London, United Kingdom–(Vehement Media. – February 23, 2022) – Hash Power Service Provider DMEX has provided easy access to crypto mining by innovatively tokenizing hash power into an NFT.

The crypto mining industry is becoming increasingly specialized and standardized. Compared to risky investments in the secondary market, mining is much more secure and cost-effective. Mining is the best way to obtain cryptocurrency at the lowest cost. The mining industry has evolved quite a lot in the past decade. What is the newest and most efficient method of mining?

Hash Power NFT is revolutionizing the crypto mining business

Hash power, aka hashing power, computing power, mining power, is the power that computers or hardware uses to run and solve different hashing algorithms. These algorithms are used for generating new cryptocurrencies and recording transactions between them. The process of solving the hashing algorithms and winning the resulting cryptocurrency reward is called mining. The more hash power users have, the more potential mining reward users will get.

Traditionally, owning hash power requires expensive high-performance computers, specialized mining equipment, complicated IT maintenance skills, and in-depth network diagnosis knowledge. Therefore, some people choose to purchase hash power from professional miners to save the hassle. However, such cloud hash power is often non-tradable, meaning that users can’t back out of their cloud mining contract once it’s started. Nevertheless, one hash power provider, DMEX ( has innovatively tokenized hash power into NFTs to provide easy access to crypto mining for everyone. DMEX’s hash power NFT is also highly tradable and resellable, making it an ideal investment for both short-term speculators and long-term investors.

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