Toronto, Ontario–(Vehement Media. – December 28, 2021) – Dexberry Network, a Tech business based in Ontario is excited to launch its ground-breaking blockchain project called the DexBerry. The DexBerry project is building an application  that features collectively, some of blockchain’s majorly used digital assest acquisition tools so that users can have the benefits of assessing them on one platform. 

According to Gloria Odurukwe, the founder of Dexberry Network, even with the widespread acceptance of dencentralised ecosystems, utilization of DeFi and NFT sytems could be more. “We witnessed some common issues such as excessive delays, low assessibility, non-simplified usability of platforms as well as   the need to move from platform to another in search of preferred assests, information and trading tools. The aforementioned are some of issues DexBerry is proposing to improve by creating a multi-featured, easy to access and easy to use ecosystem in one single application known as the Mega-app. We are very excited about this endeavour ”. This digital assets technological solution would also include non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) tools and more.

About DexBerry

DexBerry is a next generaton decentralized mega-application ecosystem supported by a smart contract technology, the Binance Smart Chain. The DexBerry Mega-appliation features a Multi-chain Charts and Analytics tool with instant buy and sell capabilities, a Cross-chain DEx aggregator , NFT Marketplace, Ask me Anything Channel, Online Magazine, and a secure smart contract Launchpad with more to be announced. 

Using its decentralized  ecosystem Mega-app, DexBerry works to change the face of any user’s crypto trading experience by incorporating supportive features that will enhance making informed trading decisions and eliminating the discomfort of moving from one platform to another. 

The DexBerry Ecosystem will use the Dexby as its native token to serve as a sole means of facilitating exchanges and other transactions, including rewards. Staking and trading of the Dexby will be available to holders. Also, holders of the Dexby will automatically have assess to numerous features as well as the ability to participate in the governance of the Dexberry ecosystem by voting.

For more information about the launch of DexBerry, kindly visit, to read through our updated Whitepaper. For media inquiries, please contact


Telegram :
Contact person: Gloria Odurukwe
Phone: (647) 873-3741

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