Sacramento, California–(Vehement Media – November 24, 2021) – BNB Shinobi – a platform based on Binance Smart Chain, which has a unique smart contract that allows receiving rewards for the native token $CHAKRA and/ or any BEP-20 cryptocurrency of the user’s choice. The BNB Shinobi team has launched its first arcade game and has plans to launch its own play to earn (p2e) Metaverse in the style of “Naruto”.

BNB Shinobi

BNB Shinobi platform developers accelerated the evolution of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with groundbreaking advancements, by creating a system where $CHAKRA native token holders can receive, any BEP-20 (XRP,ADA,ETH etc.) token of their choice. The team named it Tonki Protocol, after the ninja arsenal.

Every 60 minutes for $CHAKRA staking, the user will automatically receive a reward in the token of their choice. If the volume is too low for hourly payouts, the rewards will accumulate and be paid out when sufficient funds are reached in the system.

The platform will soon launch the BNB Shinobi Arcade p2e ecosystem, through which the team will bring the most popular arcade games of the past to life. Games are planned to be released on a monthly basis.

The first product of this ecosystem is the arcade game BSC Shinobi. The gameplay is similar to the famous Fruit Ninjas.

Players will have to chop as many objects as possible in the allotted time. Each week, the top three accounts with the most points will share the prize pool.

The prize pool will be replenished by the purchases of the token $CHAKRA.

In the future, the developers plan to launch their own metaverse BSC Shinobi Worlds, similar in storyline to Maple Story. Players will be able to create clans based on their chosen reward token. Prior to the launch of the game’s beta in Q2-Q3 2022, there will be in-game land sales that can only be purchased with $CHAKRA tokens.

These plots will be available for users to use entirely at their discretion. Users will be able to give plots unique properties and decorate them with different landscapes.

Due to the unique system, this metaverse will be able to expand virtually indefinitely. In the future, the plots will be available on the in-game marketplace.

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