Sydney, Australia–(Vehement Media – April 5, 2022) – A new enterprise-level crypto custody platform Unido aims to target SMEs looking to enter the metaverse economy.

Currently about to launch community beta testing, Unido EP is the latest offering from blockchain company Unido and CEO Chris Weddle says that it is perfect timing.


“With many other large corporations launching metaverse platforms, already we’re seeing the need for tighter security and governance.

“Plus, there’s been a surge in small business interest around metaverse and web 3 technology which will only grow as the technology matures,” says Weddle.

Google trends data shows an increase in search data on the term ‘metaverse’ across 2021.

“Despite the inevitable controversy around the metaverse, just like any new technology, businesses are keen to capitalize on the opportunity and that’s why it’s vital we have enterprise-level crypto custody solutions built on the blockchain. They will be the cornerstone of the web 3 economy.”

Weddle is concerned that businesses will face huge security, governance and liquidity challenges in the rush to jump on the metaverse train.

“Hacks do happen on crypto exchanges and while most have good security protocols, many of them are not set up to cater for enterprise-level security, compliance and liquidity needs,” says Weddle.

If the recent $200M hack on Bitmart is anything to go by, this is a problem that’s not going away.

Yet, Weddle remains optimistic about where the industry is heading, citing huge growth in the enterprise crypto custody sector. A recent report by Deloitte states that the crypto digital asset market has grown to US$ 239 bn.

“With more focus on business crypto investment, companies not implementing institutional-grade custody solutions will struggle when the metaverse takes off,” says Weddle.

Unido’s enterprise platform is due to public release in early 2022, once beta testing is complete.

“For SMEs, Unido EP offers liquidity and enterprise-level security, so we’re excited to put the platform through its paces.”


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Mike Swann (finance): 0412011396

Chris Weddle (technical): 0408 955 295

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