Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media  – November 27, 2021) – A new game BitBow which is a Play-to-Earn and Entertainment now available on GameFi Space.

What is BitBow?

BitBow is a shooting-themed GameFi game that focuses on casual competitive gameplay. Players can start or stop playing at any time, earn tokens through PVP or PVE combat, upgrade weapons or buy skins with tokens, and gain higher combat effectiveness to pass the game or defeat other players.

BitBow has no entry threshold, and players can get free props as soon as they start playing the game. After winning each battle, players can earn tokens, limited skins, popular NFT, and other rewards. All revenue earned by players, whether tokens or NFT, can be swapped in the marketplace of the game. This is actual Play to earn.


Main Ways to Play the Game


Players progress through the game to earn TAR tokens and materials to upgrade their weapons. There are a total of 40 levels in PVE, and players will receive TAR tokens for each level they pass. The number of points earned during the level determines their ratings by the time they passed the level. The higher the rating, the more tokens they will receive.

2. PVP

Players can take part in PVP and defeat their opponents to get rewards. PVP consists of the field of ARR and the field of TAR and is divided into four categories of bronze, silver, gold and diamond. Players can enter the corresponding category of PVP and battle with other players. Both sides of players need to inject a certain number of ARR or TRR tokens into the prize pool before fighting, and the winner can get all the tokens in the prize pool.

3. Tournament

Players can earn marksman points and exchange for rewards through participating in individual competitions or team competitions after joining a club. Individuals or teams that win the tournament will get marksman points, which can be exchanged for lotto tickets. Players can use lotto tickets to draw prizes or sell them on the Marketplace.

BitBow’s four strengths

1.Game experience

The development of NFT games is bound to be a process from being crude to masterpieces, from the simple pursuit of income to the combination of Play To Earn and entertainment. The final NFT game should be based on entertainment, supplemented by Play To Earn. Only in this way can NFT games really stand out.

The entertainment of BitBow is comparable to many traditional games. BitBow games have PVE level mode, PVP arena mode and gameplays such as equipment upgrades, clubs, which makes it more entertaining. Its page design is exquisite and the levels with diverse themes in the game can bring users a rich sense of exploration. The close-to-reality operating experience and brilliant skill release in the game allow players to experience the thrill of fierce battle. In addition, there are various battle experiences such as individual arenas, team arenas, and tournaments, which enhance players’ sense of honor and interaction among players.

Although the entire GameFi sector is still at a very early stage, BitBow’s gaming experience has surpassed most projects.


Tokenomics is at the core for NFT game projects.

Many projects often use profit models with high return when they start in order to quickly obtain traffic and funds. However, this high return is not sustainable. After early players make high profit and stop playing, the project faces huge selling pressure in the token secondary market. The resulting sharp drop in prices will lead to a sharp decrease in revenue, which will push more players to withdraw, forming a death spiral, and ultimately leading to the collapse of the project.

The BitBow project pursues a long-term principle and adopts a dual token model. There are two types of tokens circulating in the game: ARR and TAR. ARR is a governance token, mainly used for community governance, while TAR is a functional token, mainly used for scenarios such as character upgrading, purchasing props and restoring physical strength in the game.

BitBow’s tokenomics is designed to strictly control the output of tokens, so the market circulation is slowly increasing. It is more conducive to subsequent market value management and can prevent high inflation and uncontrollable prices. There are many scenarios for the burn of tokens in BitBow. For example, for each transaction in the market, a part of ARR tokens will be directly burned. Apart from that, some ARR consumed by upgrading weapons and synthesizing skins will also be directly burned. The team is also gradually enriching the application scenarios.

Although BitBow’s tokenomics will not take effect quickly, it can make the game more playable and its life cycle longer. In this way, although it may go slower, it will proceed more stable. BitBow is willing to spend more time in exchange for a more promising future with more growth potentials.

3. Ecological aggregation

The BitBow team has also launched Bitverse.

Bitverse, as a one-stop GameFi aggregator, provides game developers with a complete technical solution, including API interface, technology module, wallet support, etc. In addition, Bitverse provides a rich application development framework and flexible deployment mode in terms of application, making it easy for developers of different types to quickly access it and build applications.

Bitverse is also an incubation platform on which GameFi projects can initiate fundraising from the community. Bitverse can provide projects with resources such as traffic, capital, to help them complete cold starts. It also provides liquidity tools such as staking and mining tools to help them improve tokenomics design. In addition, the ecological support of BitBow’s game display, guilds, and communities can allow the game to quickly acquire users and expand its influence, enhance its circle-breaking effect, and widely attract users outside the blockchain field to play the game.

Up till now, BitBow has reached a cooperation with the Loot project Paragon. Paragon NFT holders can generate new NFTs in the BitBow game, including characters and equipment. By combining the high scalability of Loot projects and the gameplay of BitBow, we strive to visualize Loot to create a metaverse ecology highly scalable.

4.Team strengths

BitBow team members have many years of experience in game production, which means the team has a deeper understanding of what a game is in nature. It is willing to invest more energy and resources in the game itself, meanwhile it has the ability to promote the iteration of games. All of these ensure that the game is more playable and fine-designed to greatly enhance users’ stickiness to the game.

In order to make the game scene more eye-catching and satisfy players’ pursuit of gaming experience, the team has spent nearly two years on the game’s image design. Visually, BitBow adopts the industry’s highest level of technology stack and design elements so that players have visual enjoyment while playing the game.

The team has achieved good results in the game market in Southeast Asia. The predecessor of BitBow has gathered more than 40 million users in the traditional game field, with the number of daily active users up to 700,000. The monthly advertising revenue alone exceeds $400,000 USD. BitBow can stand out by activating its old users, a unique advantage that other projects do not have.


As more and more traditional games enter the blockchain market, the way players get revenue in games seems limited in the past when making money in a game is often a byproduct of playing the game. In addition, gamers and investors don’t interact with each other in most cases, so they don’t feel attached to each other very much. In response, game teams now leverage blockchain technology to confirm ownership in game. In this way, players can take ownership of all game assets instead of developers alone enjoying all the game values.

This is the biggest change brought by blockchain technology in terms of assets. Right now, most traditional games only focus on the remold of asserts in its transformation while ignoring its most original function, which is to provide entertaining, novel and narrative games. As a result, projects will suffer a significant loss of users after the wealth effect fades away.

Inspired by GameFi, a new financial model, BitBow combines the fun of traditional games with the profitability of blockchain games. The game caters to the cultural and entertainment preferences of young people and allows players to relive the beauty of their childhood throughout the whole narrative of the game. While enjoying the fun of the game, they can also obtain corresponding income. This distinctive strength allows the game to maintain a healthy development after its transition into blockchain game.

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