• Introducing “Cryptolife”– a game-changing digital app built to integrate with the Tezos blockchain for new and existing Tezos token holders.

  • The app will offer a mobile-first, digital asset-friendly platform for users to manage their digital assets and access new services right from their fingertips.

London, England–(Vehement Media. – February 14, 2022) – The fast growing fintech Baanx, has announced the launch of Cryptolife, a game-changing digital app built to integrate with the Tezos blockchain for new and existing Tezos token holders.


Tezos, the original Proof of Stake protocol that built a vibrant community, has seen extraordinary momentum in 2021. And now the Tezos Cryptolife app will offer a new, mobile-first digital asset management platform for users to save, transfer, and manage their digital assets and access services such as Cryptodrafts offered by Baanx. With leading brands and organizations like McLaren Racing, European Central Bank and more choosing to build on the Tezos blockchain, this is the next step forward for Tezos and it’s community.

The Cryptolife app has been developed and is fully supported by the Baanx team and their revolutionary digital fintech infrastructure. Baanx is a technology company based in the UK that is building the future of modular, iFrame, and API driven financial services. Their innovative financial platform offers debit cards, digital wallets, payment gateways, and white label smartphone apps.

With this strategic collaboration between Baanx and Tezos, the soon-to-be-released Cryptolife app will give users exciting and easy-to-use features which include:

  • Managing and converting digital assets and fiat funds seamlessly on the easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Cryptodraft services with up to 50% LTV starting at 0% interest rates backed by the BXX token.
  • Access to a physical or virtual CL debit card which allows users to convert to fiat directly from their crypto wallets and withdraw from ATMs worldwide.
  • Exchanging all supported digital assets with Tezos’ native token XTZ.
  • Benefiting from low-fee fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat conversion rates.
  • Enjoying fee-free payments to address book contacts using TextBit: one of the revolutionary features unique to Cryptolife.

Tezos token holders will be able to do much more with their XTZ holdings than before with the new Crypto Life App. Users will now have access to the secure Cryptodrafts service by Baanx, which was recently FCA approved, that allows users to unlock interest-free stablecoins backed by their Tez holdings. Users will no longer need to sell their crypto and instead will be able to quickly and easily apply for the Tezos Cryptodraft with stablecoin payouts coming up to 50% of the value of the Tezos wallet and interest rates starting at 0%. Another major feature is the new Tezos CL card which is available to use online and worldwide wherever Mastercard, Visa, and UPI are accepted. This virtual or physical debit card will enable users to seamlessly liquidate their crypto holdings directly from their wallets through the CL App at the time of payment without the need for fiat on the card itself. The card will also allow users to instantly withdraw cash from the worldwide ATM network.

“Tezos has been a supporter and investor in Baanx since its inception and we are proud to finally announce that the Tezos Cryptolife app is finally active and ready for launch. We are very excited for its imminent release and for users to start benefiting from its features,” said Baanx Chief Executive Officer Garth Howat.

Partnered with Baanx, the Tezos Crypto Life app aims to change how users and their digital assets interact with the world by enabling them to store, send and convert their crypto seamlessly and access innovative new services such as Cryptodrafts and the CL card.

The Tezos Cryptolife app will be available for users to download all over Europe, excluding Estonia and Germany, through the Apple App Store and Google Play and start enjoying its features and functions from February the 14th. Only 10,000 Tezos CL cards will initially be available and users can sign up for the waitlist for the card through http://www.tezoscrypto.life/waiting-list.

About Baanx

Baanx offers Fintech services to the digital asset sector, including crypto draft “Better Than A Loan” and payment authorisation integration into VISA, Mastercard & other transaction payment systems. Baanx headquarters are in London (UK) with subsidiaries in Delaware (United States), Portugal and Lithuania. Baanx manages digital assets using military grade cryptography for maximum privacy and security with digital asset insurance through their partners up to $100m. Baanx is managed by a seasoned team with over a hundred years of combined experience in banking, financial technology, cryptography, finance and digital marketing.

About Tezos:

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow’s innovations without network disruptions today. For more information, please visit tezos.com.

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Company name: Baanx Group Ltd

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