Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media  – November 18, 2021) – Melos.Studios announces a unique collaboration with Binance and Antara. Aside from a huge $45M NFT drop for a Hollywood epic, Antara is set to release NFTs with some of the biggest names and brands in this era, amongst them David Bowie. Antara, an NFT producer, kick-started Arabian Camels, a long term NFT concept that is all about the decentralization and democratization of the movie, gaming and transmedia space.

Exclusive David Bowie NFTs that will be released over the following months are set to send ripples of excitement through the global community of David Bowie fans and collectors. Denis O’Regan was David Bowie’s photographer for over a decade and has played an integral part in providing never released audio clips of David Bowie from his archive, which are to be used as the base track in a collaborative Artificial Intelligence NFT product. Denis has also provided original and never before seen images of David Bowie, taken as official photographers on his iconic world tours. These NFTs are a major release, and a rare treat for Bowie fans and collectors from all around the world.

Antara will release iconic David Bowie themed NFTs, using Artificial Intelligence software Melos, and original content from photographer Denis O’Regan.

David Bowie, who was the first to securitize his royalties in the 90s probably would have been the first to explore NFTs. Having employed ‘Cut & Paste’ in writing his early songs, he created later lyrics which involved using a ‘Verbasizer’. This was cool piece of tech invented by David, that allowed him to input his own sentences. The Verbasizer would shuffle his words, then he would derive lyrics from output. This method formed the basis for many of his unique songs. Melos.Studios wanted to do a drop that mirrors David’s creativity and innovation – so they thought that laying the foundations with David’s spoken word would be amazing. It also gives the community an opportunity to add their own layers to enhance the track – to in theory, ‘co-create’ with David.

Antara uses ground-breaking AI software Melos.Studio that allows for collaborative music production with fans. “We wanted to go beyond digital images, and create something completely original and unique, so we came up with the idea of using David’s original audio clips to create a product that the community can contribute towards, to create with David Bowie. Melos are a forward thinking studio and seemed like the perfect partner to execute this,” says Antara. “Thanks to Denis, we were able to bring to life a library of works. Working with Denis was a no brainer, given that he is the man known for having the closest access to David as he rocketed to stardom. Denis is a true talent, a great character, and he has captured the most legendary shots of David – his work simply speaks for itself.”

Denis O’Regan is known as the photographer with the closest access to David Bowie throughout his biggest world tours, making him the talent behind some of David Bowie’s most iconic shots. Some of these photographs are used as the basis for the NFT drop taking place on Binance on the 17th of November. For David Bowie fans and NFT collectors around the world, it is expected that the collection will sell out in minutes due to the scarcity of the never before released materials of David Bowie, which also includes incredible box sets by Denis O’Regan and contact sheets, marked by David Bowie himself.

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