Crypto Champions NFT is going viral as it gives holders opportunities to make money and access exclusive benefits.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Vehement Media – December 6, 2021) – Crypto Champions NFT, a soon-to-be-released collection of NFTs, is a unique digital asset that will give unrestricted access to an exclusive Web3 Community (i.e., NFT, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and Crypto Gaming). Champions’ Holders get private access to exclusive information, networking events, online masterminds, and guests.

The NFT market has experienced dramatic growth in the last couple of years.

Just between July and September this year, NFT sales are already at 10.7 billion dollars. In plain English, the NFT industry’s profitability is reaching unprecedented heights, and the momentum keeps gathering and gathering.

Now, global NFT marketplaces are about to witness the entry of a unique player into the playing field, and thousands of people are hopping into the front seats to get exclusive benefits that cut across Web3, NFTs, the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, and crypto gaming.

What is Crypto Champions NFT?

Crypto Champions is an exclusive collection of 8888 unique NFTs. The NFTs are a set of premium-quality human avatars – designed to give users the NFT-esque vibe and some fun to go with. These avatars are split into two factions-Rebels and Privileged-with each faction comprising four ranks of Soldier, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Major.

The collection is particularly open to individuals capable of helping the Crypto Champions community grow and increase in value, who have valuable expertise, and can share useful information with the community.

Crypto Champions NFT

Why is Crypto Champions going viral?

Crypto Champions is making big waves, not just in the NFT market but also in the crypto-gaming sphere and Metaverse. These enormous waves are already happening because of a combination of multiple exciting factors.

First, there is the opportunity it presents to people who are ready to be a part of the community to mint their own realistic Privileged or Rebel 3D human model with the chance to acquire unique weapons, uniforms, styles, and traits.

Second, Crypto Champions is a community that gives back to its members. 

One other reason why thousands are jumping at the chance to be a part of the Crypto Champions NFT community is that at an as-of-yet undisclosed date, there will be a massive auction where participants could obtain one of the 15 legendary congressmen. The legendary congressmen are a set of custom-made NFTs within the Champions metaverse that will entitle their holders to even more exclusive utilities and rewards as the Crypto Champions project grows and expands.

Crypto Champions NFT

The founders of the Champions Community, in strengthening the transparency spirit, are public figures who are committed to being around for a very long time. The Community’s vision is all-important.

Some of the founders of Crypto Champions include:

  • Yomi Denzel: Owner of multiple 8 figures businesses and one of the biggest French YouTube channels for business.
  • Tom Adrien: Head of digital marketing giant, “Apollo Media.” Tom’s company has already generated more than 22 million Euros. He’s also been featured on Forbes.
  • Théodore Augustin: Head of multiple successful e-commerce brands that lead the US market.

How to Join Crypto Champions

Intending members of the Crypto Champions community will first need to go through a recruitment phase. Understandably so, since this is a community reserved for very special people.

Once users are accepted as a member, they’ll need to acquire a Champion. To do that, users will need to download Metamask, add some ETH to their account via purchase or transfer, and then mint their champion.

Even if they don’t mint a rare NFT, Crypto Champions members are endowed with the ability to engage in activities to increase the value of their NFTs when they successfully compete in simple games.

Users can also be a part of the community on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord

The Champions Community is about to disrupt the NFT space on a giant scale with features including exclusive membership to a Web3 community, impeccable art, and outstanding networking opportunities.

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Phone: 0464861565


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