Cali, Colombia–(Vehement Media – November 12, 2021) – Interactive Blockchain-based travel platform, Hidden Global, will change the way individuals travel forever, enabling people from all over the world to discover their perfect hidden paradise destinations. Hidden Global is creating a new platform allowing travelers and tourism operators to coexist and connect in a safe and fair travel market.

Global tourism is in a process of gradual recovery, the COVID-19 pandemic was a near-fatal blow, not only to the tourism industry, but to the lives and economies of millions of people around the world. In 2020, global tourist arrivals fell to 74% (UNWTO Tourism dashboard). The mass vaccination and the various initiatives that seek to encourage the reactivation of tourism have again produced an increase in the number of travelers, however, in the current situation there are many factors that hinder the reactivation and full development of an activity that has an enormous potential to evolve and grow, such as tourism, and that’s exactly where Hidden Global came to revolutionize tourism around the world.

Hidden Global’s platform is an ecosystem in which everyone registers, creates tourism products, and can freely choose the offer that is most attractive to them, instead of being forced to buy the typical high-cost products that the large travel agencies offer, travelers will have at their disposal a whole free and unlimited market to travel in the best way. In Hidden Global, each user will be free to develop all the potential they have to offer travelers, and each traveler is free to purchase the service that best suits their needs.

The interaction between users will be direct (without intermediaries) and effective, each of these communications and transactions will be recorded in the form of blocks of information; blocks that will be unchanged, transparent, and will be built solely based on mutual agreement between two or more parties. This will be possible thanks to the technology that is changing the world: Blockchain technology.

The above means that, the ability to handle the times, budgets and other details of a trip is very limited, not to mention problematic factors such as exchange market volatility, making it possible for money to lose much of its value when converting it to another currency. However, imagine that there was a way that individuals could dispense with all the complications mentioned so far? To be able to manage and carry out a trip without having to worry about the problems that could cause financial intermediaries, exchange rates, or mishaps with large travel agencies. These are the possibilities that Blockchain offers for tourism worldwide.

Applying the advantages just mentioned to a market with as much growth potential as tourism, the possibilities for each traveler will be virtually unlimited each time he or she sets out to travel, because, by increasing the ease of offering and acquiring tourism services, it causes the abundance of tourism services to skyrocket in this context of free market, giving tourists the possibility to choose the products and services they like best, at the price that suits them best, and at times that seem best to them, and all in a safe, transparent and effective way.

Hidden Global’s App will be available for IOS and Android, and it will enable travelers to discover new hidden paradise destinations all over the world as well as find activities in each place. All users will have access to travel guides, accommodation and flight options as well as means of payment via Hidden Global’s platform, and every two to three months, the App will unlock a new paradisiacal destination to be discovered, with a projection of at least 30 destinations to be unlocked within the next four years. The first destination upon the launch of the App is Colombia, home territory of the founder and CEO, Juan Diego Bernal.

Juan Diego Bernal, CEO and Founder of Hidden Global said: “After what seems like a lifetime of hard work and development, we are delighted to finally announce the launch of the Hidden Global platform. Post-pandemic, the travel industry is crying out for an overhaul of an antiquated tourism infrastructure that we know tourists and travel providers alike find difficult to navigate. Our mission is to provide market equality for all involved in the tourism industry – something that is more important than ever in an increasingly technological and globalized world.”

“As the tourism industry begins to recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19, we at Hidden Global are proud to be pioneering the use of Blockchain technology to offer travelers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for discovering some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, and believe it, there are a lot! We look forward to welcoming you into the platform. Watch this space for more exciting updates!”

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Contact Person: Juan Diego Bernal, Founder & CEO
Company: Hidden Global

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