Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam–(Vehement Media – December 1, 2021) – Blockchain strategy game, 12 Legions has successfully raised $1,000,000 of funding in just a week through seasoned crypto investor partners as it seeks to leverage the recent boom in the growth of play-to-earn blockchain games.

12 Legions is a turn-based strategy game where characters are represented by NFTs on-chain. Initially a web-based game, 12 Legions was transitioned from the server system to Blockchain and NFT technology to create a possibility for strategy and RPG game lovers to earn and have fun doing so.

According to CEO and Founder Loi Ly, “I have a dream of making my own game, and I did it 16 years ago, a web version of the 12 Legions game, but I still feel I’m missing something. One big question that remains in my mind is how to strike a balance between joyful & also let users earn a real valuable prize.

And then, I learned about crypto and NFT, and I feel it opened a new horizon and made my dream come true. So I decided to REMAKE 12 Legions and bring it to the community again. More than just a game, this is a metaverse where strategy & RPG game lovers start their adventure and earn together.”

12 Legions’s vision is to create a true Play-to-Earn game as a lot of projects nowadays provide simple “Click-to-Earn” games with very low entertainment value. The 12 Legions team are both talented gamers and business oriented, which means that they know what gamers need. Their game is a combination of a traditional strategy gaming system and modern economic system, so the goal is for gamers, as well as non-gamers are able to generate passive income easily.

12 Legions has real entertaining gaming mechanics where players can easily connect their wallets, choose their game characters and equip them for gameplay in order to win and earn tokens. Not only that, 12 Legions will fully support and provide the DeFi economy on Blockchain, which allows investors and players to perform activities such as farming, and staking.

With the ability and vision of the 12 Legions team, the project has raised funds and partnered with notable investors such as Kardia Ventures, Alpha Moon Capital, Game Starter, Starpunk, among more than 25 venture capitalists and platforms committed to helping the project reach a global market.

Currently, we have strategic partnerships with the following investment funds such as: Lavender Capital, Alpha Moon Capital, Traveler Capital, DCI Capital, Halving Capital, Lambo Capital. And other important partnerships with GameStarter, Kardia Ventures, Kenzo Ventures, Kyros Ventures, X99 Ventures, Hafen Ventures. They are all famous venture capitalists in the crypto industry,” says CEO Loi Ly.

In addition, we have cooperated with many partners with a large community like: AlphaTrue, Metagaming Guild, SparkPoint, Black Mamba, Shin Chan, Crypto FOMO, LPI DAO, Crypto Tamil, Crypto Arena, Road To Millions, Tradecoin Underground, Starter, Starpunk, Miracle Research and many more partners which are in the process of negotiation.

And we have AlphaTrue, a blockchain business advisory company, which is the incubator of 12 Legions. With the support and experience of these partners, 12 Legions will have more manpower and resources to reach more gamers or crypto investors and achieve new milestones in the future. They will support us in both technology and marketing,” he added

12 Legions recently announced their IDO event which will take place on 3 IDO platforms; Game Starter, Starter and Starpunk on December 1st (11 AM UTC), December 3rd (4 PM UTC), and December 3rd (2 PM UTC) respectively.

The game ecosystem will be managed by two tokens, the $CTL (Chaos of Twelve Legions token) which will be the token for project management and system development, and the $POM (Piece of Material token), which will be the in-game token.

12 Legions seek to create an open fantasy metaverse where players can become Lords, summon heroes and recruit troops, manage their own lands, and have fun while claiming fantastic rewards. With a game built with Unity Engine, and combining the world’s best real-time 2D &3D development cross-platform, 12 Legions might just be the next Axie Infinity.

About 12 Legions

12 Legions is a turn-based strategy game in which characters are represented by unique NFTs on the blockchain system, allowing the players to discover battle, build their own war and earn various exclusive in-game rewards through their Play-to-Earn mechanism.

Media Details

Website: https://12legions.io/
Email: support@12legions.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/12LegionsIO
Telegram Global Channel: https://t.me/TwelveLegionsChannel
Telegram Global Group: https://t.me/TwelveLegions
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3litR79SVnD51A5nVdtAg
Official Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/12LegionsIO/
Discord: http://discord.gg/EYPMf4xKV8

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