Doom Hero, a unique innovation in the blockchain space, is set to open the door to the metaverse with its 3D strategy game incorporating NFT, DeFi, and blockchain technology.

Tokyo, Japan–(Vehement Media – December 3, 2021) – Doom Hero is the first project in GameFi that focuses on SocialFi and includes an in-game guild operation system. Social networking is the foundation for players in traditional games to communicate, learn, form guilds, and compete for revenue. Players can form guilds and invite other players to join, increasing the profitability of guilds and guild members and making guilds stronger and stronger.

The guild system is very important in Doom Hero. Guild members can increase their earnings by completing the guild’s daily quests. To encourage him or her to manage the guild diligently, the guild leader can claim a portion of the daily outputs of other guild members. The guild has a chat room to help players connect and communicate with one another. Guild members can actively invite other players to join their guilds in order to strengthen them.

Furthermore, Doom Hero employs GameFi’s traditional dual-token system, as seen in Star Atlas, with Doom Hero Token (DHD) serving as the governance token and Doom Hero Gold (DHG) serving as the consumption token in the game. Except for game development and ecological fund lock-up, the total supply of DHD is 1 billion (no IDO), which is primarily used to serve the game ecology. The game generates all DHG, so there is no upper limit to the number of DHG that can be issued.

Doom Hero’s gameplay is exciting and combative. Five heroes are required to form a team in Doom Hero. These heroes can be obtained by opening mystery chests or purchasing them from auction houses. Ordinary chests, advanced chests, and fixed chests are the three types of mystery chests.

In addition, in order to play the game, players must purchase heroes or mystery hero chests from the marketplace, or they can purchase DHDs from Pancake and use the DHD to purchase mystery hero chests from the marketplace.

There are both PVP and PVE modes in Doom Hero. In PVE, players will primarily obtain DHGs, which will be used for equipment crafting and skill upgrades. DHG and equipment of the same level are required to craft advanced equipment. Players primarily obtain DHDs in PVP, which can be used to upgrade heroes and recruit new heroes.

Doom Hero aims to combine the best of both worlds in GameFi and SocialFi, offering users a complete gaming experience as well as safe and dependable asset protection. Players can earn money while playing the game and get a sneak peek into the metaverse.

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