London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – February 23, 2022) – Recently nominated for Web Design Agency of the Year by Corporate LiveWire, 7th Level Media is shifting its focus and vision towards service-based small businesses and helping them grow their business via internet presence and marketing.

According to statistics, more than 90% of all start-ups end up failing within the first 120 days. An overwhelming amount of these failures is simply due to poor Internet presence. Simply put, Internet marketing does not run on auto-pilot, and small businesses need to pay special attention to their digital presence. The 7th Level Media agency was established in 2017 and its founder Logan Hughes aimed to help small business owners succeed online by building a dynamic internet presence for these small business units.

The internet location of a business and its social media strength is equally important as the business’ physical outlet location. According to Logan Hughes, “The job of 7th Level Media is to take that digital expansion workload into their hands and strengthen it.”

As the influence of the Internet grows daily, it’s important for businesses to have the right branding and people to contribute to their growth and development. The early push from internet marketing is one way that can help the businesses achieve their goal of fast tracking growth and development, while reaching more people.

But as it is certain that Internet marketing will reach more people, it must also reach the ‘right’ people. Small businesses suffer from spending a lot of money on digital ad campaigns with no positive ROI in sight. The 7th Level agency offers services from functional website design to social media marketing to ensure businesses are found by their ideal customers online.

The agency has launched a dedicated project manager support for overseeing a team consisting of a web designer, SEO expert, copywriter, and graphic designer, businesses are offered in-house digital marketing solutions without the hassle. To know more on getting started on working with the team, contact them here.

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Name: Saqib Malik
Phone no.: +447935552527

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