New York, New York–(Vehement Media. – February 17, 2022) – Moon implements improvements to preexisting models via application of blockchain technologies. Through the combination of blockchain and real-world business models, Moon tokens cultivate utility that exists both within the cryptocurrency space and our own. Such an endeavor requires a multifaceted approach, and Moon acknowledges such a goal cannot be achieved through a monolithic platform with a singular focus. With this in consideration, Moon has taken their first steps toward their goal with their recently released MoonStake utility, and their February release-slated MoonDex.




In simplest terms, MoonStake mirrors the function of banking certificates of deposits and utilizes the blockchain to make possible interest reward percentages otherwise unachievable. MoonStake provides three tiers of staking with each tier possessing a different window of time and varying levels of APY.

The bronze tier is MoonStakes flexible plan and offers an APY of up to one-hundred and twenty-seven (127) percent.

The silver tier is a sixty (60) day plan that offers an APY of up to two-hundred and seven (207) percent.

The gold tier is a ninety (90) day plan that offers an APY of up to three-hundred and five (305) percent.

Moon token focuses on a real-world utility, CD’s, and emphasizing blockchain’s ability to further realize the potential of the function. Furthermore, staking Moon benefits the ecosystem by maintaining network security, confirming transactions, and supporting the networks’ efficacy. Moreover, the benefits of staking reflect a core belief in the Moon mission: providing a premium, yet approachable trading experience.


Scheduled for release in February, the MoonDex consolidates and provides users with a single point of access to their portfolio, trading of assets, and entry into exploration of new projects. New projects can readily be discovered through the ad and project voting system, and users can connect their wallet, swap coins and tokens using Moon’s multi-bridge swap aggregator.

Compartmentalization is crucial when navigating the cryptocurrency space, and MoonDex provides a clean interface that compiles all necessary components into one platform. No longer are the days of myriad tabs, as users shuffle from one platform to the next between swaps and wallets and charts. MoonDex is designed to inform and support investors as they learn to trade like a professional, all in one space.

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