Seoul, Korea–(Vehement Media. – March 14, 2022) – MetaRising, an innovative cryptocurrency initiative, aims to be the first project to combine Metaverse agriculture with real-world farming. The MetaRising ecosystem intends to use blockchain technology to assist its users in increasing their income and supporting the global agricultural economy. The ecosystem’s early development strategy is to create user-friendly and market-friendly platforms to attract more loyal users.

It is worth noting that MetaRising is the first project in the crypto market to be certified as a global vendor by the United Nations. This is because MetaRising, in contrast to other homogeneous games in the metaverse, is focusing on a farm-themed GameFi project and connecting it with a real-world farming utility.

According to official sources, the Microtuber project’s growth history can be traced to early 2019. The project hopes to leverage blockchain technology to reach the $80 billion global market for agricultural seeds. By providing seeds – a critical component in agricultural production – the seed industry lays the groundwork for agriculture’s long-term viability. The seed industry, also known as the “semiconductor of agriculture” due to its high added value, is a market that develops and produces seeds for various crops and livestock fodder, among other things, and distributes them to farmers.

Because the global seed industry has been monopolized by a few genetically modified seed producing companies, local farmers have become overly reliant on overpriced seed products. It is important to note that the seed market necessitates a high level of expertise and that investments take a long time to yield profits, so few companies are willing to invest.

According to a member of the project’s core team, “MetaRising has pioneered the MicroTuber project to improve this market crisis by pooling its expertise and resources to launch the world’s first agricultural crowdfunding platform, SeedBox. We also obtained the official UN Global Vendor Certification (Certification number 521011) as a blockchain project with expressive interests in the food supply, carbon emission reduction, and climate change prevention. This validation has positioned as a project that combines the thrill of the metaverse with real-world utility.”

It is worth noting that SeedBox is the core of the MetaRising ecosystem. Users can stake their tokens to earn more income from SeedBox. Furthermore, SeedBox Innovation aims to break the global seed industry’s monopoly and create a transparent and non-monopolistic platform to address the market’s current inequalities.

The MetaRising ecosystem has introduced a business model that allows users to earn money through the Play-to-earn(P2E) model and transfer the value to support real-world agricultural products. Users can earn passive income through the P2E model or participate in seedbox. This model positions the project to generate revenue for its users through staking while also providing seed assets for several agricultural projects.

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