Bengaluru, India–(Vehement Media. – January 27, 2022) – Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), a protocol for blockchain-based notification, partnered with WazirX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in India, to promote notifications that are chain agnostic platform-independent and can incentivize users.

                          EPNS and WazirX

Ethereum Push Notification Service is a decentralized notification protocol created to enable dApps or intelligent contracts to send blockchain agnostic, dynamic notifications and incentivize users. EPNS seeks to become the de facto communication layer for Web3. For the DeFi market, the protocol allows users to receive token incentives from the notifications.

The platform was created to serve as the missing link of Web3 infrastructure while solving other problems in the market, including the constant requirement for users to check their actions, lack of alert systems within wallet addresses for any Web3 activity, and poor communication, UX, and engagements among participants.

By design, the EPNS protocol ensures all communication is prepared and sent in compliance with set standards. The protocol allows users to directly control what services they get notifications from by imposing rules on services, including spam protection, limiting the ability to add wallets as subscribers, etc.

EPNS has seen tremendous growth, pushing their milestones even further in the last couple of months. Last year, the EPNS protocol witnessed the creation and audit of its EPNS smart contracts, which now effectively support multichain interoperability.

Currently, the protocol is building the first-ever communication primitive available in both EVM and non-EVM for Web3. Note the communication primitive will start with notifications allowing any dApp or smart contracts to send notifications to user wallet addresses. Earlier this month, on January 11, the protocol launched the EPNS mainnet. This was followed by the launch of its wallet-to-wallet (W2W) feature. Other features include the channel state cycles, verification of channels, addition or removal of delegate notification senders and meta transactions for subscribing, and unsubscribing sending notification.

The EPNS roadmap is still long and rich. In addition to the EPNS protocol and smart contracts, the EPNS Network is also focusing on progressive decentralized governance front-end products like mobileApp, dApp, and browser extension. The EPNS will also focus on PUSH nodes (retrieval and dispatch) and technical documentation.

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