Hanoi, Vietnam,–(Vehement Media. – December 27, 2021) – Bemil, one of the pioneers in the “play-to earn” (P2E) trend in Asia, is speeding up its foray into the global blockchain game market by launching many new features to bring more value in terms of both gaming experience and revenue for players.

According to Bemil’s new policies, players with temporary disadvantages are no longer required to purchase an entrance account. Bemil has provided two new features to fully support the players including Assistant Mode and Scholarship Program.

This marks a new era for Bemil in which players do not need to make an initial investment to play Bemil and make profit. The Scholarship program gives a player an account that has purchased the Starter Kit Package, which is a required package that players must purchase in order to play Bemil.

Assistant mode is a promising function in which participants use their phones as remote controllers to assist VIP accounts that are idle. Players in Assistant mode will be able to participate in VIP accounts; however, players will need to discuss profit sharing with the owner of the account.

“We do not have a set price for our assistant service because we believe that everyone should be able to charge for their own services. Also, when in space, make deals like space pirates,’ says Mr. Han Nguyen, Chairman of Bemil.

Being one of the pioneer games applying blockchain technology, Bemil aims toward a game economy of actualization with play-to-earn. It is founded by a creative collaboration between the Vietnamese development team and the Serbian game publisher.

Keeping up with the booming trend of blockchain-based games, Bemil offers users an entertaining game with a galaxy theme, brings benefits to the community through special functions. Before exploding into the huge P2E game, it was a fairly popular game in various Southeast Asian countries, particularly the Philippines.

Unlike many other games in the market, Bemil’s P2E gameplay is flexible and simple. The basic purpose of the game is for a player to become the fastest and most accurate 5 digit string decoder in order to win and get Becoins. Players can take advantage of their own mining system, understand gear functions to use maximum capacity.

“Blockchain technologies are changing the nature of gaming and influencing how games are being built. We believe that Bemil will become more and more popular and at the forefront of the P2E industry in Asia,” Mr. Nguyen.

Since its launch in July 2021, Bemil has now become one of the fastest developing NFT games, with about 200 thousand downloads in the first six months after introduction. Currently, its community includes 35,000 Telegram members, more than 52,000 Twitter followers, and a weekly growth rate of 200 percent on the company’s Facebook channel.

More than a game, Bemil is considered the salvation for many poor people who were severely affected when the pandemic raged. Its ‘Be Home Campaign’ in the Philippines purchased 5 container houses with a monthly budget of $5,000 dollars, each container in Manila Phil, utilizing accounts to aid those in need of work.

Its $300 scholarship and a smartphone offered by the Bemil team can help low-income individuals generate $100 each month. Many people were moved by this act of compassion.

The development of Bemil is in line with the boom of P2E games in the world. P2E games are an emerging industry of games with an innovative business model that allows players to earn profits in various ways through gameplay using blockchain technology. The gaming market is worth $178 billion in 2021 and is expected to surpass $295 billion over the next five years. Innovations in blockchain-powered play-to-earn gaming have been a significant catalyst for this projected growth, according to PlayToEarn PTE LTD.

About Bemil:

Bemil is a P2E game project created by Bemil MT International Doo that was released in July 2021. Bemil is the result of a creative collaboration between the Vietnamese development team and the Serbian game publisher, which includes the CEO Mr. Han Nguyen, the former founder of Fado.vn, and CPO Lam Son, who has many years of experience as a project leader at American Game Studio.

Bemil is now available to download via CH Play and Apple Store.
Link CH Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Bemil.bechill2
Telegram: https://t.me/bemil_chat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BemilGame
Website: http://bemil.io
Media Contact : pr@bemil.io

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