Tallinn, Estonia–(Vehement Media. – December 23, 2021) – Genevra Associates is launching its flagship fund, Jean Calvin, in the first half of 2022 to reform the wealth management industry and increase access to services that were previously enjoyed by few to everyone.

The hedge fund aims to revolutionize wealth management by offering the same strategies and hedging techniques previously available only to the select few who have easy access to it. The fund is named after the influential French theologian and reformer, Jean Calvin. The firm borrows its name from the city Calvin adopted as his home, Geneva or Genevra in the Romansh language.

“2021 has been the year of opportunities for the outsiders, and we are keeping the momentum going. Technology has created a level playing field for everyone,” said Shah Farsi, the Director and Founder of Genevra. “Wealth should not be a barrier. Genevra places great emphasis on transparency, and we are pioneers in digital technology that will allow everyone to achieve and thrive no matter their geographical location.”

The fund is already setting itself apart from the traditional industry by eliminating the standard 2% management fee structure and focusing on performance-based incentives. This fundamental shift fully aligns the fund’s management and the investors’ interests and defines a new scheme for the financial industry to follow.

Genevra is also working with partners to incorporate all forms of wealth including digital assets such as Cryptocurrency and the fast-emerging NFTs. By being inclusive and democratic, Genevra will be a revolutionary fund to the investing process.

“In today’s challenging markets, tactical allocation and hedging are the key to protect and build generational wealth in a short span of time,” said Irfan Khan, partner and digital economist at Genevra. “Hedging has not been invented only to protect the piggy banks of the wealthy, it can be democratized and utilized for all investors. The new standards we are building will drive change globally for a better and more sustainable wealth distribution.”

The fund offers downside protection as each position is fully hedged and maximum drawdown is capped, which makes the investment vehicle ideal for reasonable investors wary of market crashes and sudden fluctuations.

Genevra has also developed a proprietary and red-tape-free onboarding process which enables fast access for clients from around the world.

“The first rule of capital appreciation is not losing money, and we often come across investors who are either not converting their labor work into financial capital or are making very poor and unhedged choices. When it comes to investments, as the generation who grew up with the ideas of occupying Wall Street and creating equal opportunities, we’ve been working hard on establishing a new kind of hedge fund, a good and honest hedge fund, the hedge fund of the citizens,” said Shah Farsi.

Genevra Associates KYC white list on-boarding process is open right now, clickhere.

More information about Genevra Associates, the fund, and its philosophy can be found on LinkedIn or www.genevra.net/jcfund.

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