excellence IT, an IT Support and Cyber Security firm in Caerphilly has achieved Dell Gold Partner Status. Dell Gold Partnership is a recognition that reflects excellence IT’s technical expertise and commitment to high standards.

Cardiff, United Kingdom, 28th May 2024 – A Caerphilly-based IT firm has marked a strong year of growth after securing a number of prominent contracts in the defence, fintech and manufacturing sectors.

excellence IT firm marks record growth with Dell Gold Partnership

Excellence IT, which specialises in offering fully managed IT support, infrastructure, cyber security and training, has seen a 40% growth in its seven-figure revenue since last year and was named a Dell Gold Partner

The company is currently one of the few accredited Dell Gold Partners in Wales, an award that signifies technical expertise with strict training and qualification criteria. It’s also revenue-based, meaning only certain-sized firms are eligible.

The company, based at De Clare Court, was founded in 2002 by its owners Andy Beer and Andy Jarlett-Green and has 19 members of staff. It’s currently looking to increase its headcount by recruiting two further roles in an Infrastructure Engineer and a Cloud Technician. 

Cofounder, Andy Beer said it was a combination of building relationships and forward-thinking that was the key to its continued success. 

Andy said: “Since founding the business over twenty years ago we’ve always emphasised building relationships, both with our customers and our staff. It’s why we’ve been fortunate to see continual growth in the business year after year, and combined with our focus on the future, it’s what keeps us ahead of the curve.

“We’ve long been advocates for cloud technology and support, which paid off during the COVID crisis as many companies suddenly found themselves having to operate almost entirely remotely. We had been 100% cloud many years before Covid which helped with a quick transition to serving our clients when lockdown came.

“Thanks to our way of working, our clients were already ahead and so found the process far less of an upheaval. This led to us gaining more clients which, in turn, allowed us to take on and train more staff, resulting in us having the capacity to service a range of new contracts across a number of sectors. Something we are confident in continuing as we grow our team further.” 

Fellow Cofounder Andy Jarlett-Green said the need for responsive IT support was greater now than ever: “The technological world is changing faster than ever before. The rise in AI tools is accelerating the ability and efficiency of other software, meaning we can get more done at a faster pace with fewer resources. 

“However, this also means that we rely more on our systems than before, meaning it’s more important now than ever to ensure our technology works, is safe and is being used correctly. This, along with our growing reputation for IT support and cyber security, is why we are confident we will continue to build on our recent growth now and into the future.”

More information on how to apply for the Infrastructure Engineer role can be found on our careers page.


About excellence IT:

excellence IT is a leading IT support and Cyber Security business based in Caerphilly, South Wales. On the outskirts of Cardiff, excellence IT work with many businesses from the Capital City, to Swansea, to Bristol.

Business Name: excellence IT

Website: excellence-it.co.uk

Phone Number: 02920 887 362

Location: Units 3&4 Ground Floor De Clare Court, Pontygwindy Rd, Caerphilly CF83 3HU

Media Contact

Organization: excellence IT

Contact Person: Calum

Website: https://excellence-it.co.uk

Email: Send Email

Contact Number: +447367487637

Address: Units 3&4 Ground Floor De Clare Court Pontygwindy Road Caerphilly CF83 3HU United Kingdom

City: Cardiff

Country: United Kingdom

Release Id: 28052412642

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Extraordinary Cherries collaborates with XO Cherries on an NFT project, offering airdrops and whitelist opportunities for early adopters.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 28th May 2024 – Extraordinary Cherries, a pioneer in the NFT industry, has announced a collaboration with XO Cherries – the first anonymous, interactive Web3 mixed reality dating app. This collaboration promises to revolutionize digital interaction through advanced biometrics and NFT-based identity shields. The initiative aims to enhance user experiences on the XO Cherries Platform, providing higher engagement and security.

Extraordinary Cherries has a unique approach to creating, curating, and distributing Non-Fungible Tokens. The brand redefines value and ownership in the digital world by combining cutting-edge technology and exceptional artistry. The collaboration with XO Cherries will showcase NFTs’ practical applications beyond digital art. This includes engaging and secure user interactions in the dating app’s interest-based room.

Kirk Brown, Co-Founder and COO of Extraordinary Cherries, expressed his excitement about the project. He said, “Our collaboration marks a significant landmark in NFTs’ evolution and practical applications.” We are eager to use our innovative capabilities to improve user experiences on the XO Cherries Platform, providing secure and engaging interaction through our NFT character.

Extraordinary Cherries offers exclusive airdrops to celebrate this innovative collaboration. Early adopters can also join a whitelist. Participants will be able to acquire digital assets in advance of the launch and ensure their place within the Extraordinary Cherries eco-system. This initiative is intended to reward early supporters of the project and build a strong community.

The roadmap for this project is a step-by-step approach that will continue for the years to come. It begins with the concept of development and community building. The first phase, “Cherry Blossom Bloom”, includes the launch of the Phase 1 Whitelist and the beginning of the whitelist competition. These efforts aim to build a solid foundation and vibrant community surrounding the Extraordinary Cherries NFTs.

Extraordinary Cherries is the brainchild of a team of inventors who have extensive experience and patents across several industries and is at the forefront of the digital revolution. The company is a leader in the development of various utilities for different industries. It pushes the boundaries of digital technology. They are a leader in the NFT industry because of their expertise and commitment to innovation.

The NFTs of Extraordinary Cherries are more than just digital collectibles. They are unique digital assets that have practical applications. Each of the 10,275 cherry species that are randomly and uniquely transmuted, as well as grown in unique ways, represents a digital collectable on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs offer a new perspective on digital ownership by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Stay updated with the latest news and developments from Extraordinary Cherries by joining their community on Discord, following them on Twitter, and connecting on Instagram

For more information about Extraordinary Cherries and their innovative NFT project, visit their website at www.extraordinarycherries.com.

About Company:

Extraordinary Cherries is a leading NFT brand known for its advanced technology and creative digital assets. Founded in 2022, the company focuses on creating and distributing unique NFTs. Extraordinary Cherries is dedicated to enhancing digital ownership and user experiences and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Media Contact

Organization: Extraordinary Cherries

Contact Person: Kirk Brown

Website: https://www.extraordinarycherries.com/

Email: Send Email

City: Atlanta

State: Georgia

Country: United States

Release Id: 28052412644

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Author: Mahmood Owolabi

While customer reviews and social media posts (UGC) are popular marketing tools, employees can be just as powerful.  Think of them as brand ambassadors creating content (EGC) that builds trust and resonates with potential customers.  This approach is another winning marketing tactic for businesses today and using EGC in your communication plan can boost both how well your message gets across and how the public sees your company. Hence why EGC is filling our newsfeeds and for you pages, and you know what…We enjoy it! 

A good place to start is with a definition. What exactly is employee-generated content?

Employee-generated content (EGC) is content created by your team. Employees are the best Brand Ambassadors for your Employer Brand. They’re your most valuable champions, sharing their experiences through images, videos, blog posts, interviews, social media activity, and more. This content is primarily shared on your business’s online platforms.

According to Edelman’s trust barometer research even found that company experts are trusted 66% of the time. That’s the kind of credibility money can’t buy.

Cisco leverages employee stories to showcase their work environment and attract new talent. Here’s what their Brand & Social Media Lead had to say about EGC:

“Employee-generated content is what has put the @WeAreCisco team on its path to success, with the metrics to prove its value.”

Leading Tech companies like SEMRUSH have leveraged EGC on TikTok to generate millions of views to drive awareness for their brand.

Top Benefits of Employee-Generated Content (EGC):

  • Boosts Trust: Employees are your company’s inside experts. People trust their authentic voices more than generic marketing messages.
  • Freshens Up Content: EGC goes beyond marketing content. It brings diverse perspectives and ideas from different departments, showcasing a culture of innovation.
  • Engages Employees: Giving employees a voice makes them feel valued and motivated. Seeing colleagues create content encourages further participation.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Leveraging your workforce reduces reliance on expensive paid advertising. Organic reach through employee channels builds trust while saving money.
  • Attracts Top Talent: Positive employee content showcasing company culture attracts job seekers who value a passionate and engaging work environment.

Types of Employee-Generated Content: Beyond Tweets, TikToks and Instagram Stories

Employee-generated content comes in various shapes and sizes, reflecting the diversity of your workforce. Some common types include:

  • Social media snippets: Short, engaging posts showcasing daily work life.
  • Workplace reviews: Honest employee evaluations on platforms like Glassdoor.
  • Personal blogs & articles: In-depth stories sharing employee experiences and insights.
  • Photos: Visual storytelling, from behind-the-scenes glimpses to team celebrations.
  • Employee training videos: Educational content created by employees for colleagues.
  • Knowledge sharing programs: Collaborative initiatives for cross-departmental expertise sharing.
  • Internal newsletters: Updates and highlights driven by employee contributions.
  • Virtual/physical bulletin boards: Platforms for showcasing employee work and ideas.
  • Employee case studies: Detailed explorations of employee roles and career paths.
  • Recruitment videos: Personalized videos attracting potential hires to join the team.


Employee-generated content is about a significant cultural shift in the way organizations communicate internally as well as externally. It democratizes your employer brand and makes it more human.

Happy Storytelling!

Mahmood Owolabi



Dubai, UAE, 28th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRELast week, the Dubai World Trade Centre was abuzz with innovation and excitement as it hosted the highly anticipated Crypto Expo Dubai 2024. Held on May 20th and 21st, this event brought together the brightest minds and leading companies in the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) sectors. DefiWorld, a prominent player in the space, stood out as the platinum sponsor of the event, leveraging this global platform to forge valuable industry connections and showcase their groundbreaking projects.

Dr. Mayur Shrivastav Leads the Charge

A pivotal moment at the Expo was the keynote address by Dr. Mayur Shrivastav, an esteemed advisor to DefiWorld. Dr. Shrivastav shared in-depth insights into DefiWorld’s projects, highlighting the innovative approaches and future prospects of decentralized finance. His expertise and visionary outlook captivated the audience, reinforcing the transformative potential of DeFi technologies.

DefiWorld’s Triumph at the Awards

Adding to the excitement, DefiWorld received the prestigious award for the ‘Most Innovative NFT and Utility Token’ at the event. This accolade is a testament to their pioneering work in integrating NFTs with practical utility to revolutionize everyday transactions and digital interactions.

DWC Token: A Resounding Success

The event also coincided with significant milestones for DefiWorld’s DWC token. The initial coin offering (ICO) for DWC started on May 15th, and within just five days, all tokens allocated for Round 1 were sold out, reflecting the high demand and positive reception from the community. Encouraged by this success, DefiWorld is gearing up for Round 2 of the ICO, set to commence on May 30th.

DefiWorld’s First Round ICO Achieves Rapid Sellout in Just 5 Days

DefiWorld, a pioneering leader in decentralized finance (DeFi), proudly announces the successful completion of its first round Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which sold out in an astonishing five days. This remarkable achievement underscores the growing enthusiasm and confidence in DefiWorld’s innovative DeFi solutions and its vision for the future of finance.

The rapid sellout of the ICO highlights the strong demand for DefiWorld’s offerings and the trust investors place in the company’s mission to revolutionize the financial landscape. With this milestone, DefiWorld is well-positioned to continue developing and expanding its suite of DeFi products, designed to empower individuals and institutions with greater financial autonomy and transparency.

Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Innovations

The Crypto Expo Dubai 2024 was more than just an event; it was a clear indicator of the vibrant future of DeFi and the pivotal role DefiWorld continues to play in this evolving landscape. The opportunities for networking and collaboration it provided have set the stage for innovative developments that might just redefine the financial world.

For more information about DefiWorld and its groundbreaking DeFi solutions, visit defiworld.finance or follow us on social media platforms.

About DefiWorld:

DefiWorld is a leading advocate for decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, dedicated to driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the global crypto community. With a focus on accessibility, transparency, and empowerment, DefiWorld is committed to revolutionizing the financial landscape through cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

Vancouver, Canada, 28th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, ceτi AI, a pioneering company building decentralized AI infrastructure, announced it received $2 million worth of cutting-edge hardware at its T3 Data Center in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event marks a significant milestone in the project’s development, making ceτi AI the first large-scale AI blockchain network to go live with enterprise-grade hardware.

The Vancouver-based firm took delivery of  5 HPC servers, each equipped with 8 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and 2 NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand switches. The system’s 3.2 TB of available VRAM brings state-of-the-art computational processing power to ceτi AI’s flourishing development community.

With recent partnership announcements with other key players in the space, ceτi AI is a driving force in the decentralized AI movement, opening access to crucial computing resources.

ceτi AI recognizes that the big-tech gatekeepers at the forefront of the race to artificial general intelligence restrict access to vital compute resources, presenting a significant barrier to entry for researchers and startups in the industry. 

Moreover, inefficient resource allocation in existing hardware infrastructure further limits independent research and development, while the siloed nature of the centralized AI space promotes a zero-sum-game mentality across the field.

Ceτi AI challenges the centralized AI narrative by democratizing access to a worldwide distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure.  The multi-pronged solution empowers development teams with:

  • Cost-effective access to enterprise-grade cloud computing
  • A state-of-the-art software layer with intelligent resource allocation
  • A vibrant and thriving ecosystem of developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs  

Unifying the organization’s blockchain and infrastructure solution, the Ceti AI native token ($CETI) serves as the backbone for financing the network’s growth and rewarding its contributors. Strategically designed to fuel the continual development of the decentralized AI landscape, $CETI powers the development of next-generation networks and applications, effectively channeling resources where they are most needed. Built with utility and sustainability in mind, the platform token enhances the ecosystem’s long-term viability by delivering increasing value to its holders from intelligently allocated computing resources.

About ceτi AI

ceτi AI is pioneering the deployment of AI infrastructure pods, utilizing the latest generation H100 GPUs linked with NVSwitches. Its mission is to accelerate the development of decentralized artificial intelligence through technical innovation and strategic partnerships. To this end, the company built a globally distributed, high-performance, scalable AI infrastructure for developers and decentralized AI networks, enabling them to outperform centralized AI.

Behind ceτi AI is a highly experienced team of industry veterans and innovators, including CEO Dennis Jarvis, former CEO of Bitcoin.com, CIO Aaron Smith-Hayes, a software developer with over 25 years of experience, and CFO Austin Spencer, boasting over 17 years of experience in corporate and real estate finance.

The ceτi AI invites tech enthusiasts and AI-skilled individuals to join and support this trail-blazing movement. You can follow the project’s development and learn more about ceτi AI at these links: Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord

La Habra, California, United States, 28th May 2024 – Beerwork, a specialized job platform for the craft beer industry, has launched its mobile app, developed by Beer Elite LLC. This app revolutionizes job-seeking by enabling users to search for local job opportunities and apply with a single tap. From brewing and production to sales, marketing, hospitality, and distribution, Beerwork has connected employers with professionals across the industry. The platform’s intuitive design allows employers to post job openings and effectively reach a targeted pool of industry specialists.

The app features a robust community section helping users to engage with peers, share insights, and build professional connections. Additionally, it provides up-to-date news, industry events, and educational resources, creating a comprehensive hub for craft beer professionals.

This app, available for free download on iOS devices, enhances the job-seeking experience by allowing users to search for local job opportunities and apply with a single tap. Compatible with iOS 12.0 or later on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the app ensures accessibility for a broad audience of job seekers.

The app can be downloaded from the following links

Download from the App Store
Download from the Play Store

Beerwork’s innovative platform addresses a significant need in the craft beer industry. It facilitates connections between employers and job seekers and fosters growth within the community. By providing a centralized space for job listings, industry news, and professional networking, Beerwork helps users looking to advance their careers in the craft beer sector.

For more information about Beerwork, please visit their website https://beerwork.com/

About Beerwork:
Beerwork is a platform developed by Beer Elite LLC to revolutionize job searching in the craft beer industry. The company focuses on connecting employers and job seekers within the sector, offering a comprehensive range of job listings that include brewing, production, sales, marketing, hospitality, and distribution roles. Besides job postings, Beerwork provides a community section for professional networking, industry news updates, and event information. Beer Elite LLC aims to facilitate growth and professional connections in the craft beer industry through innovative technology and user-friendly solutions.

Media Contact

Organization: Beerwork

Contact Person: David Mora

Website: https://beerwork.com/

Email: hello@beerwork.com

City: La Habra

State: California

Country: United States

Release Id: 28052412625

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Sydney, Australia, 28th May 2024, ZEX PR WIREAccording to reports, Australia is currently the fifth most powerful cybernation globally. Its cybersecurity market, valued at US$5.99 billion in 2023, will grow to US$13.95 billion by 2028. Despite this, a cybercrime is reported in the country every seven minutes.

In times when cyber threats are ever-evolving, Lean Security announces its advanced penetration testing services, bolstering the digital defences of businesses throughout Sydney. Recognising the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures, Lean Security offers expert penetration testing that is comprehensive and swift, ensuring companies can identify vulnerabilities before exploitation.

Lean Security’s penetration testing services meet each client’s unique needs, providing detailed insights into potential security weaknesses. The company’s team of certified professionals can uncover hidden vulnerabilities within an organisation’s infrastructure. This proactive approach allows businesses to address security gaps, strengthen defences, and safeguard their valuable data and systems from cyber threats.

At Lean Security, we understand that in the digital age, the security landscape is constantly changing. Our mission is to provide businesses with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their digital assets are protected by the best in the industry.” said a spokesperson for Lean Security. “Our penetration testing services are thorough and reliable and delivered with the urgency that today’s fast-paced business environment demands. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver expert security solutions quickly without compromising on quality.”

Lean Security’s penetration testing process involves a meticulous assessment of an organisation’s IT environment, including networks, applications, and endpoints. The company’s experts employ advanced tools and techniques to simulate attacks that hackers might use, identifying and exploiting weaknesses to provide a realistic picture of the company’s security posture.

Lean Security’s penetration testing services are available to businesses of all sizes across Sydney. With a focus on providing personalised service, Lean Security works closely with each client to understand their specific security needs and objectives. This client-centric approach ensures that the solutions are effective and align with the company’s overall strategy and goals.

Readers interested in their security testing services can get in touch with them using the contact information below.

About Lean Security

Lean Security is a leading cybersecurity firm based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in rapid and thorough penetration testing. Our expert team helps businesses identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection of their digital assets. We deliver fast, reliable, and comprehensive security solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Contact Information

Address: 81-83 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010, Australia

Website: https://www.leansecurity.com.au/ 

Phone: +61 (2) 8078 6952

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lean-Technologies-Pty-Ltd/660653020663473

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leansecurityau

Overview of MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader

MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader emerges as a revolutionary tool, specifically engineered to facilitate the effortless capture of streaming content from prominent OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu. With its intuitive interface, users can swiftly download streaming videos and convert them into high-definition MP4/MKV files. This transformation ensures that downloaded videos are readily available for offline viewing on any device, empowering users with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Key Features of MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader

  • One is More: Easily download videos from top OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu using just one software.

  • Unlimited Streaming Video Save and Offline Viewing: Bypass protection and download high-quality videos up to HD 1080p MP4/MKV format and keep them permanently stored on your Windows/Mac device for convenient offline viewing anytime.

  • User Friendly: Download streaming videos in just 4 steps! With a built-in search engine, simply enter keywords or URLs to find and download videos without installing separate streaming platform applications.

  • High-Speed Downloads: Enjoy blazing-fast download speeds, up to 5X faster, thanks to hardware acceleration technology.

  • Subtitle Downloads: Customize your viewing experience by selecting subtitle language and format (soft subtitles/hard subtitles/external subtitles) to meet your specific preferences.

System Requirement

MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader is a super powerful streaming video downloader compatible with most PC and Mac devices, please check the following information before trying it:

  • Windows OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 bit & 64 bit)

  • Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.11 and above

Subscription Plans

Before diving into the MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader, you can experience it firsthand with our free trial version. However, please note that the free trial only allows you to download the first 6 minutes of movies or TV shows. If you wish to unlock the full functionality, feel free to purchase the full version:

  • Lifetime Plan – US$179.95 / 1 PC

  • 1-Month Plan – US$49.95 / 1 PC

  • 1-Year Plan – US$99.95 / 1 PC


For streaming video enthusiasts seeking uninterrupted access to favorite content, the potent MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader is worth a try. With its seamless ability to download streaming videos, backed by robust technical support, MovPilot simplifies the entire download process, ensuring users a premium offline viewing experience anytime, anywhere. With a reasonable price tag, it’s definitely worth giving MovPilot All-in-One Video Downloader a shot to start converting your desired streaming videos hassle-free!

Emoji Luxe is excited to unveil its groundbreaking website, crafted to help you discover the perfect emoji for every situation. Whether you’re celebrating, sharing joy, or recounting your latest adventures, Emoji Luxe offers a diverse emoji collection that caters to everyone’s needs.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 28th May 2024 – Emoji Luxe is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative website, designed to help you find the ideal emoji for any moment. Whether you’re celebrating, expressing joy, or sharing your latest adventures, Emoji Luxe’s vast collection of emojis has something for everyone.

Discover the Perfect Emoji for Every Occasion with Emoji Luxe!

Our website features the most popular emojis across various categories, making it easier than ever to express yourself digitally. These categories include:

  • Smileys & Emotion: Convey feelings from happiness to sadness, and everything in between.
  • People & Body: Represent people, families, hand gestures, and more.
  •  Food & Drink: Share your culinary adventures with a wide range of tasty emoji options.
  • Activities: Highlight your favorite sports and hobbies in vibrant detail.
  • Travel & Places: Celebrate and share your travel experiences with landmarks and modes of transportation.
  • Nature: Embrace the outdoors with emojis of animals, plants, and weather phenomena.

“Emoji Luxe is all about enhancing communication in a fun and expressive way,” said Rohan Karmakar, Founder of Emoji Luxe. “Our extensive range of emojis ensures that everyone can find just the right symbol to capture their feelings and activities.”

Luxe SEO Tools, created by Rohan Karmakar, is a new set of tools for improving website rankings and marketing online. It’s still being finished but will be ready soon, offering easy-to-use solutions for anyone looking to boost their online presence & much more.

Emojis are more than just digital icons; they are a language of their own that resonates with all age groups globally. With the launch of Emoji Luxe, users can now make their digital conversations more engaging and personal. Each emoji is crafted to provide clear representation and versatility, ensuring that every user’s message is both unique and impactful.

Join us at www.emojiluxe.com and start exploring today. Find your favorite emojis and bring your conversations to life!

Media Contact

Organization: Emoji Luxe

Contact Person: Rohan Karmakar

Website: https://emojiluxe.com

Email: rohankarmakarofficial@gmail.com

City: Kolkata

State: West Bengal

Country: India

Release Id: 28052411197

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Swiss Company Launches Software Tool Aimed to Help Individuals Explore Dual Citizenship Options

Zug, Switzerland, 28th May 2024CitizenX, the pioneering platform dedicated to helping individuals invest in citizenship globally, announced today its latest innovation: the CitizenX Dual Citizenship Index, a software tool set to revolutionize the way people explore dual citizenship options, making critical information accessible to all.

CitizenX Announces World’s First Dual Citizenship Index

In a world where mobility and global opportunities are increasingly essential, the CitizenX Dual Citizenship Index stands as a necessary innovation to navigate the intricacies of dual citizenship, a legal status in which a person is recognized as a citizen by more than one country. The new software provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface to understand dual citizenship possibilities. CitizenX is empowering people to take control of their citizenship choices with confidence and ease by eliminating the need for expensive consultants and complex legal jargon.

“Our mission is to create technology that gives you back control over your money, choices, and destiny,” said Alex Recouso, one of the founders and CEO of CitizenX. “The CitizenX Dual Citizenship Index represents one more step in that direction, especially as a tool useful for all citizens around the world.”

The CitizenX Dual Citizenship Index is designed with state-of-the-art technology and offers several key features, including a comprehensive database with access to detailed information about dual citizenship laws and requirements for numerous countries and a user-friendly interface with an intuitive and straightforward design. The CitizenX team is committed to making this valuable resource accessible to everyone, and they have made this product free to use, without paywalls or hidden fees.

The introduction of the CitizenX Dual Citizenship Index promises to have a profound impact on the industry and the public. By democratizing access to vital information, CitizenX is breaking down barriers that have traditionally limited people’s ability to pursue dual citizenship. This tool is set to become the go-to resource for anyone exploring their citizenship options, providing clarity and transparency in an often opaque field.
To learn more about the CitizenX Dual Citizenship Index, visit www.citizenx.com/dual-citizenship.


About CitizenX

CitizenX is the modern path to a more prosperous and free world — a transparent and transformative platform to become a part of the places that welcome you as a citizen. We help you discover and diversify your passport portfolio, enabling unrestricted travel to as many as 190 destinations. Because we believe that passports are the currency of freedom, and CitizenX makes them an accessible luxury in ways previously unattainable. For more information, please visit www.citizenx.com.

Media Contact

Organization: CitizenX

Contact Person: Alex Recouso

Website: https://citizenx.com

Email: hello@citizenx.com

Contact Number: +141417111366

Address: c/o MJP Partners AG Bahnhofstrasse 20

City: Zug

State: Zug

Country: Switzerland

Release Id: 28052412446

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