Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates–(Vehement Media. – December 10, 2021) – Renowned for its highly ambitious investment projects in banking, commercial real estate, engineering, and medical equipment, the ICICB Group aims to be a game-changer in the decentralization movement. And what better way to showcase their grandiose plan of launching the fastest Blockchain in the world rather than at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi?

ICICB Group x Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021 – F1 Race

The ICICB Group will make its appearance at the racing event by renting an entire floor at the W Hotel – Yas Island, located right next to the track, and offering their established F1 enthusiasts a breath-taking view. Nevertheless, the reputable investment conglomerate will be hiring a private yacht for its well-distinguished guests during the event’s three days.

Introducing the ICICB Chain

It won’t be all just fun and games, although there will be a significant focus on gaming. The primary purpose of ICICB Group’s presence at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will introduce the Atari Chain and develop a network of investors, visionary entrepreneurs, gaming, and luxury experts to back it up.

ICICB alongside Atari Chain aims to facilitate a reliable blockchain platform for the gaming industry, making it highly scalable while assuring a strong ecosystem in which their stakeholders could easily put their development projects to work. The ICICB Chain will be operating on Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABFT).

This technology allows honest nodes of networks to guarantee to agree on the order and the timing of a given set of transactions in a fair and highly-secure way. Therefore, it allows potentially infinite scalability while processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, even when there are many nodes taking place concomitantly in the network.

In addition, through its DAG-based distributed ledger technology, the ICICB Consensus Algorithm (ICA) aims to dramatically increase the security and performance of the blockchain, seeking to securely process over 300,000 transactions per second, making it possible incredibly fast and competitive.

The Rapid Shift Towards a Decentralized Economy

As the subtitle suggests, the ICICB Group is paving the way to a new type of economy, aiming to seize a continuously growing gaming market that hasn’t yet bloomed to its full potential within the blockchain area, presenting high hopes for the ICICB Chain. Thus, that is why the Dubai-based conglomerate will be present in Abu Dhabi for the F1 race – to speed up the development of a strong and reliable blockchain platform for the gaming industry by connecting the right talent with investors that believe in a decentralized future.

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