Singapore, Singapore–(Vehement Media. – January 22, 2022) – Blockchain Monster Hunt has officially announced its Mainnet Launch event on 25th Jan. This milestone ushers a new remarkable development phase of the project after an impressive $3.8M IDO and $3,6M INO. This achievement has created fame last October for the start-up of 2 former Facebook Tech Lead and Google Senior Engineer.

“I believe that multi-chain gaming will be the next breakthrough in the crypto industry. Our goal is to pioneer in this ever changing field and to support any other like-minded projects and teams with the same vision” – Naka Nhu – BCMHunt Co Founder and CEO

There are legitimate grounds behind the fact that Blockchain Monster Hunt is backed up by well-known investors and partners such as Amonica Brands or Polygon Studio: BCMHunt is the world’s first NFT Collectible Game to utilize Cross-chain technology, a potential option that is intended to resolve the crypto sector’s fragmented development landscape, particularly the congestion issue associated with reliance on a single chain. The shifting of focus to chain partnership for an NFT game project is a prudent move that results in not only a plethora of reward sources for gamers, but also a steadily rising user base for the chain network. Also as a direct result, NFT can sustain its value in the long term thanks to being easily transferred across chains.

Yat Siu, chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands expressed his enthusiasm toward the project’s cross-chain vision: “We are delighted to lead this round of investment in Blockchain Monster Hunt, a fun and exciting project that is spearheading multichain interoperability – and thus points the way to the future. This is notably the first multi-chain game with a cross-chain marketplace and it has a powerful vision and an impressive team to execute that vision.”

Ambros Technology, the company after Blockchain Monster Hunt has built its core value toward being a cross-chain infrastructure service provider. It’s in-house bridging technology has the capability of onboarding any game to the multichain within an incredible 10 minutes of time. Its roadmap for 2022 includes the establishment of a cross-chain market place and the provision of SDKs.

Before the Mainnet Launch, the project has accomplished most of the advantageous feature of a crypto game project: a refined game economy to sustain in the long run, an intuitive rewarding system that is simple to understand for non-game user, the option to stake its exclusive Monster NFT as well as its main token BCMC, or PvP Feature.

Due to the fact that players can join the game from any chain, Blockchain Monster Hunt has generated a crowded yet interconnected community of gamers. With its addictive universe of Pokemon-inspired monsters and a reward pool to mine, the project aims for global coverage, fresh user growth, chain connectivity, and the creation of an ever-growing multiverse.

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