Zwolle, Netherlands–(Vehement Media. – February 15, 2022) – Cryptopolis, a social NFT game that aims to bring the world of traditional gamers and crypto enthusiasts into one ecosystem, partners with Binance NFT to launch its limited collectable booster packs. There will be 8,400 booster packs in the “Enigma Series”, which will give the users unparalleled benefits in playing the game.


Cryptopolis is preparing to launch in Q2 of this year. They were the first-ever IGO on GameZone, and incubated by Bluezilla, who are known for their expertise in launching successful projects. Having built partnerships with Binance NFT and CodewizardsRedcatpig, and UniX Gaming, they have an extensive list of growing partnerships.

The Enigma Series booster packs include five cards with rarities ranging from common to uncommon to epic to rare to legendary. Later in Q2, players can use these cards in the game, Cryptopolis, to decorate their room, dress their characters, and begin ascending the Cryptopolis Tower to fortune. All of these NFTs have in-game functionality and may be traded in the game and on Binance NFT.

Leroy ter Braak, co-founder, and CMO for Cryptopolis stated, “We’re really thrilled to introduce our first-ever booster pack exclusively with the Binance NFT team. This is the first day of the year that we are releasing Cryptopolis to the public, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our progress. Our art and development teams have been working nonstop to make sure we release a drop we’re proud of!”

Their Roadmap for 2022 is full of major milestones for Cryptopolis and their community members, from the Enigma Series booster pack drop on Binance NFT, to the private and then public release of the game’s beta, another significant NFT series drop with an exclusive brand, exchange listings, and new releases of minigames.

About Cryptopolis

Cryptopolis is a browser-based social NFT game that aims to bring traditional gamers and crypto aficionados together in a central location. They hope to develop a social game where players can meet friends, trade NFTs, play and earn, furnish apartments, create jobs, and grind their way to the top of their Tower using Sims-like dynamics and Prestige levels.

For more information, please visit their: Website | Medium | Telegram | Announcement TG | Instagram | Twitter | Twitch | Discord | YouTube

Media Contact:
Dina Mattar
Founder & CEO

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