Coinchange now offers opportunities to generate passive income on two of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Toronto, Ontario–(Vehement Media. – February 2, 2022) – Coinchange, a DeFi yield farming platform that provides users with low-risk, high-yield investment opportunities, announced today that they have added Bitcoin and Ethereum High Yield Accounts.


Coinchange launched their High Yield Accounts in 2021, starting with the USDC stablecoin. Their stablecoin products – which now include Tether – are currently earning high yields for users.

Now users will be able to diversify their yield portfolio between stablecoins and more volatile cryptocurrencies in the same platform. And for users who are not holding Bitcoin or Ethereum currently, Coinchange has an integrated brokerage for users to buy with USD or swap from other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have played a significant role in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and DeFi in general, with an estimated 114 millionwallets holding bitcoin globally, according to current statistics. Ethereum’s market capitalization is currently $286 billion, indicating how much the cryptocurrency has grown in the last decade.

To protect against the volatility of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are known to rise and fall in value from time to time, Coinchange is providing holders of these tokens with the opportunity to continue earning regardless of market conditions.

Coinchange CEO Maxim Galash spoke about the company’s commitment to providing earning opportunities through DeFi.

About Coinchange: Founded in 2018, Coinchange Financials Inc. has since become a rapidly-growing digital asset platform. The company is registered in Canada and accepted in 33 states in the US. The Coinchange app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Coinchange Financials Inc.

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