Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia–(Vehement Media  – November 19, 2021) – Bonuz, the world’s first celebrity token ecosystem and Launchpad announced the launch of its official website on 30th October. It is the first major phase in the platform’s move to bring a new era of content ecosystem, where it can be tokenized and fetch high values. The idea of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) has exploded this bull season with several digital art and celebrity memorabilia fetching millions of dollars. The NFT craze has forced every mainstream brand to have dipped their toes in the NFT market.

Bonuz: Celebrity and Brand Token

Bonuz goes a few steps further to make content the real king and allows celebrities to further connect with their raving fans and enthusiasts. By creating exclusive content, celebrities will give their fans an experience not available anywhere else. Instead of a fan spending 3 to 5 figures on overpriced NFTs on other platforms, at Bonuz the fan will actually receive them for free by simply holding the celebrity token. This can be seen as a new way of mining NFTs.

Celebrities get a private channel to communicate with and honor their hardcore fans, all while also benefiting themselves. Fans which hold the token kind of transform to direct supporters who can access the celebrities very exclusive DAO in which other fans create simple ideas. Those Ideas can be voted and become fan tasks on how to support the Celebrity. For example, sharing the celebrity’s new song release with the target to motivate other users on social media in order to get more stream of the song on spotify or other platforms. The fans are now empowering the celebrity and truly became a functional part of the celebrities fame engine.

Bonuz goes deeper by bringing the celebrity into the metaverse where his digital clone becomes a fans ‘ digital buddy or an online teacher for all kinds of thinkable services based on tailor made scripts with smart AI based gestures.

Matthias Mende, who is the founder of Bonuz, sees no limitations in innovation and will reveal many more surprises over the weeks.

Some of the key benefits for Bonuz Market’s celebrity tokens include:

  • Access to exclusive content: Owning a celebrity’s token allows fans to have access to a channel where celebrities distribute exclusive content on a regular basis. This content always arrives as a NFT and is owned by the celebrities token holder.
  • No Subscription Needed: Fans who hold celebrity tokens will never pay subscription fees. Simply owning a celebrity’s token entitles you to life-time access.
  • The Resale Market: Since all tokens are registered on the blockchain, a secondary market allows fans to trade their tokens as they appreciate in value due to market demand and limited supply.
  • Better engagement with celebrities: Fans get the privilege to influence a celebrity’s decision, answer his questions and much more through an exclusive voting pool.
  • The More You Hold The Bigger the Benefit: The more tokens a fan has, the more benefits they receive from celebrities. From personalized signed items to yearly meet n’ greets, to exclusive birthday video messages, more get you closer.
  • Priority Access to Events or special Functions: Celebrity Token holders will be able to buy concert tickets before the official public sale starts. Obviously that’s only possible if the ticketing agency will allow it.
  • The Bonuz Project’s native token is called $BONUZ which is built on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain, it provides highly scalable easy mainstream adoption. The Bonuz Project’s Eco-System is built on the Solana Blockchain providing instant high speed, and nearly free transaction costs for millions of users. Bonuz aims to launch unique Token for beyond 50 Celebrities and Brands during its first year. Already partnerships are forged and multiple agreements are signed as you can see on the official website.

    Why is Bonuz Market the Future of Digital Collectible?

    The social media influencer craze is well known as they have become as famous and as big a household name as several mainstream Hollywood celebrities. In fact, many social media influencers have managed to get a break in movies or music careers thanks to their craze among the masses. Most of these social media influencers enjoy millions of followers who are ready to own a special piece of their favorite creators. Bonuz market aims to make content the new merchandise. It will ensure that the fans get their hands on exclusive content which then can be traded and resold or they can just keep the exclusive item to themselves.

    Bonuz provides all the participants with unlimited freedom. Creators, influencers, and fans are brought together to experience new ways to cooperate. There will be no more monopolies and fans have absolute control over everything. Fans, in turn, can forget about overpaying for subscriptions and recurring fees and connecting with celebrities becomes simple.

    The platform would open the gates for purchase of exceptional content, souvenirs, NFTs, a Celebrity Metaverse. Forget about the days when access to celebrities was as complicated as flying to the moon, the Bonuz team has already built a shuttle to fulfil your dreams. Celebrities also win because the Bonuz ecosystem rewards celebrities with royalties every time their tokens are traded on the Bonuz Marketplace.

    Bonuz Will Become the NFT Social Media

    Celebrity memorabilia are highly collectible items and people have paid thousands of dollars for their favorite artists’ shoes, used napkins and even chewed gums. Now imagine what would be the cost of a piece of content created by your favorite artist which you become the holders of. Bonuz would do exactly that and intend to become the digital NFT social media of Web 3.0.

    Instead of people liking a post of your celebrity, one can bid and win the exclusive content to be their own. Let us remind you by the example of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. When Twitter announced support for NFT artists, the CEO tested NFT making where his first ever tweet was converted to digital collectible and fetched over $2 million. This is a prime example of how the Bonuz platform would function; while the tweet in itself is not a big deal, being the first tweet from the creator of Twitter gave it the value of a couple of millions. Bonuz users could make this a common practise and auction off the celebrity content in the secondary market as well.

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