Istanbul, Turkey–(Vehement Media – December 6, 2021) – Fashion in the Metaverse is trending now more than ever. NBA Champions Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young have announced a partnership with Space Runners, the first NFT fashion brand for the Metaverse, to launch their sneaker NFT collection. The limited edition sneaker NFTs will be wearable as items in Metaverses with differing traits, speed, and power – and is set to drop shortly, before Christmas in mid-December 2021.

NBA Champions x Fashion NFTs

Space Runners has recently been the center of attention in the NFT space, rapidly garnering athletes, artists, and brands’ attention to become the leader of fashion in the Metaverse. Starting with NBA champion Kyle Kuzma, a recent announcement brought to light that Nick Young has also joined the Space Runners collaboration to launch a NBA Champions NFT Sneaker Collection.

Space Runners also caught the attention of Meta (Facebook’s new name), where Meta showed its excitement in Space Runners for future fashion in the Metaverse.

NBA team New Orleans Pelicans and Chicago Bulls NBA star Devon Dotson are also known to be joining Space Runners. Numerous athletes, artists, and other sports teams are starting to join Space Runners to shape the future of fashion in the Metaverse.

Space Runners: Pioneering Metaverse Fashion as NFTs

Space Runners is the first NFT fashion brand for the Metaverse, where leading artists and athletes can express their creative ideas through NFT apparels. Owners of Space Runners NFT have the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists and athletes through invitation to backstage, exclusive events, access to courtside seats in basketball games, and more.

Founded by a group of Metaverse and Web3-native investors and founders, Space Runners stands out vs. other traditional NFTs. While existing fashion brands are only now beginning to test the waters in the digital world, Space Runners is already said to have developed a Metaverse prototype where their Fashion NFTs could be directly be plugged and played, wherein each Space Runners NFT is designed with unique traits such as different power levels, speeds, and stability.

Space Runners also has an embedded Augmented Reality (AR) feature, wherein the owners of the NFTs can “try on” their sneaker NFTs through AR, and share these moments on social media.

The goal of Space Runners is to combine fashion, collectibles, gameplay, and sports into a lifestyle within the Metaverse. For Space Runners NFT owners, numerous events are said to be rolling out even in the digital space – including a Virtual Fashion Week, a Metaverse Running Marathon, signature events within the Metaverse, and much more.


Space Runners is designed as a complete ecosystem for the Metaverse fashion space, where athletes and artists have the opportunity to express their creativity within the digital space through their customized NFT collections. With its NBA Champion NFT Collection launching mid-December, and its Metaverse game launching Q1’22, Space Runners is a pioneer shaping the future of Fashion in the Metaverse.

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