North-Brabant, Netherlands–(Vehement Media. – February 16, 2022) – DogeVille is now available to play on Web 3.0.

DogeVille is a play to earn game inspired by games such as Stardew Valley and FarmVille. Using binance smart chain blockchain technology, players are allowed to earn cryptocurrency by simply planting seeds, growing crops and harvesting them on their farms.


Easy and intuitive crypto farming game

The objective of this game is that it is intuitive and accessible to as many people as possible from the young to the old. The mechanics will be clear to understand and straightforward, as DogeVille has been created with the “average joe” mentality in mind.

The scope behind this game is also to educate historical farming simulation gamers to cryptocurrency, and providing them a safe space to learn and take their first steps in the blockchain word.

Dogeville Team
DogeVille was cofounded by Peter Hof responsible of token strategy as well as Zjef Van Den Bergh in charge of the token development. Both of them are known personas in the Dutch crypto community. They surround themselves with experienced team members with strong work ethics to make DogeVille the number one farmer crypto game in 2022.

                Crypto farmer game

The crypto farmer game

The player must connect their metamask or trustwallet to enter the world of DogeVille. This world consists into a map with its own functionalities. To start the adventure the player starts by purchasing a seed NFT through the farmer’s market. Every seed has its own statistics and unique features.

Once the seed is purchased the player can start the growing phase, every seed has a timer until it turns into a full grown crop, once the crop is fully grown the player may harvest it. The player has then the choice to either store the crops in the silo, use it as ingredient to create other recipes or sell to other Dogeville players through the farmers market.
Players can also mutate seeds to get a rarer breed of NFT seed in their greenhouse (for example mutating lettuce and zucchini gives you broccoli).

Players can then deposit their DogeVille tokens in the Barn (that acts as a bank).

                         DogeVille Farm



The community of DogeVille is very strong and active on socials such as Telegram, discord and reddit. There you will find players with whom to exchange directly and find help or goods to exchange (by negotiating private special deals). These channels are also important as it is the team that makes the main announcements, AMA and more updates regarding the game.

Future developments

Future updates include the ability to plant, grow & harvest NFTs through the farmlands. More visual upgrades will also be added such as the evolution of crops growing. For example the townhouse in which players will be able to get missions to earn DogeVille &  upgrade the silo. Players will also have the ability to specialize in crafting, creating items that can boost farming production and cooldowns.

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