New York, New York–(Vehement Media – November 21, 2021) – Crypto Docs NFT will be the first collection to blend the medical field and technology onto the Ethereum Blockchain in a digital metaverse through their joint venture with Ultimaxx Health Inc. The digital Metaverse is a concept that has been taking over our society recently. Companies and talented individuals are finding new ways to innovate and bring groundbreaking real-world utility to the blockchain. The blockchain has also become an option for transforming and improving the way society performs business operations in different fields and it has positively changed many sectors in our everyday society, allowing new ideas to emerge and solve existing problems.

Crypto Docs NFT

Crypto Docs NFT TM aims to pioneer the concept of utilizing the metaverse to improve the medical field and, therefore, the humanity that relies on it. Crypto Docs NFT intends to complement the Symbiotic ecosystem, an upcoming blockchain marketplace founded by the CEO of Ultimaxx Health Dr. Lenny Lomax. You can read and learn more about Symbiotic and Ultimaxx Health below to fully understand the ecosystem in which Crypto Docs NFTs will thrive.

Ultimaxx Health is an early stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to research, development and commercialization of plant-based medicines and clinically validated natural products. Symbiotic is a bi-product of Ultimaxx Health, combining medicine with technology to form a blockchain marketplace to promote natural products and pharmaceutical research. With the emergence of blockchain technology, the company has decided to utilize these tools to build its own medical metaverse and increase its reach and abilities to help individuals worldwide access the benefits it offers. Benefits of Symbiotic on the blockchain include added layers of security, being able to deploy complex product marketing and trials in only a few hours, being able to build trial studies quicker and more efficiently, the ability to connect to legacy healthcare systems and better client-doctor engagement tools.

Symbiotic is currently creating this decentralized medical blockchain marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, where individuals can use their platform’s official token $SYM to interact with it, receive benefits, and make purchases. Symbiotic a product of Ultimaxx Health, a real-world nutraceutical plant-based supplement brand and the face behind creating the Crypto Docs NFT project.

In simpler terms, one can consider the Crypto Docs NFT project as their ticket to this revolutionary marketplace. Each Crypto Doc will provide the holders with certain benefits, including gifted $SYM tokens, privileges on the platform with the company along with the community, and exclusive access to upcoming activities and future drops, which includes an innovative digital “serum” NFT called Shield that will interact with the original Crypto Docs NFTs. This digital asset will act quite similarly to the real-life Shield supplement Ultimaxx Health is launching in mid 2022. Shield will be one of the first plant-based nutraceuticals to be sold on the Symbiotic Marketplace.

Crypto Docs NFT

Not only is Crypto Docs NFT an integral and revolutionary new project consisting of 10,000 unique, authentically hand-drawn assets in the form of crypto doctors, but it is the key that will help establish a whole new metaverse that generates and contributes to innovation in the medical field. It will change the way we interact with it and benefit from it as individuals all around the world.

There will be more information released as the project inches closer to its minting date in January 2022. In the meantime individuals can join the community discord for Crypto Docs here to stay in the loop. Individuals can also check out the official website here, the Crypto Docs twitter here, and the Symbiotic website here. Join the project in its quest to change the medical metaverse and help improve humanity with this revolutionary new approach to managing health and promoting advanced natural treatment options and dedicated research trials.

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