London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – December 7, 2021) – CESS announces their intention to address the current issues with identity and user privacy in Web 2 by implementing solid Web 3 solutions in the data storage sector. The issues currently plaguing the web space are related to the constant data breaches from large private and public entities, as well as ethical concerns about how user data is distributed or violated without their consent. These flaws can only be addressed by Web 3.0 platforms that offer permission less and trustless data storage systems.


CESS, or Cumulated Encrypted Storage System, intends to use blockchain technology to address data security and user privacy concerns. CESS is a decentralized cloud data network infrastructure built with an open-source framework called Substrate. CESS is founded on cutting-edge visualization, cryptography, and cloud computing technologies. CESS was created to manage user resources while providing clients with secure, high-performance, and limitless cloud data storage services.

CESS aspires to build a completely open, transparent, and high-throughput global data ecosystem. Furthermore, CESS employs high-level data encryption technology to address issues of data ownership and user privacy, allowing secure data sharing to take place without fear of a data leak.

The CESS ecosystem is supported by its utility token, $CESS, which represents the total value of the blockchain protocol and has a limited supply of $10 billion. Holders of the CESS token are eligible to vote in the CESS community governance (CESS DAO).

                     Token Allocation

CESS also employs a Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²) mechanism to ensure data integrity and safety. Multi-copy, data sharding, encryption, and distributed file storage are also essential security features to protect user data,CESS, or Cumulated Encrypted Storage System guarantees data safety and integrity to the greatest extent possible even in the event of an extreme natural disaster.

CESS implements CESS Proxy Re-encryption technology to protect the best client data privacy, allowing secure data sharing to be executed without risk of data exposure. Meanwhile, CESS proposes the Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation Mechanism (MDRC), which extracts data fingerprints from each data file to generate a data certificate ID. By comparing similarities between data fingerprints, the system identifies lineages of data files and provides strong evidence for ownership protection.


CESS also employs the R²S consensus mechanism to achieve low gas fees and high transaction speeds, which have been reported to reach 10,000 Tps (transactions per second). The R²S consensus mechanism is also essential in achieving CESS’s goal of providing all users with a fair, transparent, and equal opportunity data-sharing market.

CESS is a cloud data network and blockchain platform that allows users and developers to share data on the blockchain and build and deploy DApps. The CESS virtual machine is EVM/WASM compatible to be compatible with other existing decentralized applications, providing a more convenient, secure, and efficient platform for DApp development.

The decentralized cloud storage sector is an essential component of Web 3.0 platforms, and CESS intends to play a significant role in developing a reliable, secure, and transparent data sharing system that protects user privacy and data ownership rights.

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