Santa Monica, California–(Vehement Media. – December 22, 2021) – Just $APE, a brand new crypto currency token launched on November 18th 2021. Headed by Flur of @flurnft on Twitter, the Just $APE project aims to develop a new type of crypto community. With notable team members from all across the world, the Just $APE token appears to be poised for success. Encapsulating memecoin and NFT culture all in one, Just $APE hopes to build on similar past projects, harnessing their strengths while making significant improvements on their areas of weakness. Though there have been countless memecoins launched this past year, most have come and gone largely due to lack of an experienced and dedicated team, or a strong community. Some have been popular contenders, but the market is always ripe for innovation, and that is where Just $APE is planning to capitalize.

                              Just $APE

“We are in this together. We want to build a community that lives and breathes crypto, NFT, memecoin, all of it. We are for the culture of crypto, the culture of financial freedom, and a bright future.” says Flur, a well known Influencer in the NFT space. Flur is a common feature across Crypto Twitter and has built a growing community. Just $APE is his latest foray into the Crypto World.

The Just $APE token is ERC-20 based, and launched on the well-known Ethereum blockchain. It began trading at approximately 19:45 on November 18th and immediately shot up to a $10 million market cap with a massive level of trading volume and social chatter. Many prominent influencers were on boarded prior to launch, and the community is highly engaged across Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. The token is currently holding a healthy support level, and trading volume continues to increase while attracting the attention of many notable “whales”; a term used to describe traders with enormously large crypto portfolios.

The long term scope of the project includes building a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which will help facilitate project governance while also executing an NFT launch and allocating resources to practical utility development. Multiple centralized exchanges may be listing the token in the near future according to the Just $APE team who are extremely enthusiastic about the long term vision for the project and community. The project is also slated to be featured on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, the leading token listing platforms. Rumors are out that a large marketing campaign will go live in the Asian continent with multiple Chinese influencers on boarding. The overall global reach and future prospects of the project appear bright.

Investors truly have something to look forward to with Just $APE. A strong team with experienced development and community background, combined with a comprehensive roadmap. Merging NFTs, Memecoins, and strong tokenomics is certainly a recipe for success. NFT launch white listing is ongoing, with the launch date unconfirmed at this time. There is already a lot of buzz around what this token and project could do next. The sky truly seems to be the limit for the Just $APE team and the community’s excitement around what could be in store next is palpable. Kudos to Flur and the entire $APE team!

Just $Ape


Emso Chamba
Community Representitive
Just Aped
919 Georgina Ave, Santa Monica California 90402


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