Jakarta, Indonesia–(Vehement Media. – January 19, 2022) – Going with the trend, VCGamers have launched $VCG to ease transactions in gaming and Metaverse commerce. The investment trends in Indonesia are moving toward digital assets. The amount of venture funding in digital assets platforms is among the top 5 and contributes to about 8% of total. 

$VCG is a token used in a renowned social commerce platform in Indonesia, mainly for games. Within six hours of pre-sale launch on the PinkSale platform, the global crypto market purchased 2000 BNB worth of $VCG, breaking a new record for the country.

VCGamers is a social commerce marketplace where gamers are able to buy and sell in-game items and assets. Established in June 2021, the company is backed by BEENEXT, a Japan-based venture capital firm operating globally, and RANS Ventures, the venture arm of RANS Entertainment, Indonesia’s biggest digital entertainment company owned by celebrities Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. Beyond marketplace, VCGamers is also developing a community platform to organize gaming events such as tournaments and a launchpad for esport teams.

Digital asset $VCG will help ease transactions in gaming and metaverse commerce

VCGamers’ vision is to economically empower gamers and help game developers launch blockchain-based games. The company also aims to financially empower domestic small and medium enterprises listed on the VCGamers marketplace.

$VCG token is not a substitute but a companion for transactions on the platform.

A spokesperson for VCGamers said, “The plan for VCGamers in the near future is to launch a unique social hub called VCVerse. In this social hub, gamers will be able to share content, interact with each other and compete with other gamers in VCArena. Gamers can also create fan pages, start esport teams, and form groups. The $VCG token will also be utilized in this platform.”

VCGamers will soon release an NFT marketplace, where Web3 game developers can sell their own digital assets. In addition, token wallet, token staking, token swapping, token farming, an NFT generator, and cross-chain interoperability to Ethereum and Polygon will also be introduced soon.

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About VCgamers:

VCGamers is a social commerce marketplace where gamers are able to buy and sell in-game items and assets. It was established in June 2021.

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