Ajman, United Arab Emirates–(Vehement Media. – March 11, 2022) – After 1.5 years of rigorous efforts, FundedNext, the new prop-trading firm by NEXT Ventures, will launch its funding program on March 18th, 2022. FundedNext will provide up to $4 million in trading capital to traders worldwide, with the flexibility to use all kinds of trading strategies and share up to 90% of the profits while bearing the losses.


NEXT Ventures has been building numerous products and solutions for the trading community and various financial organizations for several years. While working closely with the traders and market experts, they’ve identified a crucial obstacle that most skilled traders face; access to trading capital. Based on this finding and 1.5 years of tireless efforts, NEXT Ventures has built a technologically enhanced proprietary trading firm, FundedNextaiming to provide the most efficient funding program to traders globally.

Syed Abdullah Jayed, CEO of NEXT Ventures, states, “With a vision to empower one of the largest communities in the world, I thought of building a technologically robust funding platform for the traders.” He adds, “Our goal is to provide funds to traders with the best possible trading experience and maximize opportunities to unleash their true potential. Keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with 2 different funding models through which traders will earn how much they want from trading, with their skills and our funds.”

Having had a massive success with their private funding program and receiving positive responses from the traders, they have planned to scale up and fund more traders worldwide through FundedNext. FundedNext is offering two funding models, as mentioned before: the Express and the Evaluation. The Express model is a one-step assessment funding program, while the evaluation model has two steps to get the real funded account. However, traders will get exciting rewards for their performance during the assessment phases in both models.

Some of the major factors that set FundedNext apart from their competitors are:

  • Designed for all kinds of traders with all trading styles
  • Finest technology & smoothest payment options
  • 15% profit sharing from the assessment phase
  • Up to 90% profit share on funded accounts
  • Up to $4M scale-up plan, 40% increase in each cycle
  • 24/7 support with a dedicated account manager

A trader’s journey to their financial freedom is full of obstacles, but with the help of 24/7 dedicated customer support and a team of 96 professionals, FundedNext aims to ease that journey. Compared to the competitors available in the market, FundedNext’s funding models seem to be rewarding.

FundedNext’s registration will be open to all traders from March 18th, 2022.

Company info: FundedNext (a subsidiary of NEXT Ventures) is registered in and has its operational offices in the UAE, the USA, and Southeast Asia. For more information about FundedNext, visit https://www.fundednext.com. For inquiries, contact customer support at support@fundednext.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Media Contact:

Company Name – FundedNext
Email – support@fundednext.com
Phone – (+1) 762- 213-9802
Website – www.fundednext.com
Location – United Arab Emirates



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