Melbourne, Victoria–(Vehement Media. – December 14, 2021) –  On December 19, 2021, OCEN Studios prepares to launch its first look into the unexplored world of The Fish Tank. The first title within the “OCEN” Metaverse gives users the opportunity to become a pioneer in an underwater realm of VR Battle Royale experience unlike any other. Acquire the Series 1 NFT “Blobfish” and secure your in-game legacy in one of the most revolutionary and audacious titles to grace the crypto gaming metaverse.

                           OCEN Studios

What is the Fish Tank?

The Fish Tank is an Ethereum-based Virtual Reality Battle Royale Game that aims to take the world of crypto gaming by storm. Featuring a First Series Mint of 10,000 characteristically unique and artistically detailed “Blobfish” NFT’s, these exclusive collectibles incorporate artwork and in-game utility in a fantastic blend of flair with purpose. Each Blobfish will grant the user the ability to passively generate PEARL, the game’s native utility token. Additionally, these Blobfish NFTs will give the player access to exclusive, playable in-game characters, and open up secret areas of the map forbidden to other users. From an Arctic Fish with a pet goldfish, to Desert Dweller types, you’ll find an “OCEN” of truly unique and intimately creative members to add to your collection.

How does the game work?

The Fish Tank is a large-scale multiplayer player battle royale set in the sunken depths within the OCEN metaverse. Enjoy (PVP) jaw-dropping combat, or join forces to conquer insurmountable challenges in player versus environment gameplay.

With more than 10 playable characters within 3 different classes, every player is guaranteed to find a calling that fits their playstyle, whether they are going at it solo, or as an essential part of the squad.

Earn fame, PEARLs, and NFT treasures as you prove yourself in battle in the Fish Tank. Whether your focus is to systematically destroy the competition and achieve victory, or casually team up with your mates, there will be modes uniquely crafted to fulfil your every desire.

OCEN Metaverse

Even the most battle hardened veteran needs a break. Beyond the magic and mayhem of VR combat in The Fish Tank, the overreaching ecosystem that all future games exist within is truly extraordinary. Experience a VR social platform that connects it all together. The “OCEN” Metaverse is going to be somewhere users can forge friendships, hang out, and still earn in a multitude of ways. 

What sets this project apart?

The Fish Tank is only the first of many titles envisioned under OCEN Studios. The OCEN promise starts by developing a high quality game that people actually want to play, with crypto running seamlessly in the background. With the focus on the player experience first, our conviction is to implement a play-to-earn economy that only makes it that much sweeter. The game will be VR augmented, and integrated cross platform, so no user gets left behind.

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