Shanghai, China–(Vehement Media – September 10, 2022) – Melos Venture Limited (“Melos Studio”, “Melos”, or the “Company”), a Web 3 music collaboration and NFT marketplace, announced today, that on August 30, 2022, the “NY STATE OF MIND TOUR”, presented by Live Nation and featuring the Wu-Tang Clan, officially kicked off its North American 25 city tour at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights, Missouri [U.S.]; along with Melos Studio as the tour’s sponsor partner.

The Wu Tang Clan (“Wu Tang” or “the Wu”) is regarded as one of the most influential American rap groups in Hip Hop culture. Wu Tang reached a 25 Year milestone this year for its double album, Wu-Tang Forever.

“Sponsoring this tour simply makes good business sense,” stated Yalu Lin, Co-Founder and CEO of Melos Studio. “Considering our current relationship with members of Wu Tang, there is no better way to support our collaborative effort to curate dynamic music NFT collections, than to participate in this iconic and historic tour.”

With a focus on becoming the Web3 marketplace for music creatives in the U.S., particularly for the largest music genre in the world, Melos has aligned with the Wu to leverage the 25 city tour in support of their official entry into the U.S. markets.

Melos is a decentralized music studio for Web 3.0. The platform allows fans the ability to co-create with their favorite artists. Melos intends to bring its brand and operations to the U.S.

ABOUT Melos Studio

Melos is a decentralized “meta + music web3.0” collaboration platform for musicians and music creators. It is a new and unique create-to-earn music ecosystem based on ETH, BSC, and FLOW. Melos Studio is committed to invigorating the entire music industry. It will collaborate with more communities and projects and contribute to the development of the music industry.

Melos Studio has attracted many strategic institutional investors. It sets up a Strategic Investor Program for firms, organizations, and groups that contribute strategic value to the MusicBlock ecosystem, such as technical support, marketing assistance, or local connections with the crypto industry.

Thanks to these strategic investors, Melo Studio can draw support from key industry leaders for its Public Sales and call for communities and alliances to support its ecosystem activities. 


Forward-Looking Statements
Statements in this press release that are not statements of historical or current fact constitute “forward-looking statements.” Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other unknown factors that could cause the Company’s actual operating results to be materially different from any historical results or from any future results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. In addition to statements that explicitly describe these risks and uncertainties, readers are urged to consider statements that contain terms such as “believes,” “belief,” “expects,” “expect,” “intends,” “intend,” “anticipate,” “anticipates,” “plans,” “plan,” to be uncertain and forward-looking.

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New York, New York–(Vehement Media – September 8, 2022) – EnergyRICH Coaching, Inc’s founder and owner, Heather Dominick, recently announced plans to expand its reach by elucidating more entrepreneurs to its highly sensitive leadership training program. The founder unveiled that they recently reached 100 active members representing a dozen countries with a plan to expand the resources offered.

The training program focuses on working with highly sensitive entrepreneurs and highlights the unique strengths of this group. The company aims to provide the tools and strategies needed to mitigate day-to-day challenges, supported by a community of like-minded individuals.

Heather Dominick

“The highly sensitive person often feels a great need for empowerment,” said Dominick. “Our programs are designed to support the highly sensitive person who desires empowerment through the path of self-employment.”

The leadership training program’s main focus is to help businesses create blueprints for success without trying to be someone they are not, and to gain increased respect within all of their relationships including prospects, clients, and team.

Heather Dominick has based this training on the growing demand for more leadership roles in the industry. The first step in the training program is to walk trainees through the enrollment process and get them acquainted with the leadership programs that suit their business.

Further, the 12-month program will get members enrolled in the online learning centre that provides access to weekly training sessions, practical how-to’s and leadership curriculum tracks tailored to the needs of highly sensitive people. The program format helps break down the complexities of information into bite-sized, doable, tangible transformational steps in order to avoid highly sensitive overwhelm.

Heather said, “We want to create an environment where people feel safe to openly discuss their challenges, get clarity on what’s next, and walk away feeling confident in themselves and their ability to be leaders in their businesses and lives.”

She further added, “We’re excited to grow even more of our existing global community and are already in the work of finding better ways to expand our reach so that it can be experienced by even more people.” Longer term, the company’s goals highlight the strategies to introduce new programs and tracks to continue to keep pace with the changing times.

Heather also announced in the same vein about her book, which will focus on dealing with situations and growing as a highly sensitive entrepreneur. The book will be available by September 2022 and will harmonise with the company’s training program.

About EnergyRICH Coaching

EnergyRICH Coaching with Heather Dominick is a business coaching and leadership training company that provides tools, teaching and community support for highly sensitive entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses without sacrificing their health, happiness, or sanity. The founder, Heather, has been in business since 2003 and has dedicated more than a decade to training Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs® & Leaders. The company offers an array of programs, courses, and resources that works on real-time, comprehensive insights across all areas of business and life.

Media Details

Name: Heather Dominick
Designation: Founder & owner of EnergyRICH Coaching, Inc
Ph. No.: +1 917 940 5337

Toronto, Ontario–(Vehement Media – September 6, 2022) – Rogue Studios is a tech startup that is introducing a no-code future with the help of innovative SaaS products. This innovative start-up is striving to emerge as a global leader within the technology sector. The company provides a variety of utility tools & software services, that are completely free for everyone. In addition to this, they are building SaaS products that help businesses and individuals eliminate the strain of navigating a technical landscape while leading the charge toward a no-code future.

Rogue Studios

The key component of this startup revolves around giving small businesses a new edge by creating software targeted to remove the traditional barriers to entry. Rogue Studios gives businesses and individuals the ability to launch into the tech space with no coding or programming experience necessary. In other words, there are no prerequisites required to use any of their software, they handle everything.

These innovative SaaS products help make new technologies more accessible and user-friendly for businesses and individuals. With an emphasis on safety, speed, and scalability, the company aims to build and develop the most user-friendly B2B and B2C SaaS products on the market.

Learn more about this tech start-up by visiting their website:

Join their community by following them on social media:

Media Contact
Mark E.
Rogue Studios

New York, New York–(Vehement Media – September 5, 2022) – Jian Tam, the co-founder of Samurai Saga, an upcoming open-world combat game, launched the much-anticipated demo for its audience. The play-to-earn online game is built with an unreal engine for the best gaming experience with action-packed multiplayer game modes. It combines open-world exploration with fast-paced combat, where players can earn rewards upon victory.

Jian Tam

“The demo’s main focus is combat, which offers users a unique and never-seen-before experience. The game’s combat system stands out for its significantly faster tempo, the fluidity between offense and defense, and the morale mechanics,” stated Jian Tam during the official demo launch ceremony.

“Responses so far have been amazing; our team has been receiving innumerable messages about the gameplay and the minute gameplay experiences as shared by the users,” he further added.

“@TheSamuraiSaga is here to take this space to a whole different level. Besides the amazing, incredible artwork that speaks volumes for itself. The demo is available to play. I highly recommend giving it a try. Most fun I’ve had in a long time,” a user tweeted.

Samurai Saga is not a typical NFT collection. It’s an entire ecosystem developed around three unique and industry-leading components – artwork, staking, and gaming. It is rather a component of the open world where collectors can interact with other owners to engage in combat with modern Samurai characters against monsters.

Players can participate in Samurai Saga to fully experience the third-person perspective. Jian Tam unveiled the following features of the Samurai Saga:

★ Upcoming Open-world Combat Game

★ Samurai Saga NFT Ecosystem

★ NFT Staking, Game Demo, and Info

“Samurai Saga will have seasons that periodically provide new material and characters, gameplay mechanics, and exciting items to unlock, similar to many other multiplayer-focused live-service games,” stated the PR Head of the Samurai Saga project.

About Samurai Saga:

Samurai Saga is an action-packed multiplayer game co-founded by crypto investor and marketer Jian Tam. The P2E game is helmed by artist Dino Tomic and is dedicated to producing an NFT collection of the most intricately detailed artwork. With every NFT, the collection will continue to feature distinctive artwork. Users can pick from a large selection of characters, like Cyborg Samurai, Kaiju Monsters, Onna-Bugeisha, and Teen Samurais, to join the epic battle that lies ahead.

Media Contact:
Contact Person: Karishhma Mago
Company: Digital Nod
Location: Wellington, Florida
Website URL:

Vilnius, Lithuania–(Vehement Media – August 26, 2022) – BlueWater Group has reported “enthusiastic market response” to the Group’s proprietary BlueWater Algorithm (BWA) since its official launch, which took place about a week ago on August 18th.

BlueWater Group

According to reports from BlueWater Group, there has been particularly strong interest in the BlueWater Algorithm (BWA) from markets in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America regions.

In fact, it has been reported that interest in the BlueWater Algorithm (BWA), a tested and proven, high frequency arbitrage trading bot that is capable of executing high-speed arbitrage trades between 4 cryptocurrency trade pairings on a single exchange, has extended beyond mass market clients to include inquiries from institutional clients such as corporations and family offices.

According to BlueWater Group’s founder, Andy Chen, the Group is, “doing our best to capitalize on the strong market interest so as to gain a strong foothold in major markets worldwide.”

“We are currently working very closely with our Affiliates in the UK and Dubai with regards to the participation of institutional clients and we expect to see extremely strong growth in these two markets sometime later this year,” Chen added.

Chen also gave recognition to the important role played by the Group’s Affiliates in the BlueWater Algorithm’s current market success. “The backing we have received from our Affiliates and Partners has contributed greatly to the BlueWater Algorithm’s success. Our Partners and Affiliates have been a particularly great support when it comes to market and community outreach, enabling us to reach out to a far wider audience,” he noted.

Media Contact:

Company: BlueWater Group
Name: Edward Woods

Tokyo, Japan–(Vehement Media – August 25, 2022) – THE ROPPONGI CLINIC is pleased to announce a new Rhinoplasty Enhanced Treatment And Technologies for individuals desiring facial plastic surgery. The procedure employs autologous cartilage grafting and provides customized cosmetic surgery plans for patient’s plastic surgery procedures.


Tokyo-based THE ROPPONGI CLINIC is fully committed to the need of the hour and recently announced their revolutionary Rhinoplasty enhanced treatment brought about with the help of avant-garde technologies.

Rhinoplasty, known by its more common name – nose job, is a medical procedure involving altering and reconstructing the nose. It’s a very delicate procedure and requires the most able hands that can use the most advanced equipment in order to generate a favorable result. Fortunately, the surgeons at THE ROPPONGI CLINIC are well-versed in the art of Rhinoplasty. According to one of their senior surgeons, “Surgeons feel the stigma with Cosmetic surgery lies in the name itself. It could imply doing something frivolous or purely vain to one’s face. As surgeons, we know that’s far from the truth. At THE ROPPONGI CLINIC, the company have had several people over the years who with their years of trust in the clinic, asked the company to open a Rhinoplasty wing in order to help themselves or someone they knew get a new lease at life. Accidents and traumas can cause dire consequences to our faces. So much so, that they can paralyze the patient emotionally and rob them of their confidence to be a part of the world. Rhinoplasty, helps people reconfigure their lives by restructuring their noses. That it should appeal to those who desire to enhance their features for the same reason, and one potentially capable to changing lives. At THE ROPPONGI CLINIC, the company is driven to provide our patients the best results every single time. This means that the surgeons keep up with the changing technology and make the entire process as non-invasive as possible while yielding the best results as possible. It’s in the direction of this goal that the clinic now offers enhanced rhinoplasty treatments.”

At THE ROPPONGI CLINIC, it’s essentially a three-pronged approach when it comes to Rhinoplasty – one, the clinic only have the best hands doing the surgery, two, application of the most modern and most advanced equipment and three, creating an overall atmosphere that helps the patient ease into surgery. And it’s the combination of these aspects that produce potentially transformational results for the patients.”

THE ROPPONGI CLINIC’S drive is to provide the best-in-class Rhinoplasty treatments.


THE ROPPONGI CLINIC is one of Japan’s most renowned and prominent cosmetic surgery facilities. The clinic offers a variety of cosmetic procedures and operations, including Asian closed Rhinoplasty, endoscope-assisted Rhinoplasty, and autologous graft rhinoplasty.

Media Details
Name – Dr. Shinji Nagao
Designation – Specialist in Rhinoplasty and Chief Executive Officer of THE ROPPONGI CLINIC
Setting – Japan

Casper, Wyoming–(Vehement Media – August 25, 2022) – ReserveLending+ by unFederalReserve aims to make saving and borrowing between a closed network of U.S. entities holding digital assets frictionless. Its new DeFi platform is a self-custody solution open only to those entities with an existing banking relationship with its partner, NextBank International. In conjunction with its custodial partner, Aegis Trust Company, a South Dakota Trust, participating entities will be able to manage the crypto side of their balance sheet without intermediary and with greater access to capital.


Institutional DeFi

As a leading decentralized finance and crypto infrastructure provider, unFederalReserve announced that it has in beta test a new institutional, self-custodial DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocol. The new protocol will allow U.S. institutional clients of its banking partner, NextBank International, to manage its digital asset balance sheet items in a secure, time-saving way. Integrating smart-contract software with multi-party finance will allow institutional clients to deal with known counterparties thus meeting a core U.S. regulatory hurdle.

Unlike the recently failed large, centralized lenders of note, unFederalReserve’s platform has liquidity provided by the other participants. Since borrowing can only be done on an overcollateralized basis, and the only assets allowed on the platform are USDC, Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is minimal risk to the supply crunches that have plagued those other entities.

Reserve Lending+

The self-custodial DeFi platform gives U.S. institution Controllers and Treasurers total control of their assets. Digital cash is not dependent on a bank or other entity to issue or verify transactions. Blockchain technology was a game changer with Bitcoin and Ethereum. To use DeFi, individuals must have an Ethereum wallet. Ethereum wallets have a private key and a public address. Users can share their public address but never share their private key.

ReserveLending+, the flagship institutional product from unFederalReserve, is a fork of the Compound protocol. Although self-custody has some advantages, it is still essential to use a custodian to provide independent verification over whom is admitted to the platform and who is removed. ReserveLending+ incorporates a qualified custodian into its core trunk, which protects users from unauthorized changes to the protocol or changes in access to the platform.

Raise Capital On Chain or Diversify Out of Ethereum Correlated Assets

ReserveFunding, unFederalReserve’s crypto high-net worth individual (“HNW”) alternative asset investment bridge, allows qualified individuals to invest in private deals without having to liquidate their digital holdings. Currently, Trivium2, a venture fund of funds that is the only non-alumnae organization fund with direct investment into the Alumni Ventures Group fund of funds, is leveraging this technology to open non-ethereum correlated investments to crypto high net worth individuals. Check it out today at

True Institutional DeFi At ReserveLending+, Residual Token Avoids Centralized Lender Drama

The future is cheaper capital for asset-intensive U.S. companies. When borrowers have more options, lenders compete for that business by lowering interest rates.

ReserveLending+, unFederalReserve’s institutional, non-custodial pool-to-peer deposit and lending marketplace, breaks down the traditional silos formed between a company and one or two lenders.

The platform creates a secure web of multiple, asset-heavy companies seeking to manage their overnight or long-term cash needs by engaging each other. Loans are over-collateralized, secure, and efficient. Earnings on deposits are real and tied to borrower’s interest payments.

Further security is afforded by housing custody with industry leader Aegis Trust Company. Check out ReserveLending+ today:

About Residual Token, Inc. dba unFederalReserve

In business since 2018, Residual’s team of former bankers, technologists and compliance professionals have been exploring ways to make crypto lending and borrowing markets safer and traditional markets more efficient. They currently have in development a handful of blockchain-based software available for license. Its flagship product, ReserveLending, allows permissionless access to crypto holders so that they can deposit, earn and borrow top digital assets safely, easily and effectively for cash management, hedging or speculative purposes.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Residual Token, Inc.
Media Contact: Bilal Sanchez

AmourPrints captures the story beyond a song through its song lyric and music canvas wall art.

Victorville, California–(Vehement Media – August 24, 2022) –  AmourPrints founder Kirstie Rickert unveiled an all-new collection of personalized gifts on its online store. The new AmourPrints song lyric canvas collection and custom song lyric prints are aimed at serving customers looking for unique anniversary gifts.

Kirstie Rickert

“These custom song lyric prints feature musical notes meticulously enlarged onto a canvas. They are further personalized with names and dates to capture special memories and moments in time. A large portion of customers purchases these canvases as wedding song art. We take the lyrics or vows and put them on a canvas to create an exclusive token of love,” said Kirstie Rickert.

Easy to Customize and Order Online

AmourPrints offers a wide variety of canvases and frames to choose from in its new collection. Customers can select their favorite song, pick a special date, and mention names to personalize a music canvas wall art. These canvases can be ordered in various sizes depending on your budget and where you want to hang them.

Once a customer places an order, they can see the preview in 24-48 hours. The customer can select standard or premium shipping to receive the order in 2-9 business days upon approval of the preview design.

The company uses state-of-the-art printing technology to provide museum-quality canvases. Each order is made with premium quality poly-cotton canvas, solid wood backing, and lifetime UV protection to keep the canvas vibrant.

Perfect for Anniversaries, Weddings, Christmas

AmourPrints’ musical canvases are an excellent choice for weddings. They are also a unique choice for an anniversary gift for her or him and also make unusual gifts for Christmas. AmourPrints’ song wall art and other gift ideas can be viewed at

About AmourPrints:

Launched in 2019, AmourPrints is a leading online customizable wall decor store. Headquartered in Victorville, California, the company was founded by Kirstie Rickert with an aim to disrupt the online customized wall decor market. Customers can select, preview, and order customizable canvas prints in three easy steps at AmourPrints.

Media Contact:

Company Name: AmourPrints
Contact Person: Kirstie Rickert

Road Town, British Virgin Islands–(Vehement Media – August 24, 2022) – A comprehensive research report by GamesPad takes an informative look at emerging business opportunities presented by the metaverse.

“The metaverse is a shared and persistent virtual space that exists in real-time and emerges from the convergence of virtual reality and virtually enhanced physical reality. This blending of worlds is causing a paradigm shift propelled by technological evolution and is opening up new possibilities – exciting opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.” – GamesPad, Metaverse: Emerging Business Opportunities.


While still largely conceptual, the metaverse is gradually transforming how the world shops, works, communicates, connects, and consumes content. In the newest research report by GamesPad Co-Founders Constantin Kogan and Eran Elhanani, the holistic gaming ecosystem examines the business markets emerging through the evolution of the metaverse and advises entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business owners on the importance of establishing a metaverse business strategy.

By 2030, the metaverse is projected to be a $13 trillion opportunity (source: Fortune). Investments and innovation focusing on emerging metaverse themes highlight the potential possibilities businesses have within a broad number of current business sectors. The metaverse brings together a range of next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cloud computing, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and more. The digital tech markets are primed for opportunities in the metaverse and have been for a while. But the possibilities extend beyond the tech sectors and into mass markets still waiting to be tapped for potential.

The research paper by GamesPad overviews over 20 metaverse trends, unique statistics collected from around 1,000 respondents, as well as insights by the top industry experts and thought leaders.

The Future of Metaverse

Gaming and social media companies are at the forefront of metaverse development, but that does not mean they have a monopoly on the business opportunities presented by the metaverse. As considered in the GamesPad report, every business can create a metaverse business strategy, and doing so in the early stages will be more beneficial than waiting until the concept hits the mainstream.

The shift towards the digitization of work, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has pushed the development of metaverse-related jobs into overdrive. These digital transformations are being initiated across all sectors, from healthcare to finance to entertainment and fashion. This not only allows for more accessible working conditions but enacts a global workforce, one that sparks more innovation and excitement.

The gaming sector continues to trailblaze the future of work through GameFi mechanics and the sector’s mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The ability to disrupt traditional modalities and progress metaverse concepts shows the power and importance of gaming for the future. GamesPad analyzes why this is so crucial in its report by examining the history of gaming, how it is expanding today, and how it will influence all sectors of business in the metaverse in the future.

All in all, the core themes of the metaverse aim to help businesses engage with customers, expand brand awareness, and identify new revenue streams. In addition, “Metaverse: Emerging Business Opportunities” research helps readers understand these channels more thoroughly.

Report Scope

  • This report provides an overview of the metaverse and its converging themes.
  • It identifies the key business sectors and how the metaverse will impact their markets.
  • It includes an analysis of multiple data sets and highlights important statistics related to the metaverse and business opportunities.
  • This report utilizes audience polling to establish the real-time relevance of its findings.
  • The detailed findings in this report aim to inspire and inform business owners, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts about the many opportunities the metaverse presents regarding business strategy and success.

Through the analysis of the Metaverse: Emerging Business Opportunities report, GamesPad aims to continue conversation and research regarding breakthrough technologies and innovations to draw inferences about the potential adoption process and economic impact of the metaverse. As the metaverse is still in its formative stages, the conversation is ongoing and will continue to evolve. The importance of reports like these expands the thought process and pushes innovation into the mainstream, allowing businesses of all kinds to benefit from this emerging landscape.

Download a research paper here:

About GamesPad is the holistic gaming, NFT and metaverse ecosystem aimed to incubate the most impactful projects. It is a one-stop shop for everything GameFi, metaverse and NFT that brings together a gaming incubator, game-specific multichain launchpad, decentralized venture capital, NFT aggregator and marketplace, in-house game studio, and much more. GamesPad is the culmination of years of expertise, research, and passion of the professional team committed to propelling blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

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Dana Kachan
Head of Marketing at GamesPad

Eric Duhaime is the voice of progressive and inclusive conservative values in Quebec

Montreal, Quebec–(Vehement Media – August 19, 2022) – The 110th anniversary of the birth of American economist Milton Friedman was celebrated last July. His seminal book, entitled “Free to Choose: A Personal Statement”, which he wrote with his spouse, economist Rose Friedman, advocates free-market economics and reduced government interventionism. The book was published in 1980, it spent five weeks on the best-seller list, and it was the subject of a television series that was broadcast on PBS. More than forty years on, Friedman’s beliefs resonate with voters like never before. “Free to choose” (“Libres chez nous” – free in our homeland) is the rallying cry that is attracting thousands to the Conservative Party of Quebec.

Parti Conservateur du Quebec

Éric Duhaime, leader of the party, was born in 1969. His interest in social justice and in politics came early. He watched his native Quebec muster a pride in its language, a love for its culture and an inherent “savoir-faire” to become one of the more vibrant economies in the world. Duhaime studied political science and public administration and he bolstered his innate conviction that Quebec could, can, and will do better. He entered the world of politics in his 20s. “Why would you delve into such a nasty business?” asked his mother at the time. Duhaime was undeterred. He was already acquainted with the man behind the curtain. The principles that guided him then and that guide him now are firmly grounded in the social and economic realities of his fellow citizens.

The realities of oppression and absolutism were brought to bear when Éric spent time abroad working as a consultant for the National Democratic Institute. A posting in Iraq brought him face-to-face with unspeakable violence and death. The experience left him forever changed and more firmly devoted to the fight for individual rights and freedoms. Duhaime then spent a decade working as a columnist and broadcaster for several outlets, while he promoted the establishment of an inclusive and progressive political right in Quebec. In 2021, some 10 thousand members of the Conservative Party of Quebec chose him to be their leader.

Éric Duhaime’s transition from backroom strategist and rapier pundit to the political front lines was largely ignored at first, but the more astute observers, even those who would oppose his views, took measure of the man in front of the curtain. One Quebec columnist (and staunch critic) writes: “His pugnaciousness, his many spheres of interest, his culture and his vitality, intrigue me. In a consensual society like Quebec, he has the pluck to take on touchy issues. His way of framing problems prompts us to take a stand.”

“I reject the idea that a tolerant and free society is made up of sub-groups that feed identity lobbies who compete to see who is the ultimate victim and who is the ultimate oppressor. This is anathema to social cohesion,” says Éric Duhaime.

Look around, recent history has taught yet again that freedom is precious. On October the 3rd, Quebecers will make the right choice: the Quebec Conservative Party.

Information and interview requests:

Véronique Gagnon, Political Attaché and Chair, Communications Commission
Quebec Conservative Party
Cell: 418 265-0947

Cédric Lapointe, Press Attaché
Quebec Conservative Party
Cell: 819 921-5060