Hanoi, Vietnam–( Vehement Media  – November 27, 2021) – Kripto Galaxy Battle is an Idle NFT game built on KardiaChain which aims to create mass adoption and Play-to-earn ecosystem. While opening the blockchain infrastructure and Dapp-development hub, KardiaChain is one of the one-stop-shops for start-up and corporations to develop blockchain projects with near-zero gas fees and high speed for mass adoption. Besides My Defi Pet, Thetan Arena, BecoSwap, and many other layer-2 projects which utilized its infrastructure, there is a new project with the mining feature that has tremendous potential to grow is Kripto Galaxy Battle. The game had recently released an Alpha test where players can experience the mining feature and thus, received a rousing welcome from the community.

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Kripto Galaxy Battle is a strategy game set in a future universe, where participants will explore the galaxy searching for rare $GEM. The game is built on KardiaChain which aims to create a mass-adoption and Play-to-earn ecosystem, joined by a fully-experienced game studio Cyforce and a Defi Platform – BecoSwap. With the community’s strong belief in the potential of the project, it had successfully held the IFO on BecoSwap with a considerably high oversubscribe of 1200% and 4 million USD committed on BecoSwap Launch Pad, and is backed by Kardia Ventures. With Kripto Galaxy Battle, users will have enjoyable gaming experiences and can gain profits by different ways including NFT trading, completing the in-game quests and, most interestingly, Gem mining.

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Gem mining in Kripto Galaxy Battle

Kripto Galaxy Battle is a story of humans conducting explorations of the universe in search of Gems containing great energy and high value due to the lack of resources in the Earth. Robots and equipment are sent to another planet to mine minerals while Monster, another in-game character that inhabits the galaxy is also captured by humans to separate raw minerals into gems.

In the game, GEM is an asset, it is a product of the mining process or a reward in-game quests. $GEM are tokens used for upgrading, participating in battles, attending events, redeeming rewards. Therefore, people are thirsty for gems, which makes the mining feature even more attractive. To start mining, players need at least 2 robots, 1 monster and 1 planet. Each NFT – Robots, Monsters and Planets – costs around 10 KABA and can be bought on Becoswap NFT Marketplace. This means players need nearly 30 dollars to start their “Play-to-earn” journey, which fits with even small-budget investors.

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How many Gems users can mine, and how to mine faster?

The good news is the number of Gems users can mine daily is unlimited. Different strategies have been applied by plentiful players to optimize mining efficiency, yet below are some suggestions that might help to increase the gem mining speed.

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As for Planet, where Robots and Monsters will work to mine GEM, to increase the mining speed users might want planets with higher rarity, bigger sizes to allow more characters to mine at the same time or to use characters that have the same card color with it.

For characters, mining power is an index calculated based on 3 basic stats of the character: strength, speed, energy. Users can increase this power by two different strategies: using gen0 or assemble to get Mutation.

With Gen0 characters, which were only sold in Presale: higher rarity means greater mining power. Gen0 is also important as it brings advantages in assembling to achieve the most powerful mutations with the cheapest price. Investing in gen0 is the speculation that can bring great benefits as the game develops.

With Mutated characters: Characters with many mutated genes will have increased power stacks. The higher the mutant gene, the greater the amount of power increases. However, to get mutants, users might need to learn about assemble strategy. Assembling a Mutation is thought-provoking as it has its rules, and even when users follow the rule, not all the time could they get what they want due to probabilities. However, many players and investors still prefer to assemble to get mutations – the super in-game warriors as mutated genes could increase the mining speed up to max 560%, which could bring them very huge profits in the game.

The last NFT is Items which could help to increase the strength and speed of characters in all cases. Currently, the Item hasn’t been sold, so it can be said that this is a golden opportunity for newcomers to learn more about Kripto Galaxy Battle to prepare for its private sale.

There are two tokens of the game: $KABA and $GEM. While $KABA is used as a cryptocurrency/main token within Kripto Galaxy Battle, $GEM, as stated above, is the tokens to upgrade, participate in battles, attend events and redeem rewards. Investors could earn by different ways including playing games, staking, breeding the NFT to get higher value NFTs to trade or trading tokens on Kaidex as the $KABA token has already been published. With staking features that players had already experienced, users can choose to stake either KABA token or NFTs assets into pools. The rewards will be returned as new items or KABA tokens.

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Kripto Galaxy Battle released its Alpha test on November 11th and the Beta test is expected to launch by the end of this month. Right from the Beta test, players can earn real gems when mining, which APR is expected to be promising around ~300%. In addition, Q4 also has an Item private sale, a tool that buffs the strength of the character, helping the character to mine faster.

The game will soon have the battle feature and mobile version in the upcoming year. It is still following its roadmap, creating great confidence for investors. Some might doubt yet others are ready for their profits. In fact, Kripto Galaxy Battle is suitable for a wide range of players from those who love collectibles, investors to the game players. At this time, they might need to put in some money to start playing, yet they can recover after some amount of time and even have a huge profit if they have a smart strategy.

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For more information about Kripto Galaxy Battle, you can follow at:

Website: https://kriptobattle.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KriptoBattle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kriptobattle

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/kriptogalaxybattle

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/becoswap_announcement

Discord: https://discord.gg/Wfj68FGw6u

Whitepaper docs: https://docs.kriptobattle.com/

Media Contact:

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Email: info@kriptobattle.com

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