Belize City, Belize–(Vehement Media – April 1, 2022) – Moon Rabbit is proud to announce a partnership with the world’s leading Longevity research institution – Foresight Institute. For over 30 years, the non-profit has been researching technologies that aim to vastly improve the human condition, and continues to work closely with top scientists in the fields of Nanotech, Biotech, Computation, Neurotech, and even Space. By using a mixture of crowdsourcing, molecular machines, neurotechnology, computing, and space technology programs, Foresight Institute is building tech trees to address modern challenges relating to manufacturing, brain-computer interfaces, private ML, asteroid mining, and finally, longevity.

Moon Rabbit Partners with Foresight

This partnership perfectly positions Moon Rabbit to allocate grants and research funding towards the goal of eliminating virtually every malady known to man, including aging. The crypto-conglomerate is set to sponsor the Foresight Institute Fellowship class of 2022, and through that one-year program, provide young, leading minds with a platform to accelerate their ideas.

The founder of Moon Rabbit, Angel Versetti, is no stranger to pursuing experimental directions in the name of longevity, and the core purpose of Moon Rabbit remains fixed on democratizing the access to life extending solutions and providing a decentralized space for these technologies to mature. To that end, Moon Rabbit is building a substrate where the most promising longevity-oriented projects can make effective use of the crypto and web3 tools provided by Moon Rabbit ecosystem, and flourish.

Similarly, Foresight Institute puts itself ahead in its field by embracing web3 and unlocking the potential of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, web3 data processing and storage. Alongside Moon Rabbit, they are building platforms and infrastructures needed to take advantage of the blockchain technology for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, liquidity access and scalability.

“Once you have successfully upended the financial world, you might look to bigger problems to challenge,” said Angel Versetti. 

Today, longevity is taking a turn from being a catchy magazine headline. Everywhere the most renowned crypto and tech visionaries are propelling longevity research.

Moon Rabbit is the world’s first cryptocurrency entirely devoted to the pursuit of eternal life, and being a full fork of Polkadot, the network boasts massive scalability coupled with full cross-chain interoperability. Projects participating in the AAA ecosystem will contribute to life extension research, and will be provided with a space where continuous scientific cooperation and research collaboration is not only encouraged but also rewarded.

Moon Rabbit is a crypto-conglomerate on a mission. And that mission is crystal clear. 

About Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit is a distributed crypto-conglomerate constituting a system of systems (Jurisdictions), uniting all distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies in the ultimate cross-chain protocol – a Metachain. Crypto and web3 are only the short-term foundations and instruments for the overarching Grand Mission of Moon Rabbit: to discover the secret to eternal life – whether biologically or digitally – and to enable humanity to transcend the known dimensions and experience new worlds and states of consciousness. Building upon the best practices of Longevity (Radical Aging Therapy & Genomics) and Cryptographic Distributed Systems (Substrate, Web3 & Bitcoin philosophy) to achieve our Mission. The core network of Moon Rabbit builds scalable incentive models and web3 infrastructure to accelerate Longevity R&D.

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About Foresight Institute

About Foresight Institute Foresight Institute advances technologies of fundamental importance to the long-term future of life and the biosphere focusing on molecular machine nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer science. We reward excellence, restrain recklessness, and create community to promote beneficial uses of these technologies and reduce misuse and accidents potentially associated with them.

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Beatrice Erkers

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