Hong Kong, China–(Vehement Media. – February 19, 2022) – At a press conference on Monday FinTrek Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, a Hong Kong-based financial advisory firm, is celebrating its Fifth year of providing wealth management and stock brokerage services to a diverse international client base. FinTrek Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Limited has expanded its headquarters to occupy the majority of the Wing On Centre building.

                                                                                                                                  FinTrek Capital

“Over the past Five years, FinTrek Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Limited has grown tremendously as we continue to recruit the best talent in the industry and grow our network of clients” said Sihai Liang, Chairman at FinTrek Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. “The only way to foster a culture of success is to ensure that our highly experienced brokers, analysts, and traders have the absolute best resources available so that they can perform at their peak and deliver on their client’s objectives. Regulators require that we risk profile our clients to understand their risk capacity and to what degree they are risk adverse. Using modern portfolio theory, it can sometimes be challenging to distinguish between risk capacity and risk aversion, particularly during the pandemic”

FinTrek Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Limited was founded in 2017 for both retail and institutional investors. Now in its 5th year, they have grown to over $2.6 billion USD assets under management (AUM), and an international team of over 100 highly experienced professionals.

“Client satisfaction and loyalty has driven our firm’s growth over the past Five years. Running a successful business is a simple proposition: provide value and treat your clients and employees well, this is the recipe for a thriving company. Our success is never magic; it is always the result of hard work and cohesive teamwork said Isaac Berenson, Director of Institutional Trading” “In relation to our new improved website, we decided to bring in this initiative due to market uncertainty stemming from the pandemic and also macroeconomic variables such as inflation. Capital preservation has become the most prevalent objective among investors. Our new website caters directly to this demographic of risk adverse investors”

Media Contact
Name: Jenny Chu (International Press Officer)
Company: FinTrek Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
Email: Info@fintrekcaphk.com
Website: https://www.fintrekcaphk.com

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