Mountain View, California–(Vehement Media – March 21, 2022) – Domain Crypto Games introduces a new era of gaming and investing on the blockchain that integrates the world of NFTs, Play to Earn and DEFI into the gaming industry.


DOMAIN COIN (DMN) is a highly innovative, recently released blockchain based platform on the BNB Chain Network set to launch a series of “Play to Earn” games that will be linked to the native DMN Token. According to developers every game developed by DMN will have an integrated point system, in which players will be able to earn and collect points that later can be claimed as rewards in the form of DMN tokens. In addition to “Play to Earn” DMN also adds to their ecosystem “Pay to Play”, where to unlock and play certain levels of a game, for example, or to participate in tournaments, players will have to submit payments in the form of DMN tokens exclusively. All players will then be ranked according to their performance across all games and will be able to compete against each other in weekly and monthly tournaments to win a variety of prize pools. DMN also serves as a marketplace where buyers and sellers can exchange any in-game assets like utility, armor, land etc. in the form of NFTs. What makes DMN stand up among its competitors, is the clever strategy to burn all tokens accumulated through in-game purchases instead of selling them, thus decreasing the already limited initial supply of 100 million coins. All games developed by DMN will be available on all major platforms such as WebGL, Windows/MAC OS, Android and IOS, creating a huge wave of excitement throughout the community. DOMAIN COIN is currently listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and can be purchased through Pancakeswap, CoinTiger, CoinSbit, and is expected to be listed on major CEX soon.

DMN Run and DMN Delta Squad

DMN Run is the first game created by DOMAIN COIN, which is an open-source puzzle and maze game. DMN Run has achieved a remarkable popularity within the crypto community and has served as an inspiration for the creation of the more realistic and more attractive DMN Delta Squad game. DMN Delta Squad is a battle game similar to FreeFire and PUBG in design, expected to be released in the next two months at the latest. Both games are available to play on the web, Android, and OIS operating systems.

Friendly Community and Experienced Marketing Team

The success behind Domain is also undoubtfully due to its welcoming community, friendly administrators, and experienced marketing team, who works continuously to promote the token, through various social media channels and strategically placed advertisements.

DMN whitepaper:

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