Phoenix, Arizona–(Vehement Media. – February 10, 2022) – PackagePortal was founded to deliver novel, crypto-based solutions to the logistics industry. They provide real value (not just speculative value) to merchants and consumers across the globe using this tech, regardless of market volatility, utilizing their ability to decouple from BTC due to a subset of merchants in the global economy needing to purchase the token and hold a supply in order to participate.

Having such utility in their token enables PackagePortal to move beyond mere speculative trading. They take pride in their ability to ensure uneducated traders are never harmed through buying tokens that have no purpose and ultimately crash when the hype ends. Effectively, PackagePortal has created a natural demand for the token supply which is poised to convert the world’s retailers into buyers.

Their unique idea has been exemplified recently through their recent partnership with Keoni CBD, a leading CBD brand, who have just integrated PackagePortal’s technology in order to reward customers with their token after they successfully confirm their deliveries and rate their personal experiences.

Paving the way for other bootstrapped startups around the world, PackagePortal is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of logistics.

PackagePortal: The Story

PackagePortal is the brainchild of CEO J.G. Whitley, a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of eCommerce experience and a particular knack for understanding logistics. Having already scaled a retail delivery company in the Phoenix area that’s still in operation, he developed a unique level of intimacy with last-mile logistics. Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts to create multifaceted solutions to industry-wide inefficiencies was thus a natural next step. He is supported by his CTO and co-founder, Gabriel Chaney, a full-stack engineer with over a decade of experience in leading software teams through fast-paced execution, having been the primary lead of two previous startup acquisitions.

The problem the two saw was that each and every person who uses any kind of social network is constantly being mined for their data without a shred of compensation. Their goal was thus to give control back to the individual, starting with their cohort and expanding worldwide over the years, and allowing them to derive the benefit they deserve. Indeed, central to both founders’ visions for the future of the industry is that any value to be had from user data should be ascribed to its creator alone. To incentivize this large-scale societal change, they’ve set out on a mission to decentralize delivery data and tokenize consumer loyalty.

It’s all built around a belief that the advancement of Web3 tech is so fast, with new ideas and technologies launching every week, that staying on the pulse of innovation is the only way forward. When they launched, DeFi wasn’t a thing, but now it’s a core part of the movement for crypto-obsessed users looking to reclaim sovereignty over their data.

From their foundation in June 2019, after which they spent 15 months in development before launching their alpha version, to their most current iteration, released in December 2021, which brought full serviceability for retailers, PackagePortal have continued to raise the bar through their innovative technology.

An exciting future for the logistics industry

While existing platforms in the space are good for parcel tracking and post-purchase engagement, PackagePortal fuses both concepts into a single platform that’s both carrier and brand agnostic, and cuts costs for delivery confirmation services by up to 97% – an enticing incentive for users indeed.

From a platform perspective, their offering takes the form of an online dashboard and a mobile app. Their Merchant Dashboard enables merchants and retailers to view and aggregate consumer generated feedback in any way they’d like. While the mobile app is a consumer tool, their actual product is a subscription-based membership for merchants and retailers that enables them to have a direct feedback loop from their consumers for each and every shipment ordered. For Keoni CBD, this means their ongoing ability to provide top-notch service, in part through increasing accountability standards for packaging and logistics vendors, is much more of a sure thing.

Over time, they hope to further reduce the cost retailers are paying for delivery confirmations, giving them tools they need to engage directly with their consumer base in new and exciting ways. As with many projects in this industry, the earliest adopters have the most to gain in the long run, but PackagePortal is also aiming at becoming a household name for the mass market.

PackagePortal has deservedly built a responsive and loyal community with a reputation for word-of-mouth recommendation, a quality which has brought them intense and organic growth. In essence, they’ve cultivated the perfect catalyst for bringing an expanding suite of services to market. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing though. During their biggest period of growth, throughout which PackagePortal experienced an explosive increase in users in 2 months – from just under 500 to just over 500,000 – they had to field queries, provide customer support, and iterate their product and community management systems until they were perfectly tuned to support their users’ needs.

What’s in the pipeline?

PackagePortal’s next update will entail Amazon and NFT support, but their roadmap also includes a host of exciting features from advertising, customer service integrations, in-store display audits, a driver app, and a referral system, alongside a host of large-scale strategic partnerships, building on the foundation they’ve created with partners like Keoni CBD.

Their long-term goal is to see delivery data silos in their current form (guarded and fact-checked by biased carriers) implode upon themselves, and draw merchants and consumers closer together than ever before. This will herald a new era of accountability, in which consumers are empowered to receive better service and honest data just by the self-reinforcing nature of the system.

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