has launched a new website and now offers search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing services to personal injury lawyers.

Austin, Texas, United States, 14th Jun 2024 – Founded in 2023, was purpose-built with one goal in mind: delivering exceptional SEO results for personal injury attorneys without compromising on customer service.

While SEO was a growing field at the time of’s inception, very few companies specialized in SEO for personal injury law firms.

Founder and CEO Robbie Allen saw an opportunity and found its greatest successes in possibly the most cutthroat of all niches – marketing for personal injury law firms in the US.

As a result, in 2024, Robbie niched down further and made personal injury SEO their sole focus with the launch of

“Personal injury lawyer SEO is the most competitive vertical there is,” said Allen “Moving to only working with personal injury attorneys makes so much sense since all of our back-end-operation is optimized to help personal injury law firms and deliver value from day 1″

Since exclusively serving personal injury law firms, has seen tremendous success. They have taken on clients in some of the most ruthless markets in the country including, car accidents, truck accidents and slip and fall. has launched a new website detailing all of the service offerings for lawyers, still specializing in SEO, but offering web design and development, pay-per-click ads, local service ads, social media marketing, and more.

“Our AuthoritySite service helps law firms dominate personal injury in their local market, it is a winning strategy that can be replicated across all local markets but often over-looked by personal injury lawyers,” said Allen. “Soon, firms in every local area will learn what our existing clients already know – we play to win the game.”

The new site features many client success stories, including tripling client volumes, increasing organic web traffic, and increasing their clients’ lead volumes. also showcases its web design and development portfolio, highlighting its SEO-focused web design for lawyers, as well as its SEO for personal injury lawyers guide.

To learn more about, and to see their new and improved website and how it help personal injury lawyers learn more about SEO, visit


Founded in 2023, is an SEO and digital marketing agency for personal injury lawyers with one goal in mind: delivering exceptional results for attorneys without compromising on customer service. 

Their processes, playbooks, and people are completely focused on generating more qualified cases for personal injury attorneys.  

The guarantee acknowledges that rankings and organic traffic improvements will be byproducts of the services we offer, as they should be.

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO
600 Congress Ave
Austin, TX

Media Contact

Organization: Personal Injury Lawyer SEO

Contact Person: Robbie Allen



Address: 600 Congress Ave

City: Austin

State: Texas

Country: United States

Release Id: 14062413019

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Doug the Duck Making Waves in the Crypto Pond

Slovenia, 14th Jun 2024 – Meet $Doug: The Meme Coin with a Wrestling Spirit and Memeable Might: In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, a new and unique contender has entered the arena. Doug the Duck ($DOUG), a quirky and energetic meme coin built on the Solana blockchain, is poised to take the crypto world by storm.

Doug, once a simple pond dweller ditched by his crew for meme fame, has reinvented himself as a wrestling champion ready to take down any meme in his path. With his in-house animator crafting daily animations and a wealth of engaging content, Doug is not just another meme coin; he’s a degenerate duck on a mission to become the ultimate meme sensation.

A Meme Character Like No Other

Doug the Duck stands out with his fresh and unique character design. Unlike any other meme coin, Doug combines humor and relatability with the fierce determination of a wrestling champion. His story of transformation and resilience resonates with a broad audience, making him a perfect figure for memeability in any situation.

Daily Animations and Engaging Content

The Doug the Duck team is committed to keeping the community entertained and engaged. With an in-house animator producing daily animations, Doug’s adventures come to life in vivid detail. From memes to short clips, Doug’s content is designed to captivate and amuse, ensuring that there’s always something new for fans to enjoy.

Growing Social Media Presence

Doug the Duck is rapidly gaining traction on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, aiming to attract a diverse audience, including those new to the crypto space. By creating highly shareable and relatable content, Doug is bringing in fresh capital and expanding his community. Follow Doug on TikTok at @duck_the_doug and join the fun!

Building a Brand for the Future

Doug the Duck is more than just a meme coin; it’s a growing brand with ambitious plans for the future. The team is focused on community-oriented growth, making it easy for people to engage with and interact with Doug’s content. A comprehensive content library is available on the official website, allowing fans to access and share Doug’s adventures.

Join the Doug Community

Engage with Doug the Duck on various platforms and become part of this exciting journey:

Official Website:





Don’t miss out on the meme coin revolution. Doug the Duck is here, and he’s not ducking around anymore!

Media Contact

Organization: Doug The Duck

Contact Person: Mr. CryptoBuckets



Country: Slovenia

Release Id: 14062413138

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Defi Launch introduces an innovative Base Launchpad, making DeFi accessible with affordable token creation and fair launch services. Integrated with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3, the platform enables users to create meme coins for just $7, with no coding knowledge required. Join Defi Launch to explore and create new opportunities in the decentralized finance space.

United Kingdom, 14th Jun 2024 – Defi Launch is set to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape with its new Base Launchpad. As the first launchpad fully integrated with the Base network and featuring Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap V3, and V2, Defi Launch allows users to create meme coins and fair launches for just $7, without any coding knowledge.

Base Launchpad for Base Meme Coins - Defi Launch App

Making DeFi Accessible to Everyone

Defi Launch’s mission is to democratize DeFi with its motto, “Find the next Gem or Create your Own!” This reflects the platform’s commitment to making DeFi easy, affordable, and fun for everyone. Whether launching the next viral Base meme coins or discovering the latest Base meme coins, Defi Launch provides an accessible platform for all users.

Why Defi Launch is a Game-Changer

Unbeatable Pricing: Defi Launch offers services at a fraction of the cost of competitors like Pinksale, which charges up to $700 (0.2 ETH) for a fair launch. Defi Launch’s pricing of just $10 (0.003 ETH) makes it accessible for anyone to start their DeFi journey.

Zero Code Knowledge Required: The platform simplifies the token creation process, enabling anyone to launch meme coins and fair launches without any coding skills.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Token Creation and Launchpad: Create tokens with automatic smart contract verification for just $7, supporting both pre-sales and fair launches.
  • Airdrop Sender: Distribute tokens effortlessly to your community.
  • Liquidity Options: Integrated with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3 for maximum liquidity.
  • Token and LP Locking: Enhance trust and transparency with token and LP locking mechanisms.
  • Cross-Chain Functionality: Upcoming integration with LayerZero will enable seamless cross-chain interactions.

Real Yield and Community Rewards

Defi Launch redistributes revenue from launches, swaps, bridges, and token unlocks to users upon the release of the Governance token. Specifically, 80% of the revenue goes to stakers, providing real yield, while 20% is burned to increase token value over time.

Expanding the Ecosystem

Defi Launch continuously adds new networks to its launchpad. Currently live on Base, Linea, BNB Chain, and Solana, with zkSync coming soon, the platform ensures users have access to the best and most innovative DeFi projects.

Community Growth and Engagement

Defi Launch focuses on community growth and engagement through:

  • Alpha Testing: Completing alpha testing to refine the platform.
  • Social Campaigns: Launching targeted social campaigns on platforms like Galaxe, Intract, and Zealy.
  • Quests and Rewards: Engaging the community with fun quests and rewards to foster participation and loyalty.

The Technology Behind Defi Launch

LayerZero Integration: Defi Launch will integrate LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, to enable seamless cross-chain interactions and transactions across all supported networks, ensuring a fully interconnected DeFi ecosystem.

Token Creation and Launchpad: Our platform allows users to create tokens for just 0.002 ETH, complete with automatic smart contract verification. We offer two launchpad options: standard pre-sale and Fair Launch, ensuring equitable distribution. Additionally, we provide KYC and audit services through trusted third parties, enhancing security and trust.

Airdrops, Locks, and Swaps: Defi Launch supports comprehensive features including airdrops, token and LP locking, and swaps, making it the most versatile launchpad available. We are the first to integrate with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3 for maximum liquidity, while also offering V2 for flexibility.

Ecosystem Roadmap

Phase 1: Network Expansion

  • Current Networks: Live on Base, Linea, BNB Chain, and Solana.
  • Upcoming Network: Integration with zkSync is imminent.
  • Future Networks: Continue adding the best networks to our launchpad.

Phase 2: Community Growth and Alpha Testing

  • Alpha Testing: Complete alpha testing to refine the platform.

Community Growth: Expand our community through targeted social campaigns on platforms like Galaxe, Intract, and Zealy.

Phase 3: Cross-Chain Integration

  • LayerZero Integration: Implement LayerZero to achieve cross-chain functionality across all networks.

Phase 4: Governance Token and Real Yield

  • Governance Token: Launch a governance token where 100% of project revenue will go back to users—80% to stakers and 20% burnt.
  • Real Yield: Generate fees from launches, swaps, bridges, token unlocks, and more, providing real yield to the community.

Key Features

  • Cheapest Token Creation: Create tokens for just 0.002 ETH with zero code knowledge required.
  • Fair Launches: Equitable distribution through our Fair Launch model.
  • Airdrop Sender: Effortlessly distribute tokens to users.
  • Liquidity Options: Integration with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3 for maximum liquidity, with V2 options available.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use platform for both users and developers.


Community and Engagement

  • Quests and Campaigns: Engage in quests on Galaxe, Intract, and Zealy to grow our community and promote the platform.
  • Inclusive Approach: Simplify DeFi for everyone, ensuring that even users with no code knowledge can create and manage their own DeFi projects.

Join Our Community

Stay connected and get the latest updates by following us on social media:


Defi Launch is committed to making DeFi accessible, secure, and rewarding for everyone. By offering the most cost-effective and comprehensive tools for DeFi project launches, we empower creators and investors alike. Join us as we simplify DeFi and unlock new opportunities in the decentralized finance space. For further information, please visit Defi Launch.

Media Contact

Organization: Defi News

Contact Person: Alex Reynolds


Email: Send Email

Country: United Kingdom

Release Id: 14062413162

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London, United Kingdom, 14th Jun 2024 – AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd, established in London on January 8, 2024, is proud to announce the launch of AGIO-GPT. This groundbreaking AI product combines the profitability of blockchain technology with an engaging user experience. This new product is set to transform the landscape of artificial intelligence by making its benefits more accessible and user-friendly to a global audience.

AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd is at the forefront of AI innovation. The company was founded with the vision of leading advancements in AI technology and application, focusing on enhancing the GPT model. With a dedicated team of professionals, the company has achieved significant breakthroughs that are poised to democratize AI, making its advantages available to a broader spectrum of society.

AGIO-GPT stands out in the AI market due to its unique combination of features. By integrating blockchain technology, AGIO-GPT offers users not only a powerful AI tool but also a platform that ensures profitability and security. This innovative approach addresses the growing demand for reliable and beneficial AI solutions in various industries.

One of the key aspects of AGIO-GPT is its user-friendly interface. The design team at AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd has prioritized the user experience, ensuring that the technology is easy to use for both beginners and seasoned AI enthusiasts. This focus on accessibility is a testament to the company’s mission to make AI’s transformative potential reachable to everyone.

AGIO-GPT is not just a product; it is a gateway to a new era of AI interaction. Users will have the opportunity to experience AI in ways they never thought possible. The product’s capabilities extend beyond typical AI functionalities, offering a versatile tool that can be utilized in various fields, from finance to healthcare, education, and beyond.

In addition to the digital platform, AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd is planning to establish physical experience centres around the globe. These centres will provide users with hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of AGIO-GPT. By visiting these centres, individuals can see firsthand how AGIO-GPT can be integrated into their daily lives and professional workflows.

The launch of AGIO-GPT is a significant milestone for AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd. It reflects the company’s commitment to leading AI innovation and making sophisticated technology accessible to the masses. The product has been designed with the future in mind, incorporating cutting-edge features that ensure it remains at the forefront of AI advancements.

AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd invites AI enthusiasts and professionals to join their team. The company is on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about AI and its potential to transform society. By becoming part of AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd, individuals can contribute to the development and enhancement of AGIO-GPT, helping to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

The company’s establishment in London is strategic, as the city is a hub for technological innovation and talent. This location provides AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd with access to a vast network of experts and resources, enabling the company to refine and improve its products continually.

The vision of AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd extends beyond the launch of AGIO-GPT. The company aims to continuously innovate and develop new AI solutions that cater to the evolving needs of users worldwide. By maintaining a user-centric approach, AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd ensures that its products remain relevant and beneficial in an ever-changing technological landscape.

To experience the innovative capabilities of AgiGPT-QT4 and embark on successful journey, interested individuals can register via the official link: AGIO-GPT Registration


AGIO GPT AI UK Ltd, founded in London on January 8, 2024, leads AI innovation with a focus on enhancing the GPT model. The dedicated team strives to democratize AI, making it accessible and beneficial for all. They combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to revolutionize AI interaction. 

Media Contact


Contact Person: Mary



Contact Number: +447300588705

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Release Id: 14062413156

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GlobalTradeFX Ltd (GTFX) is pleased to announce that on the occasion of its seventh anniversary, the global user base has surpassed ten million. This remarkable achievement not only showcases GTFX’s exceptional leadership in the financial technology sector but also underscores the high level of trust and support from users worldwide in the GTFX platform.

1.Seven years of accumulation, forging brilliance. 

Since its establishment in 2018, GTFX has been committed to providing comprehensive and innovative financial services to global investors. Over the past seven years, with strong technical capabilities and outstanding service quality, the company has risen rapidly to become a leader in the industries of digital currency, forex quantitative trading, and wealth management. The surpassing of ten million users is not only a high affirmation of the company’s past efforts but also a tremendous encouragement for future development.

2.Technological Innovation, Security Assurance

Throughout its development, GTFX has consistently regarded technological innovation and security as its core competencies. The platform adopts state-of-the-art distributed architecture and MUSF technology, combined with MD5+RSA asymmetric encryption algorithms, to ensure the absolute security of transaction data and user information. By implementing front-end firewall defense mechanisms and employing concealed OSS+CDN static file acceleration technology, GTFX provides the highest level of security assurance and transaction stability for global users.

3.Customer First, Earn Trust

Surpassing the ten million user milestone is a significant milestone in GTFX’s development, reflecting the high recognition and trust global users have in the GTFX platform. The company has always adhered to a user-centric approach, continuously optimizing user experience, improving service quality, and providing high-value products, which has earned the favor of a vast number of investors. In the future, GTFX will continue to uphold the principle of customer first, continuously improve service quality, and meet the diverse needs of users.

4.Global Collaboration, Network Consolidation

GTFX has established strategic partnerships with over 1000 renowned financial institutions worldwide, including Goldman Sachs, Rothschild Group, and KPCB, among other top-tier capitals. Through these collaborations, GTFX not only enhances its own financial technology service capabilities but also provides global investors with more investment opportunities and higher returns, further solidifying its leadership position in the global financial market.

5.Continuous Innovation, Leading the Future

Looking ahead, GTFX will continue to advance the development of smart contracts and cross-chain gateway technology to achieve risk-free and high-frequency trading. The company will leverage the power of the community to quickly discover the best strategies in the market, stimulate user-contributed strategies, and share profits, thus building a sustainable financial ecosystem. GTFX is committed to continuing to lead the trend in the future of financial technology, constantly creating more value for users.

6.Vision and Core Values: Building a New Future in Global Financial Technology

GTFX adheres to the principles of integrity, innovation, collaboration, and efficiency, aiming to become a provider and partner of global financial industry solutions. Over the years, the company has consistently prioritized users, fostering innovation, and constructing a globalized financial market service system to provide high-quality investment channels for global users and investors, thereby driving sustainable development in the global financial market.

Onchain Summer, the premier crypto event on Base, is a multi-week celebration featuring onchain art, gaming, music, and more. Base and its ecosystem partners are supporting the event by offering over 600 ETH ($2 million) in prizes, grants, and gas credits. The event officially started on June 3rd and will continue until the end of August. 

$Brett, the first official meme coin on Base, reached a market capitalization of $1 billion just a day before the event commenced. A few days into the event, $Brett achieved another milestone by surpassing a market capitalization of $2 billion. 

While crypto price predictions are challenging, indicators suggest that $Brett will continue to attract attention in the coming months. 

Released on May 5th, the Coinbase Smart Wallet offers millions of people an easy way to onboard into crypto. Its user-friendly interface and direct connection to Coinbase accounts make it accessible even for those with minimal crypto knowledge. 

In dedication to the Onchain Summer event, the Onchain $Summer token was launched on May 24th by members of the Base community. By May 27th, the community of $Summer had taken over as the initial developer left the project. Since then, they have been actively contributing to the Base ecosystem. 

The project is part of an exclusive group within the Global Base Community led by Jesse Pollak, aiming to promote Base worldwide. Additionally, the Onchain Summer token team has partnered with a gaming studio to develop a pixel art Base-themed game, which is already in development. 

Moreover, an upcoming NFT drop has been announced, slated to occur soon. The NFTs will be free to mint, and some of them will be used for rewards in the upcoming game. 

With significant prizes, innovative projects, and community-driven initiatives, Onchain Summer is shaping up to be a landmark event in the crypto world. Don’t miss out on this exciting celebration of all things onchain! 

Company Name: Onchain Summer

Contact Person: Simon Futhefu

Contact email:

City: San Francisco

State: CA

Website link:


WhatsApp 图像2024-06-07于03.36.39_eed0b1a2


Block Table is excited to announce the public sale of its innovative smartwatch on December 1, 2024, priced at $299 on the official website. Additionally, Block Table has partnered with the renowned cryptocurrency platform CoinblockMax to develop a new cryptocurrency called WATCH. This integration aims to revolutionize the intersection of health, technology, and digital assets, creating a groundbreaking decentralized project that fosters the development of user health and wealth.


WhatsApp 图像2024-06-07于03.36.39_23dd8d99


Current AI Features of the Smartwatch

  1. Health Data Monitoring: Tracks heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, activity levels, and provides health reports.
  2. Personalized Health Advice: Offers personalized health suggestions based on user health data and activity habits.
  3. Voice Assistant: Allows users to query health data, set reminders, or control other smart devices through voice commands.
  4. Gesture Control: Enables touchless operations such as swiping and tapping through gesture recognition technology.
  5. Emotion Sensor: Uses biosensors to detect the user’s emotional state and offers music or breathing exercises to help regulate emotions.
  6. Virtual Fitness Coach: Analyzes user exercise data to provide personalized workout plans and real-time feedback.
  7. Smart Sleep Analysis: Monitors sleep patterns, providing detailed analysis of deep and REM sleep, and offers suggestions to improve sleep quality.
  8. Environmental Adaptation: Automatically adjusts display brightness and notification volume based on current environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, light intensity).


WhatsApp 图像2024-06-07于03.36.39_8912a80b


Future AI Development Directions (2025-2028)

  1. Energy Management Advisor: Analyzes user activity patterns and energy consumption to provide optimized daily energy allocation suggestions.
  2. Smart Payment Assistant: Enables secure contactless payments via the smartwatch and offers budget management and spending advice based on user habits.
  3. Emergency Response Coordinator: Automatically contacts emergency services and notifies emergency contacts when detecting potential emergencies (e.g., falls, sudden illness).
  4. Language Translator: Provides real-time voice translation to help users overcome language barriers during international travel or communication with non-native speakers.
  5. Smart Schedule Planner: Automatically plans and optimizes schedules based on daily activities and habits, ensuring efficient time management.
  6. Virtual Reality Interaction: Works with VR devices to control virtual objects through the smartwatch, offering an immersive experience.


WhatsApp 图像2024-06-06于03.37.18_d996cd5e


WATCH Token Economic Model

Token Utility

  1. Health Rewards: Users earn WATCH tokens by achieving set health goals, such as step counts, heart rate zones, and sleep quality.
  2. Feature Access: Certain advanced smartwatch features require WATCH tokens to unlock.
  3. Community Governance: WATCH token holders can participate in voting on smartwatch feature updates and health plans.

Token Distribution

  1. Initial Issuance: A fixed initial supply of WATCH tokens will be set.
  2. Mining Mechanism: Users can “mine” WATCH tokens by frequently using the smartwatch’s health monitoring features.
  3. Deflationary Mechanism and Rewards Design: Transaction fees will be used to fund a liquidity pool and perform token burns, effectively controlling the supply and offering continuous dividend rewards to incentivize long-term holding.


WhatsApp 图像2024-06-06于03.37.18_af9e2548


Value Capture

  1. Transaction Fees: A percentage of WATCH tokens will be collected as fees for transactions within the smartwatch app store.
  2. Partnerships: Collaborations with health product providers will allow users to purchase health products or services with WATCH tokens.

Token Circulation

  1. Liquidity Incentives: A liquidity pool will be available, allowing users to earn interest by depositing WATCH tokens.
  2. Token Buyback and Burn: Regular buybacks and burns of tokens using app store revenue will reduce circulating supply and increase scarcity.

Security and Compliance

  1. Smart Contract Audits: Ensuring the security of the token’s smart contracts to prevent vulnerabilities and attacks.
  2. Legal Compliance: Adhering to relevant laws and regulations to ensure the legality of token issuance and trading.


WhatsApp 图像2024-06-06于03.37.17_efb14c93


WATCH Token Details

  • Token Name: WATCH
  • Launch Date: TBD
  • ICO Price: TBD
  • Presale Price: TBD
  • Token Supply: TBD
  • ICO and Presale Period: TBD

Participation and Expectations

The launch of WATCH signifies a revolutionary transformation in the ecosystem. We sincerely invite you to actively participate in the subscription and presale events, becoming a part of the WATCH community, and witnessing the dawn of a new era in decentralized deflationary cryptocurrencies. As the release date approaches, please stay tuned. With your support, WATCH is poised to become a leading digital asset, ensuring sustained value appreciation.

For more information and updates, please visit our official website or contact our support team.

Company Details

Organization: CoinBlockMax

Contact Person: Fred Kopriva



Country: United Kingdom

Summary: LinusCoins, a premier cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the crypto custody service in the near future, strategically timed with the surge in US exchange-traded funds (ETFs) investing directly in Bitcoin.

With the latest progress, LinusCoins announces a new custody service to support Bitcoin Spot ETFs. The SEC’s recent approval of almost a dozen spot Bitcoin ETFs marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency industry. LinusCoins is poised to support these ETFs with its new custody offering. This service will provide a secure and efficient solution for storing digital assets, catering to the needs of both institutional and retail investors. 

“This will be a big event for us,” the CEO of LinusCoins stated in a Television interview. “For a lot of customers, there’s often synergy between the two — custody in the same place where you find liquidity.”

Moreover, LinusCoins currently offers indexing services to these ETFs, and adding a custody service will enhance its comprehensive suite of crypto solutions. The new custody product is designed to provide robust security measures, ensuring the safekeeping of digital assets in a regulated and trusted environment. The platform’s new service is part of its broader strategy to facilitate the integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial markets. By providing secure custody solutions, LinusCoins aims to meet the growing demand for reliable and compliant crypto services, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

About LinusCoins:

LinusCoins, a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange, helps boost user growth and provides a new mobile trading experience, ensuring all users enjoy basic opportunities. With these new developments, LinusCoins Web3 launched a livestream event, “The Battle of the Next Bitcoin Layer-2 Alpha,” set to bring together top industry leaders in a high-stakes discussion and competition. 

The livestream showdown aims to offer a deep dive into the latest advancements and practical implementations of Layer-2 technologies, essential for enhancing Bitcoin’s transaction throughput and reducing fees. This event will foster innovation and engage the crypto community in understanding the future direction of Bitcoin scalability.

Join us for an engaging and insightful event that promises to be a landmark moment in the ongoing evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem. For more information and to tune in to the live stream, visit LinusCoins’s website. 

For further details, please visit LinusCoins’s website. 

Media details

Company name: Linuscoins

Contact Name: Ben Ash

Country: New York, United States



CoinBlockMax, a globally renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, is actively seeking to expand its operations and increase its user base. In pursuit of these goals, the company is engaged in in-depth discussions with the prominent investment firm Apex Asset Alliance to establish a strategic brand promotion partnership. This collaboration aims to elevate CoinBlockMax’s visibility and attract more users, positioning it as one of the most sought-after cryptocurrency brands in the current market.



Aiden Sterling, the head of Apex Asset Alliance, is currently negotiating detailed terms with CoinBlockMax. While specific details of the partnership have not yet been disclosed, a successful agreement is expected to significantly boost CoinBlockMax’s market influence and drive substantial user growth.

CoinBlockMax has consistently focused on providing a secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform. By continually optimizing user experience and platform functionalities, it has gained widespread recognition and built a strong user base within the industry. Partnering with Apex Asset Alliance will help CoinBlockMax achieve its growth objectives and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Apex Asset Alliance is a well-known investment firm with extensive experience and broad influence in the financial markets. Collaborating with Apex Asset Alliance will enable CoinBlockMax to leverage its expert investment strategies and extensive resources to enhance its brand image and expand market share.

Aiden Sterling is a seasoned senior investment analyst with expertise across multiple domains including stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. He is also the founder of Apex Asset Alliance. With over 15 years of industry experience, Aiden excels in using data analysis and market insights for stock analysis, successfully guiding numerous investors to achieve long-term capital growth. Known for his deep professional knowledge and unique perspective, Aiden’s analysis reports are highly regarded in the investment community. He offers personalized investment advice and strategic guidance, helping both novice and experienced investors achieve success in the market.

“We are excited about the potential of this collaboration,” said Aiden Sterling. “CoinBlockMax has demonstrated remarkable growth and a commitment to excellence in the cryptocurrency space. We look forward to contributing to their development and helping them reach new heights.”

CoinBlockMax is dedicated to providing a top-notch trading experience, making it a standout in the industry. The partnership with Apex Asset Alliance is expected to be a significant milestone in CoinBlockMax’s journey to becoming a leading cryptocurrency brand.

The community and stakeholders eagerly await the successful conclusion of these negotiations and look forward to an official announcement regarding this promising partnership. 



For more details, stay tuned to CoinBlockMax’s official announcements.

Company Details

Organization: CoinBlockMax

Contact Person: Fred Kopriva



Country: United Kingdom

Sean Paul and Kes track reworked by DIVINE, Bilal Saeed, and Yohani

As excitement for the ICC T20 World Cup builds, Sean Paul and Kes have collaborated with three renowned South Asian artists to create special remixes of their anthem Out of this World.

Sean Paul & Kes Out Of This World already has over 1.5 million views on YouTube, a month after its official release. The remixes add a fresh and unique spin to the original track and are featured in cricketing powerhouses markets of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

In India, the track features its most prominent rapper, DIVINE. He is internationally known for his collaborations with Stylo G and partnerships with Mass Appeal. DIVINE’s influence on the Indian music scene has garnered him a massive online presence and successful partnerships. His addition to this remix adds a new dynamic to the anthem, catering to the Indian audience’s musical taste.


Bilal Saeed, a highly acclaimed artist from Pakistan, controls the second remix, which showcases the country’s vibrant music scene.  He is acclaimed for his Bollywood hits and chart-topping singles that have a distinct Bilal Saeed style.

Bilal Saeed Remix

Sri Lanka’s Yohani captivates audiences with the third remix. She is one of the major music stars, whose infectious music has not only in her home country but also in India and beyond. Her collaboration with Sean Paul and Kes adds a refreshing twist to the anthem, blending Sri Lankan and Caribbean music influences seamlessly.


These remixes are currently being featured in each region of the respective artists, setting the stage for an electrifying musical celebration of the ICC T20 World Cup, which is being hosted in the West Indies. Fans can tune in to the artists’ social media and streaming platforms to catch these remixes and immerse themselves in the excitement of the tournament. 

The T20 Championship first round runs from June 1 and will see the last ball bowled on June 15 at the Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium in St Lucia. The ICC T20 Cricket World Cup will end on Sunday, June 29.

PopArabia and Ineffable Records Announce the Release of ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Official Anthem “Out Of This World

PopArabia and Ineffable Records are excited to announce the release of the official ICC T20 Cricket World Cup anthem, “Out Of This World,” performed by the legendary Sean Paul and Kes. The anthem also features exclusive remix versions for India with DIVINE, Sri Lanka with Yohani, and Pakistan with Bilal Saeed.

Follow the artists on Instagram:

  • Sean Paul @duttypaul
  • Kes @kesthebandofficial
  • Yohani @yohanimusic
  • Bilal Saeed @bilalsaeed_music
  • DIVINE @vivianakadivine

Follow the ICC and the T20 World Cup:

  • @ICC
  • @t20worldcup


  • @PopArabiamusic
  • @ineffablerecords


Get Familiar with the Song links :

Yohani :

Bilal :

Divine :

The EP with all remixes:

The official video clip:

Contact details

1.  Company name: PopArabia

2.  Website link:

3.  Contact e mail:

4.  Country: UAE

5.  City: Abu Dhabi

6.  Contact person name: Nadia Lebdar