX. BAMS aims to create a crypto environment that is more focused on engagement. Its platform combines immersive experience with real-world value with the aim to transform routine crypto tasks into rewarding experiences. BAMS helps bride campaigns with user growth, making every interaction a rewarding experience for each user of its community.

Some of the key features of BAMS that help redefine digital engagement include:

  • Intuitive Interactions:

Users can easily navigate through campaigns and tasks that are tailored to each person.

  • Reward Mechanism:

Community members can track their development in real-time and get rewards instantly.

  • Gamified Ecosystem:

BAMS brings a platform where every activity is a step towards cryptocurrency success.

  • Transparent Processes:

BAMS considers transparency as its top priority. Every user is aware of the rules around XP and QuestPoints, how to climb tiers, and how prizes are obtained.

Within a swiftly changing digital landscape propelled by involvement and an unwavering need for novelty, BAMS is set to provide an engaging experience by seamlessly fusing gamification and cryptocurrency airdrops. The platform fosters a healthy synergy between users and projects by providing a journey full of growth and adventure.

To discover the core principles, goals, and mechanics driving the BAMS universe and get more details on its unique attributes, visit https://bams.monster or check out the official whitepaper.

Check out the Pre-sale of BAMS on Pinksale.

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X (Formally Twitter): https://twitter.com/BamsMonster.

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Watch the intro video of BAMS Presale on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP5YFTWosXE

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