Belize City, Belize–(Vehement Media – December 2, 2021) – The world’s first Metachain, Moon Rabbit becomes the strategic partner of Vault 721, the NFT gallery that showcases classic and blue-chip collections at Art Basel Miami 2021 with support by Mark Cuban’s NFT, bringing the gamified NFT Collection Rad Rabbits to the Event.

Moon Rabbit’s $AAA NFT

Art Basel Miami is the US edition of the annual international contemporary-art fair first established in Basel, Switzerland, in 1970. It announced the in-person return for December 2-5, 2021, after the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the pandemic restrictions.

Vault 721 is a unique invite-only event presenting the blockchain industry’s most acclaimed NFT efforts (e.g., Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, Art Blocks and more) and narrating the historical significance of the earliest and most valuable collections on Ethereum. At the venue, blockchain experts will inform the attendees about each of the presented artworks. Prospective buyers interested in owning a piece of blockchain history will be able to join a silent auction. Two Legendary Rad Rabbits, Bunnylon Musk and Snoop Rad, will also be exhibited at the pavilion.

Moon Rabbit led by the Forbes 30 Under 30 serial blockchain investopreneur Angel Versetti is a distributed system of systems united under the ultimate Metachain aiming to discover the secret to eternal life. Being a general purpose scalable web3 infrastructure, Moon Rabbit has attracted scores of aspiring artists, creators and design collectives to launch on its NFT Marketplace which offers 0% commission on minting and trading of NFTs, giving 100% of value of artwork to creators, fully eliminating the middlemen extracting fees.

Rad Rabbits is a Metaverse-based NFT play-to-earn game about a bunny society whose arch enemy is time. The Bunnyverse’s Genesis collection is composed of 8,888 AI-generated rabbits issued on the Moon Rabbit’s smart contract layer EVM, which was launched to enable players to play on-chain without the prohibitively high Ethereum gas fees and slow transaction throughput. Rad Rabbtis NFT can age, sin and battle to survive, and are available exclusively for Moon Rabbit $AAA token holders. A mysterious Rad Rabbit Hunters DAO emerged and has already allocated a bounty of over 300 million $AAA tokens valued at around USD 330,000 to hunt for the 600 rarest Rad Rabbits. Bounty rewards offered for Legendary Rad Rabbits are 50 to 100 times the initial minting fee, creating a frenzy among the crypto community to mint the limited collection of 8,888 NFTs as soon as possible. Users can join the Bunnyverse Discord to explore the first Bunny Kingdom on Earth with a rare Rad Rabbit of their own. With Rad Rabbits being distributed in a fair and random manner, who knows who could own the one from Art Basel!

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Moon Rabbit

Sacramento, California–(Vehement Media – December 2, 2021) – DRIVENecosystem (DRIVEN), a start-up that aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the use of smart applications, recently announced the launch of Cyber Knights, a NFT collection. DRIVEN’s Cyber Knights NFT collectibles will be available for trading soon on the DRIVEN NFT marketplace and DRIVENx token holders will receive discounts on NFT minting. One focus on the Cyber Knights collection is to integrate them in one of the largest metaverse NFT platforms. A graphic novel sharing the story of the futuristic sentries of the decentralized realm is currently in development.

Cyber Knights NFT

DRIVEN was created to help secure the DeFi space and facilitate the tokenization of business assets at a global level. Since launch, the native token DRIVENprotocol has migrated to a secure and much better smart contract.

“Our team is guided by the core principles of honesty, integrity, respect, ambition, and fun. Together, we are building a strong community with shared values, a community that makes us proud, trusts us, and knows us for who we are,” said Paul Socarde, CEO, DRIVEN. “Our goal is to build a strong DeFi ecosystem where individuals can use cryptocurrency to buy or trade goods and services in everyday life.”

To ensure the future of DeFi is a space where financial institutions and companies feels comfortable investing, the DRIVEN team is focused on building two categories of tools – tools for developers and tools with real-world utility for all-size businesses. DRIVEN provides blockchain developers with a suite of tools to create and manage digital assets in a secure environment. The team’s tools with real-world utility for businesses are designed to help create an ecosystem where enterprises around the world can buy and sell their products and services, pay providers and manage assets.

“To support our goal of creating a full crypto ecosystem for businesses around the world, we are starting with a small, but integral step: the DRIVENsecurity store for Smart Contract auditing, all backed by the blockchain,” shared Socarde.

DRIVEN is helping educate investors and the DeFi community with a series of free education videos available on YouTube and podcast that will be covering topics such as: “how to invest smartly in DeFi”. It also provides user-friendly audits to teach people how to analyze DeFi projects (i.e. Smart Contract Audits, Fundamental Audits, Wallet forensics and KYC verifications). DRIVENsecurity is a service that delivers fundamental and technical analysis for DeFi projects. Blockchain developers can request an audit here: In addition, the DRIVENx dashboard allows users to keep track of their BUSD dividends and the overall value of their DRIVENx holdings.


DRIVENecosystem (DRIVEN) is a start-up that aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the use of smart applications, making cryptocurrency simple to use. The DRIVENx (DVX) is a BEP20 token released on the Binance Smart Chain Network in June 2021. The DRIVENx movement is a community of contributors and collaborators who expect more from the crypto space, working to build a crypto ecosystem that enables businesses and consumers to use cryptocurrency for goods and services in a simple and intuitive manner.


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Company: DRIVENecosystem

Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media – December 2, 2021) – GXChain Foundation initiates a proposal to revolutionize its brand, economic model, token distribution, and ecosystem cooperation on Dec. 2.

Since the mainnet was live in 2017, GXChain has been working on creating a value network of trusted data. To embrace the revolutionary changes brought by DeFi, GXChain decided to follow the trend and revolutionize itself to GXChain 2.0.

GXChain 2.0 will continue its efforts in the direction of “being a free, lightweight and development-friendly public blockchain”. At present, the GXChain 2.0 testnet has been in stable operation for more than half a year. Today, GXChain Foundation puts forward a “Comprehensive Revolution” proposal in the following aspects:

Rebrand: From GXChain 2.0 to REI Network

The “Comprehensive Revolution” proposal released by GXChain Official shows that to better fit technological innovated GXChain 2.0, GXChain 2.0 will be renamed REI Network (hereinafter GXChain2.0 is collectively referred to as REI Network).

R.E.I is derived from the first three initials of the words Rapid, Economical, and Innovative, which correspond to the three key features of the REI Network.

GXChain to REI Network

A New Technical Architecture: An EVM – Compatible, High-Speed, Low-Cost Blockchain

The biggest improvement of REI Network compared to GXChain 1.0 is that it is restructured from the underlying architecture to a brand new blockchain structure, based on a lighter code construction, compatible with EVM and Ethereum RPC, to which Ethereum applications can be seamlessly migrated, which allows more applications developed on GXChain and Ethereum, including DeFi to be more quickly and directly connected to each other’s ecology.

At the same time, REI Network users can obtain free on-chain transfers and calling contracts and other trading fee resources under the premise of staking. This allows REI Network to meet the requirements of compatible EVM while simultaneously solving the problems of high cost and low processing speed.

New Economic Model & New Token Distribution

As the Proposal shows, the Foundation’s unlocked GXC accounting for 25% of the total. Considering that the upgraded REI Network will have to bridge different systems and that the native asset REI will be used in different application scenarios such as governance, collateralization, and binding, and is the key to the mutual circulation of assets and data between the ecologies, the REI Network will reform the economic model completely.

1.Tokens are split equally

The conversion of the mainnet’s native tokens from GXC to REI will follow a 1:10 split rule, and the maximum supply of REI will be 1 billion.

2. The unlocked part of the team is upgraded to “Ecology Fund”

The team used all the 25 million unlocked as an ecology fund, of which 5 million was used for node rewards, 5 million was used for marketing, and 15 million was used to incentivize developers and the ecosystem.

3. Overview of REI token distribution after the split

Total number of tokens after the split: 1 billion

  • 750 million: Already in circulation
  • 250 million: Developer ecology
    • 150 million for motivate developers
    • 50 million for marketing promotion
    • 50 million for node rewards
    • GXC 1:10 distribution after split

      An Enterprising Way of Ecological Cooperation Incentives

      In the “Comprehensive Revolution Proposal”, GXChain officially proposed a radical ecological cooperation incentive method, hoping to use all the unlocked 250 million REI (the amount after spliting GXC) to incentivize ecological contributors and developers in the REI Network. The methods includes but not limited to rewards for outstanding developers, investment in high-quality projects, user rewards for those who have made major contributions to the ecology, etc. The number of tokens held by the team has also changed from 25% to 0%.

      Ecology Fund will be gradually released with the development of the ecology, and will not circulate directly in the market for a considerable period of time. In the short term, it will not cause an increase in market circulation, while equivalently converting into incentives for ecological construction.

      New Governance Function

      In this proposal, GXChain Foundation proposes to add a new on-chain governance module. The new governance function will be different from the existing model of voting by the board of directors and node members and will become the “Direct Democracy” model of voting available to every coin holder.

      On-chain Changes on the REI Network or community suggestions can be publicized in the community through proposals, and users can vote with REI to achieve the goal of “everyone can govern the public chain” and increase the governance value of REI.

      The “Comprehensive Revolution Proposal” for the transformation of GXChain to REI Network will be the first proposal for on-chain governance. Once the proposals in the “Comprehensive Revolution Proposal” are implemented, it will be the greatest change for GXChain since 2017. It is reported that the GXChain community has already started voting on this proposal.

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Pre-sale runs until February 1, 2022

London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media – December 2, 2021) – LuckyBlock, a cryptocurrency lottery, has launched a pre-sale of their Lucky Block token. The Lucky Block lottery uses blockchain technology and voting polls on every purchase to ensure transparency and fairness, allowing everyone to be a winner.

Crypto Lottery Game

The internet has created a demand for online gambling, with companies offering easily accessible online wagering. Lucky Block envisions a worldwide crypto lottery with players using blockchain protocols, operating on the Binance Smart Chain.

“We believe the lottery should not be bound geographically or tied to local financial systems,” shared the creators of LuckyBlock. “Instead, our focus is to develop further transparency and fairness in gaming, creating a lottery where every player has better odds of winning while providing a solid investment strategy for token holders and contributing to the community.”

General lottery odds are stacked too high, and they are centralized meaning players can’t see where all the money is going. Additionally, platforms on a centralized server are vulnerable to hacking, while physical systems are more likely to experience ‘fixing’ or rigging of the game. With Lucky Block being decentralized, every transaction is logged in the blockchain for increased visibility. This ledger of interactions prevents undetectable system tampering for rigging. With a general lottery, the people have no vote in who gets the grants. With Lucky Block, the community can vote as to which causes are granted.

LuckyBlock will reduce draw times and allow multiple draws per day giving players more chances to win while lowering costs per lottery. Being on the blockchain allows for faster, if not instant, prize pay-out alongside full tracking and recording, regardless of the win size via distributed ledger technologies.

32,500,000,000 tokens will be available until February 1, 2022, to allow early adopters in at an advantageous rate. Of the presale launch proceeds, 20-25% will be allocated to the liquidity pool via a 1-year smart contract lock-up.

When the jackpot is distributed, 70% goes to winners, and the remaining 30% is evenly distributed to token holders, back to Lucky Block, and charity.

To learn more and purchase your presale tokens, visit and join the community Telegram here:

About LuckyBlock

LuckyBlock has also partnered with European financial marketing sensation Finixio, a London-based media company that runs 15+ leading comparison brands across personal finance, cryptocurrency & technology sectors.

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Company: Finixio Ltd

Hanoi, Vietnam–(Vehement Media – December 2, 2021) – Pocoland is an expansive turn-based RPG built on Binance Smart Chain with play-to-earn mechanics at its core. In-game characters are held on the blockchain as NFTs to enable players to collect and maintain full ownership over their playable assets. After much anticipation, the Poco team has finally announced the launch of their Closed Beta, intended for initial testing on the Testnet.

Pocoland Metaverse

Experience Within Pocoland’s Beta

As an avid gamer and researcher within the GameFi space, Caye says, “I was honoured to have the opportunity to join the Pocoland metaverse.” While many Blockchain Games are coming into the marketplace with varying potential, Pocoland has proven itself to be the most promising GameFi project in 2021 and has the technological expertise and community backing to dominate the space going forward into 2022.

Similarities and Differences to Axie Infinity

After spending many hours within the Poco metaverse, Mr. Caye confidently said that it surpasses the excitement; Pocoland has created what any gamer would consider to be the future of Blockchain Gaming. While the game mechanics itself derives many similarities to the #1 Blockchain Game in the world, Axie Infinity, the Pocoland metaverse has remedied many problems inherent to Axie’s ecosystem. While preserving the highly enticing combat mechanics, where turn-based RPG meets the dynamic growth of the Poco avatars, the intricacies of the enemies whom the players are pitted against are where Pocoland really shines.

The Evolution of Blockchain Combat Mechanics

While the first couple battles simply provide a landmark where the player can learn how to utilize the various skills of their Pocos, and therefore the enemies are considerably simple in nature, the later battles are vastly different. Further into their journey, their success will be dictated by understanding the various strengths and weaknesses of the enemies they are skirmishing against and how they as individual Pocos can best synergize with one another to best defeat the opponent. 

Now, onto the graphics.

Environmental Ingenuity Meets the Metaverse

The gamer could be traversing through tropical jungles defending themselves against Amazonian creatures, and in the next moment, they could be teleported into a snowy tundra exploring the various hidden gems scattered throughout Pocoland. 

The Play-to-Earn Potential Within Pocoland

While Mr. Caye has only experienced the Testnet, where users cannot make real-world earnings, he has gotten a clear view into their underlying technology that governs their play-to-earn within the metaverse. Pocoland has gone significantly further in how they provide reward potential for their users compared to classics like Axie Infinity.

Eagerly Awaiting the Mainnet

Overall, Caye says that his time within Pocoland has been nothing more than a fantastic experience! He was impressed by the team’s work in developing their metaverse and looked forward to diving into the Mainnet, where he could utilize his Poco skillset to obtain real-world monetary rewards!

How to Join the Metaverse

After reading this testimonial, the team is absolutely humbled by the experience one of their users had within the Pocoland metaverse. To those interested in testing their skills preemptively within our world, here are all the details that is needed to join and what their testnet truly entails for the Poco adventurers!

Before diving into the details of the Open Beta Test, the team would like to extend a huge gratitude to everyone who has shown their dedication and support for Pocoland. In addition, they are delighted by the contributions from players and highly thankful for all the ways players across the globe have helped them prepare for the game’s launch.


  1. What is the aim of the Open Beta?
  2. How to play the Open Beta?
  3. Community events during the Open Beta?

What is the goal of the Open Beta?

In the Open Beta Test, the primary goal is to start testing the stability of the game economics. The design of game economics in NFT games is the most critical aspect that determines a game’s long-term success. Therefore, testing and balancing are essential in this endeavour, which can only be done with a sizable number of players, something the team expects to achieve with the Open Beta Test.

They also want to give their early supporters a chance to get familiarized with the features that will eventually be in the Mainnet version and some features that will appear in even later versions. They will continue to listen to feedbacks and make necessary changes to improve the game before Mainnet’s launch.


  • Everything in the Open Beta version will be on Testnet, which means all assets such as monsters and tokens will not be transferable to the Mainnet version.
  • The configuration and game rules are not finalized and can be revised at any point between now and the release on Mainnet.

How to play the Open Beta?
1. Install MetaMask into browser.
2. Login to Metamask account and select the wallet address used.
3. Add Binance Smart Chain Testnet on MetaMask wallet:
=> Metamask > Networks > Custom RPC > Fill with the information below:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain – Testnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 97
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

4. Add the Poco Testnet Contract: 0xbf947dfe64385a2f86d575b924ed042d6fec21f1
5. Claim free BNB test tokens at:
6. Claim the Poco Token to play the game from:
7. Start minting Poco characters at:

Note: Mint 4 Poco avatars before beginning the testnet.

8. Visit the official beta version website at:
9. Join our Discord Open Beta channels to report bugs, share feedback, and participate in community events.

Community events during the Open Beta?

Each participant will be rewarded with $25 ~ 250 PocoLove.

Do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions, and most of all, have fun!

Follow their social channels now to receive the latest updates:

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group Chat:

Media Contact:
Name: Pocoland

Jakarta, Indonesia–(Vehement Media – December 1, 2021) – The IDM team is pleased to announce the release of a special government-backed token. A rare of its kind. According to the team, the IDMToken is supported by the Indonesia Government. This is a welcome development given the recent cases of governments across the globe clamping down on digital currencies.


The token, “intended to invite crypto currency investors to finance our big project in building a digital ecosystem of cooperative and MSMEs in Indonesia,” is founded by a renowned Indonesia activist, M.C Basyar.

Government’s Support

The CEO of IDMToken is one of the Indonesian developers who fought in Indonesia to influence the government to rescind its decision about the misconstrued illegality of cryptocurrency in the country.

Besides the government’s support, IDMToken is a big project from Indonesia which enjoys the backing of many celebrities and national media, making it the first project with national backing.

IDMToken is a multipurpose token that has delivered many projects that include but are not limited to:

  • Digitalization cooperatives
  • Crypto Park as a physical project
  • Super apps (IDM messenger, financial technology, e-commerce, and social media)
  • IDM Launchpad, due for release in December 2021
  • IDM NFT (Indonesia Marketplace NFT), to be released in December 2021

The team is creating a three-prong project with emphasis on:

Cooperative Digitalization: The team is putting forward efforts to digitize MSMEs and cooperatives in Indonesia through Marketplace products and digital financial market management.

Crypto Park: Through IDM Coop, the team reiterates its desire to provide cryptocurrency education services for Indonesians to enable them “compete and actively contribute to financial commodity trading.”

Super App: IDM Super Apps are Indonesia-made digital products that will enable them to make significant contributions to the country in the areas of MSME commodities and cooperatives or trades.

The team revealed that 1,000,000,000 IDM is the total supply token. 33.1% or 331,000,000 IDM will be burned over time while 9.3% is locked for the next 4 months.

10% is locked for private sale public while 21% is available on Pancake Swap. Marketing wallet holds 10.7% of the tokens while another 10% is allocated to exchange.

Token details

  • Smart contract: 0x14b13e06f75e1f0fd51ca2e699589ef398e10f4c.
  • Name: IDM Token.
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain.


  • Research and development: 8%.
  • Super investor tax: 2%.

How to buy the token

The IDM team has provided a visual setup to help understand the process to buy. Click here to watch the video.





Media contact

Company: IDM Token

Contact Name: MC Basyar




Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media – December 1, 2021) – Inheriti is the latest addition to the ever-expanding solutions from Safe Haven. They are revolutionizing the digital space by providing a secure and patented, inheritance and backup solutions.

Blockchain technology-created cryptocurrencies are emerging as prominent digital assets. Currently, there are 120 million active crypto-investors in the world and these numbers spike up every hour. It is crucial to ensure security and protect the future, with an unparalleled plan.

As individuals extensively acquire these digital assets, they should have a robust plan in place that passes down their financial and digital wealth to the people they trust and love. To achieve this, they need a service that understands their needs and provides solutions that address the same.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven merges the safety and future of digital assets with financial asset management and the unparalleled security, embedded within the Inheriti protocols. It is an all-encompassing solution that provides customized backup and inheritance plans that are in alignment with the highest safety protocols. Here are some of the features that this new tech product boasts:

Data Storage

The expansive technology of Inheriti allows it to store data of multiple wallets and information relating to the user. The user can save up to 500 characters within each designated plan and feel confident their data is not within the scope of any breach.

Safe Haven employs various practices and codes of conduct to emphasize transparency. Third-party cybersecurity services have concluded multiple audits on Inheriti. On all levels, the solution has been found to be constructed of quality code and thoughtful execution for user-security. Ongoing bug-bounty programs are established to continue the integrity-wellness of user-data.

Inheriti is not a limited service and it is evident users can utilize the solution for many forms of data. This allows to securely protect any string of data that users may deem important or holds substantial information regarding digital identity.

A Lifetime of Protection

The users’ inheritance and backup plans are enforced by the deployment of SHA tokens. In order to use Inheriti, users need at least 10,000 SHA tokens in their digital wallets and SafeKey devices deemed appropriate to their plan. Currently, the Community Edition of Inheriti offers a one-time service payment that does not impose any additional fees and remains active until the plan is initiated.

The platform uses authentic cryptography and a private patent-pending protocol to add an extra layer of security to users’ digital belonging. It is also known as “Secret Sharing Distribution Protocol” (SSDP) which is also the central serving trait of Inheriti.

Secured With The Expertise Of Lawyers

A death certificate plays a pivotal role in the process of initiating any inheritance plan. As such, lawyers and legal professionals can also be placed amidst this chain to ensure proper data retrieval and the creation of necessary certificates. Legal authorities can ensure there is no faulty exchange and every formality is adhered to with the law.

Final Thoughts

Inheriti is the modern digital product that is the need of the hour. As the world divulges into this digital space, it is important that a foundational balance is maintained and Inheriti is just the product that will onset a wave of reforms in the inheritance, backup plans, and asset management market.

Media contact:

SafeTech PTE LTD
Safe Haven
167 Jalan Bukit Merah #05-12
Connection One Tower 4
Singapore, 150167, NO GST/VAT REGISTERED



Atlanta, Georgia–(Vehement Media – December 1, 2021) – OKLG and Moontography present to the public a never-seen-before phenomenon in crypto space: the looming creation of a mega ecosystem. The ecosystem is a combination of the former’s tenets of culture, meme, community, and utility and the ultra utilitarian model of the latter.

OKLG is short for ok.let’s.go. The project is an offshoot of Moontography, a platform with value-based decentralized apps (dApps) built on over 5 blockchain ecosystems and counting. Moontography is a platform intended to lower the barrier of entry for crypto projects by providing them with cost-effective but efficient and credible apps to scale up. OKLG will leverage the industry’s sentiments towards memes and culture tokens to spread the word about Moontograpy.

OKLG and Moontography are set to merge into one interesting ecosystem

What Does OKLG Bring to the Table?

OKLG seeks to change the perception of meme coins as it passes the new packs many rewarding features to all parties involved while also lending support to other crypto communities. Some of these features include:

1. Buy-back for Frens

The “buy-back for frens” feature is OKLG’s way of rewarding holders by either buying and burning OKLG to raise the unit valuation or distributing the tokens bought in percentages proportionate to the value of holders’ portfolios. The phrase “for frens” is not limited to members of the community alone. For projects that are newly starting out and need help scaling, OKLG will buy back their tokens so that their valuation goes up. Which in turn increases the adoption of such projects. Projects to benefit from the feature will be decided upon by the OKLG community.

2. Rewards Booster and Fee Exclusion

A smart contract with the above feature is created to help increase user earnings by increasing their rewards and excluding gas fees from such wallets. Holders only need to hold the stipulated minimum token amount in their wallets to qualify for this feature. As the OKLG community is all about collaborating with other crypto-based projects, wallets holding NFTs from partner collections will also boost their rewards. A periodical poll and voting process will determine the reward metric pending the creation of a formal governance process.

OKLG’s Innovative Tokenomics Model

The tokenomics model of OKLG is designed to promote interaction, engagement, and collaboration throughout its ecosystem.

  • 2% Native BNB/ETH Rewards: users can claim from a pool native tokens 12 hourly after every transaction involving $OKLG. It could be a buy, sell, or transfer action. However, there is a catch. Users must claim these regards at the appointed time as the rewards do not accumulate. This is done to promote user engagement at all times.
  • 2% Reflections and Redistribution: OKLG holders are automatically rewarded with more OKLG tokens for every buy and sell order made.
  • 2% Dynamic Buy-back: the OKLG platform is designed to continuously buy back and burn $OKLGs to raise the floor price of the token. This feature can also be extended to other developers whose tokens are listed on either Unisap or Pancakeswap. These tokens can be burned or gifted away.
  • 4% Treasury: marketing, research, and development of the project. This promotes increased adoption of the OKLG token, and the development of new features will only accelerate the spinning wheels, the double dose effect.

The OKLG Utility Model

The utility model adopted by OKLG is pretty simple. It aims to ensure seamless user interaction across the Moontograpy and OKLG platforms and assist other blockchain-integrated projects.

There are 6 live apps on the Moontography platform that can help crypto and non-crypto-based projects operate efficiently. Up until now, the apps have been driven and paid for using MTGY tokens. Soon, the price for the usage of the dApps will be revised, as will the payment method. Users can decide to pay using either native (BNB/ETH) or OKLG tokens.

A formal consulting service for crypto projects on how to raise money for liquidity purposes, multi-chain launch, and how to go about bridging services will be built into the OKLG ecosystem. The service will require projects to pay in OKLG tokens which will be burned or used to leverage any opportunities that can raise the token price.

Who Can Partake?

New and old investors can. Holders of MTGY can swap their MTGYs for OKLGs on the Moontography interface. Considering the tokenomics model, OKLG will be the most sustainable. This is only an educated postulation based on the metrics and is in no way financial advice.

About OKLG and Moontography

OKLG is a meme, culture, community, and utility-driven platform that rewards and incentivizes users with native and OKLG tokens. It aims to leverage the traction of memes and culture for mainstream adoption of Moontography’s suite of dApps.

Moontography is a suite of dApps that is aimed at reducing the entry barrier for crypto projects. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, KuCoin Community Chain, and Polygon networks and boasts of about $400 million Total Value Locked (TVL) in smart contracts.

Contact Info

Swap address:

Cross-chain Computation Platform Scale-up Coming Out of Stealth Mode

Hong Kong, Hong Kong–(Vehement Media – December 1, 2021) – After four years of building in stealth, Coinweb is excited to announce the launch on Mainnet Beta, on 29th November 2021. This marks yet another milestone for Coinweb, where the long-term team has been working on developing its layer-2 protocol that solves real-world blockchain issues.

In this beta phase, participating projects will have access to Coinweb’s functionality in a permissioned state in preparation for the full public Mainnet launch. With Mainnet Beta, the protocol can be used and tested in a live production environment. This is crucial to detect vulnerabilities and fix bugs prior to the full Mainnet release, providing better security for stakeholders and supporting the demand for Coinweb’s native token, which is required to run the functionality of the platform.

Prior to entering beta, Coinweb initiated its own proof of concept by having two decentralized finance (DeFi) applications launch on top of the platform, which as at today’s date have broadcast 1,360,029 transactions down to the underlying Bitcoin-blockchain derived chains, representing $81.5M USD worth of stable token sales used by no less than 110,000 unique users.

Live transactions can now be viewed via the Coinweb explorer loaded to

According to CEO and Co-Founder, Toby Gilbert, “While we already have delivered proof of concept with the two DeFi applications built on top of the Coinweb protocol, we are now actively working with a number of companies and projects that have existing mass customer bases interested in integrating with numerous blockchains via the Coinweb platform.

About Coinweb: is a layer-2 cross-chain computation platform that began its journey in mid-2017. With an impressive line-up of team members and a board of advisors from the worlds of traditional technology, business, and blockchain, Coinweb believes they are solving some of the most critical problems that exist within distributed ledger technology today.

Media Contact:
Anton Roos
Phone: +66 948724277

Lincoln, Nevada–(Vehement Media – December 1, 2021) – FMCPAY is an innovative exchange that aims to create an open and seamless gateway to the crypto space. The crypto space is constantly evolving as new innovations emerge. Several innovative products have outperformed what was thought possible in a short period of time. The emergence and expansion of crypto products such as DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi have significantly advanced the crypto space. Despite the growing popularity of these unique products, there is a need for a decentralized exchange where investors can buy, sell, and invest in crypto assets. Unfortunately, despite the fact that most exchanges have complex and sophisticated interfaces and trading tools, users still struggle to use the trading tools and navigate the platform.

Introducing FMCPay Cryptocurrency Platform

The FMCPAY exchange is a credible and trusted cryptocurrency and digital asset trading platform. By charging a low transaction fee of 0.04 percent, the exchange has positioned itself as an open and seamless gateway for cryptocurrency newcomers. FMCPAY is simple to use and provides users with liquidity. FMCPay offers users safe and secure digital asset trading by assisting them in reducing transaction risk. The FMCPay exchange aims to provide its users with smart financial solutions by building simple and accessible trading tools. The platform has also been able to optimize customer relationships. When users trade on the platform, they essentially “pay buddies, not addresses.”

FMCPay, in addition to being a cryptocurrency exchange, provides users with a unique feature in the form of stock brokerage. This offering is unique in that the trading pairs of the listed stocks are paired with the USDT stablecoin.

Perks of Using FMCPAY

The FMCPAY exchange aims at providing simplicity and accessibility for users in the crypto space. Some of the perks the users get to enjoy for using the FMCPAY gateway:

  • Excellent user experience across different OS including Windows and IOS
  • Solid support from the FMCPay Vibrant community
  • Access to FMCPay support team 24/7
  • Safety and security of digital assets on the platform

Despite these benefits, the FMCPay platform is still developing new crypto products in order to provide a more open and seamless gateway to the crypto trading world. In addition, FMCPay has organized a token reward event for its thriving community. 

Decentralized exchanges must provide simple trading tools and user-friendly interfaces to provide a seamless trading experience. FMCPAY exchange appears to be positioned to become one of the leading crypto exchanges as a result of its efforts to create an open and seamless gateway to the crypto space.

Media Contact:

Company: FMCPAY