Tallinn, Estonia–(Vehement Media – March 24, 2022) – The Lean Global Community – an international community of people involved in management at all levels, and people who strive to increase their own qualifications on the labor market in any area of ​​activity – has announced the launch of new services for the business segment. The services are a bridge to the world of digital currencies for individuals and, in particular, for companies, industries and global brands that cooperate with creators and other enterprises that are willing to expand their influence on the traditional market and increase their scope of activity on the growing blockchain market. Lean Community is the issuer of the digital currency Lean Management Token (LEAN), which is a payment method used in trading on the Lean Global Marketplace platform. The platform is used to offer services, and contains community offers for use. According to the team, the services will become functional from Q2, 2022.

Lean Management Token

Lean Global Marketplace, Skiller Network and Lean Virtual Reality

Lean Global Marketplace is an unlimited access platform for trading products and services. It has a user-friendly interface and the function of conducting conferences and video chats. The means of payment on the Marketplace is the Lean Management Token digital currency, which is covered by the cash back program. Fiat payments are also supported.

Skiller Network is a social network and a range generator for the offers from the Lean Global Marketplace. Skiller network allows users to build a personal profile of skills and career maps along with the function of creating their own product and service offer and networking, which will be precisely addressed to people expressing preferences in the direction of specific professional development.

Lean VR is a system of virtual reality and a service that will be made available in Q2, 2022 as part of the business segment. It is an individual virtual space for manufacturing companies that wish to conduct implementation training, work organization, and much more.

About Lean Management Token (LEAN)

The Lean Community Core Team offers a range of services for business in the area of the tokenization of innovative projects, the creation of 2d/3d games, consulting in the field of legal aspects, publishing valuable materials, and services related to the development of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for manufacturing companies. Lean Management Token is a payment method for training, consulting or management, and also for self-development related products and services.

Visit Lean Community (https://leancommunity.org/) to learn more.

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