Tulum, Mexico–(Vehement Media. – February 5, 2022) – Evan Luthra, a serial entrepreneur, and a strategic investor is happy to announce the launch of his new venture, Diamond hands.

In a nutshell, the Diamond hands refer to holding on to an investment asset despite its volatility and risks. It refers to holding on to the asset with hands as hard as a diamond or holding on to the assets until it becomes as valuable as a diamond. The Diamond hands concept began in the cryptocurrency industry and slowly spread to land, stocks, non-fungible tokens (NFTS), and other assets. In the cryptocurrency community, diamond investors are known for holding onto the project no matter the surrounding challenges in the market. The new venture aims at helping projects survive the beat downs and poise situations that could cause serious damages. Luthra hopes to stick to his investments for the long haul through this new venture.

Evan believes in pushing his limits by exploring the power of conceptualization, execution, and innovation. For years, Evan has been using his Startup Studio Incubator Fund program to support entrepreneurs with capital, marketing resources, and technologies to launch their new companies. Before investing in the project, Evan and his team perform their due diligence.

Evan is an accredited Angel investor interested in various products and businesses. He has built and invested in over 30 companies in the last five years, recording a combined market cap of over $1 billion during this period. Evan is always taking chances and is always the first to step in to provide projects with the support they need to get things started, like Snapchat, Wheelys Café, Eaze.com, and recently Hasgraph.com.

At the age of twelve, Evan Luthra began his journey into the business world, showing significant interest in digital innovations. He embarked on his first digital endeavor by curating technology-related news, which caused him to gain about 250k readers. He later began working on various products, including a mobile application, before selling his first company for seven figures at 17. After exiting his company, Evan then took over TedX.

In addition, Evan is an expert in blockchain matters. He has received an honorary Ph.D. in Blockchain for his impact in the industry, including launching a Blockchain School, blockchain coworking spaces, and sharing his views in over 50 blockchain-related events.

Notably, through many years of experience, numerous startups, and his new venture, Evan hopes to provide emotional and financial support to allow the project to actualize its visions.

Media Contact:

Diamond Hand: https://youtu.be/8LV-oyKjMf8

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evanluthra/

Email: Evan@evanluthra.com

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