Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania–(Vehement Media. – February 11, 2022) – HyperCAP raised its maiden funding of a Million dollars and it was led by Mr. Manish Bharti who is the former South Asia President of UiPath.

HyperCAP has a vision to change the way every business runs their operations by enabling them to automate repetitive, mundane, and time-consuming tasks through intelligent software robots, allowing them to save costs, improve operational efficiencies and scale faster. It is a single unified platform which is able to address all dimensions that are critical to deliver Cognitive Automation at scale: RPA, Business workflow integration, Conversational Ai, Machine learning and Ai based unstructured document processing, video and image analytics and process discovery. – 360-degree automation out of the box. Currently it is serving clients in North America, Middle East and Southern Africa.

                                      Manish Bharti

Recent Funding

The company offers (4) different types of automation including: iRobo, Convo Ai, Extractor Ai, & AI For you Ai. The industry agnostic firm formally based out of South Africa has recently successfully raised one million in funding by Industry leader Mr. Manish Bharti. With the recent funding, the 360-degree automation platform, HyperCAP is excited to address all dimensions that are critical in the marketplace to deliver Cognitive Automation at scale. With its newest capital allocation, HyperCap wants to further deploy its marketplace solutions into different international markets. The main investor in this recent round of funding, Manish Bharti, knew when reviewing HyperCap that it was a unicorn in the making. Furthermore, Bharti went on to state “Having spent around a decade in this space & with leading players, I was amazed to see whatHyperCAP has built as an Automation platform, which can easily compete with A players in the market”.

Future Growth For HyperCap Ai

With much to be excited about in the future for HyperCap Ai, the organization understands it is in the right place at the right time. With exponential growth and innovation in the Technology sector, the team understands their services fall in the first sector in history to have an exponential rate in annual innovation & growth. Many likable investors and fund managers such as Cathy Wood, have shared insight including the belief that technology will disrupt the way all commerce and communication are conducted in its entirety – exponentially in the future. With so much growth and optimism from the founder of HyperCap Ai – Chayan Bhattacharyay shared more on what he had to say on the recent round of funding. Chayan explains: “This investment validates the breadth and depth of our product and reflects our ecosystem’s confidence and faith in the brand and the possibilities that we bring to the table. This funding will help us continue to invest in AI-powered intelligent automation and expand our reach to the rest of the world beyond North America.”

Learn More About HyperCap Ai

With so much excitement on the horizon, look for Hyper Cap Ai to expand its market share in the Ai marketplace as the go to exclusive service provider for all things Ai. The organization currently operates and offers its services in multiple marketplaces internationally – To learn more about HyperCAP, click here.

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